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Flip: 2012-07-29 11:29:42 pm
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SS any% run with Good Ending

Verifier Responses

Game- MegaMan Network Transmission
Run time- 1:06:50

Video quality- Excellent
Sound quality- Excellent

Evaluation of the run-
-LifeVirus: So cheap! Just a single charged shot to take him out?! Oh, wait...that's just the intro cutscene...
-Fireman: What the heck?! You have a fully charged shot in the intro cutscene, then you don't have it when you start the game? Lame... Oh, and everything went well.
-Gutsman: Ouch, that Ratty got a hit in. Thankfully you recover quickly in this game, so not much of a time loss there. A couple of other hits on the way to the boss, but nothing too significant.
-Needleman: I love this boss strat. So quick, so easy.
-Iceman: You missed the first penguin in your DoublJump farming. Not a big loss though. Shockwave is boss on that mini-boss. I think the Roll chip could have been used a little sooner, but it was still a good Iceman fight.
-Quickman: Can't say too much about this stage other than good work. Quickman went down quickly too thanks to a little AI manipulation.
-Brightman: Spice is soooo good. And your strat for the boss is better than the alternative (force the counter-attack), both in safety and in time.
-Colorman: And now we get to see the DoublJump in action. Makes for a great shortcut to the AquaCode. One ill-timed MiniBomb that got blocked at the boss, but not much time lost.
-Elecman: This stage has the most throwbacks to the original Megaman game. Especially the second area. Elecman fight went well, even with a couple of hits.
-Swordman: Love a maxed out Attack/Charge combo. Each charged shot now deals a solid 50 damage, which is very useful everywhere. Could have jacked-out a little earlier after shopping at Numberman, which would have saved about 5 seconds.
-Gravityman: Now begins the M-Cannon collection. A couple of fully charged shots do the trick quite nicely. Also, Gravityman goes down quick.
-Starman: Ugh...this boss can be annoying. Especially when he calls the stars down. Or when he teleports just as your shot is about to hit him. While it wasn't a great fight (you did have to use a HalfEng, but it's understandable: those stars are hard to dodge every time), you still beat him.
-Zero: Nice strat for the boss, and even a good use for Barrier as well (I never used it, so it's nice to see that it does have a good use).
-Pharaohman: I don't know if you forgot to set DoublJump as your default before entering the Undernet, but you at least got it in the random chips. Pharaohman fight went very well.
-Shadowman: More M-Cannon farming! Too bad you don't have a lot of MP to use more than 3 of them, but they're still very useful against Shadowman, as you demonstrate.
-Undernet-1: Yes, you will need all those energy items. It is much faster to take a hit and run past the elemental viri than to fight them. Nice Firewall fight.
-Undernet-2: Boss Rush! Charged shots FTW! Except for Needleman, he gets a Heat-V to the face.
-LifeVirusR: Honestly, both forms of this guy are easier than fighting the original LifeVirus in Megaman Battle Network.

Final Decision- ACCEPT. All Megaman fans should watch this run. It is very solid, and while there are several places that could be improved, it will be a challenge to do so. Now let's see a 100% (armors, HPUps, MPUps, RegUps, Backup Chips) run.

I have, however, written a pretty thurough analysis of things in the game's topic itself already, before I knew that this was the run that was submitted.

The short form of things is that I would ACCEPT this run.  There are a handful of moments where I want to scream WHAT ARE YOU DOING, namely missing the shortcut in Power Plant 1, and not just doublejumping over the dreambits in Undernet 1, but this run actually has some obscene luck to begin with and overall completely showed me up in terms of speed, and doing better would require some amazing luck or some kind of significant strategy change, and I definitely think it's within the margins of error.

So yeah.  Accept, and apologies for being unable to provide proper timing etc, there is just no time on my end.

A/V quality is excellent. Time is 1:06:50.
I am so happy to finally see a run of this game, and it is excellently done. I imagine Battle Network games are a nightmare to run because of the large amount of luck involved in chip selection. The smart abuse of regular chips eliminates almost all of that, leaving only a few minor timesavers up to luck, like Barrier in Undernet. Boss fights mostly went pretty well. StarMan was a giant troll, but you didn't die at least. Definitely give this an ACCEPT. An entertaining run of one of the more obscure Megaman games.


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'doicm!'
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Gratz Doicm Cheesy whoo!
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Umm, Flip...I don't think you're supposed to out who verifier 2 was. 

Congrats on the run!
Did I?

Roll Eyes
Congrats doicm!  I didn't know this was submitted.  I was following this progress a bit in the thread but thought something was preventing this from submission.  Glad to see it made it through!
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We finally got Network Transmission?!  YAY!  Can't wait to watch it.
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Garlyle: 2012-07-30 02:11:38 am
That Guy
You did basically reveal it... but then again, I completely set myself up for in how I worded my verification, and it's not like I have anything to hide, so it's really more like I gave it away myself!

Either way, congrats!
WOO!!! Thanks all! I'm very happy about this, as it is my first run on SDA.

As far as the run itself, and based on the comments, I realize that there are some areas here and there that I can improve on slightly. I also bet that the game could get a sub hour run at some point (would require some route changes as well), but I wonder too if that would take a good deal of luck as well with chip sets and such.

Um...other than that, Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy .