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Mega Man 4 (Any %) (Single Segment)

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I normally have a lot to say in a situation like this, but not here.

The video and audio quality were good, and there was no evidence of cheating.

This run is just plain faster than the last one, and after having watched the last one again, I saw that he had taken the advice of the previous runner. The most surprisingly awesome moment was the Moby skip. The runner's self proclaimed worst fight was one in which he missed exactly 2 shots because Wily moves randomly. That settles it:

Decision: Accept. Congratulations! I found the run very entertaining.

a/v good

as for the run.. i noticed there are a fair amount of mistakes, dust man had a few, some boss battles brought the time down some, item switching where the runner had to switch back, all of these are bound to happen in a mega man game, some points were really good to bring the lag down, and there was a really nice enemy skip in dive mans level.. my timer clocked in at 40:38  giving this run a 12 seconds boost on the previous run... i am willing to give this a very light accept due to the fact that it atleast beats the exsisting 12 seconds..
note: runner should keep trying

A/V was fine, no cheating detected.

Overall, the run was good. Boss fights were overall above average at best, with a couple of face palm moments, but there were others that showed a lot of practice as well. And 2 and a half years later, it's still an improvement. I'll accept it.

Audio/video all seems to be well. I think it starts to go out of sync after a while, but hardly noticeable.

Pharaoh - Stage was a little slow at first. Overall good enough. Good boss fight.
Ring - Little mess up after first hippo. Good use of Pharaoh for lag offsetting by killing little saturns. Good boss.
Dust - Good stage + decent boss fight.
Skull - No use of Balloon skip at beginning. Balloon waste on second use. At first, was surprised runner went here before Bright, but took same route for the most part regardless, so it didn't cost too much time. Skull fight went well.
Dive - Nice whale skips. Great stage. Very good boss fight.
Drill - Very good stage. Tough RNG to deal with on this boss, but despite that, still could've been better. Only two dives.
Bright - Kinda sloppy stage at some parts. I imagine balloon strat is faster than rush jet strat, but it's really tough and risky to execute in comparison. Bright fight was pretty sloppy too, as many of the attempted charge pharaoh shots were only dealing 1 damage (even with the understanding that Bright only uses his ability at certain HP intervals).
Toad - Good stage. Toad Man got destroyed.

Cossack1 - All pretty decent....except the boss was pretty slow.
Cossack2 - Good execution overall in stage. Good boss.
Cossack3 - Autoscroller for the most part. Surprised he didn't use rush jet or balloon when the ladder was coming up in the first autoscroll section. Good boss.
Cossack4 - Menu error at the beginning. Boss fight seemed a little slow. Never thought of using Dust before on him.

Wily1 - Rush Marine is used, which I think costs more time than it saves (menu management, getting into rush, etc.). Boss fight was good.
Wily2 - Kinda sloppy stage. Great boss fight.
Wily3 - Good refights. Excellent Wily fights.
Wily4 - 2 misses. Good fight still.

Time starts: 0:17 (start game)
Time ends: 40:57
Total time: ...not sure how SDA timing goes for these games, but assuming it's based on game start, 40:40.
Difference between previous run: 10 seconds

Decision: I'm kinda iffy on this. Some of the strategies are a little outdated, but it's an overall improvement to the SDA run by. However, it's a very minor improvement (only 10 seconds), and there is plenty in the run to be improved.

Accept, so long as the people who update the run pages on the site don't mind putting in the extra work. Otherwise, 10 second improvement for a 40+ minute game, if it's too much work, seems to be unnecessary if improvements are to be had.

Quote from zewing:
Audio/video is good.

Pharoah stage was a bit sloppy at beginning.  Boss fight was great
Good Ring man stage and boss
Good Dust man stage with a boss fight that could be a bit better
Skull man stage had bad balloon optimization and wasted it a few times.  But boss fight was excellent
Dive man stage and boss was excellent.  Really smooth level througout (also HNNGH dem glitched graphics)
Drill man stage went rather well and those torpedoes totally trolled the author in the boss fight
Bright man stage was ok except for a few spots where author got hit.  Also boss fight was a bit slow
Toad man stage was damn good.  Damn......good

Cossack stage 1 had great stage.....but boss fight had a few missed shots and was slow
Cossack stage 2 was flat out great
Cossack stage 3 was also flat out great
Cossack stage 4 was also flat out great.  Overall the Cossack stages were great

Wily stage 1 was great
Wily stage 2 was good except for a few miscue.......still a good stage
Wily stage 3 was excellent everywhere
Wily stage 4 had 2 misses but was good

I have no knowledge of speedrun strats for this game but from what I saw this was a great run.  Character control was at 00:31 (first possible character movement in pharoah man's stage) and lost at 40:58 (final hit on wily).  So I take it 40:27 is the sda timing.

I'd agree that this run should be accepted as I enjoyed this run and it is an improvement.
Quote from zewing:
im fine with u saying this was quoted by me

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Tom Radovich!
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