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Mass Effect 2 (Any %) (Single Segment) [New Game+, DLC]

Verifier Responses

Quote from AlecK47:
A/V good, no cheating detected

Both the notes and audio commentary cover things nicely, so I don't feel the need to go into detail on what could have been faster.  All in all this is a really good run.  The route has seen some significant improvement since the current run on SDA (though some of it only affects NG+ runs like this one).  Gameplay is overall very good, and the game is very nice about not glitching or trolling.


Quote from hokorippoi:
A/V good.
no cheating.

Went thru and found that I think less then 3 mins could be saved if everything went perfect. The game has a lot of luck and the Garrus mission is still a pain.
This run was great. Most of the time lost was at Garrus's mission (30 secs I guessed; squad failed to kill the leader and good luck with the triggers but not perfect) and the final fight (36 secs I guessed; tubes and cane not doing max damage).
Great Run. Sad that there was A/V things with his other run (that was 30 sec faster I think). So. Accept

Sorry for the late response.

First of all, the audio commentary was really good. It was especially helpful to discuss why the runner chose to kill certain enemies, not kill others, charge from certain positions and not others. It also pointed out pretty much all the mistakes and bad luck that I noticed, and others that only someone with a lot of experience running the game would realize weren't optimal.

Most of the time losses were minor and many were due to random enemy behavior, charge working unpredictably, and mission scripts that aren't well understood. Probably the biggest losses that were under the runner's control were the failed bypass on Horizon and failing to 1-cycle the tubes in the boss fight. That was a bit disappointing, especially after the time spent paused setting up for it. I hoped the Cain would be a bit more effective in that fight, too, but its shot is really slow and the targets, while large, are fairly far away and fast moving.

I'm not too familiar with the DLC and NG+ options, but their advantages seemed clear. The Mattock seems quite good. While there were a few situations where it seemed like a shotgun might have been faster at close range or the Viper at longer ranges and against large armored targets where you can fire it rapidly, the convenience of a weapon that's deadly in pretty much any situation is a big advantage.

Otherwise, combat seemed quite good. Power use was effective. Aiming could have been a bit better in places, but given the nature of most of the weapons in this game it wasn't really relevant.

One minor thing I thought could have been done better was flying the Normandy on the map. It seemed like the runner was using the keyboard or a controller when the mouse would have been better. Although the automatic zoom sometimes makes it hard or impossible to take a straight path, it's generally possible to get close with the mouse. Also, the runner mentioned entering systems from the right direction but he didn't always do it correctly. Several systems were off by 45 degrees or so, in one case the runner overshot a system and had to move back to it and still didn't get the angle right, and the last trip into Omega was almost totally the opposite of the right direction. The time losses aren't huge and memorizing the exact angles for each system might be tough, but it's possible to turn the Normandy to any angle instantly while moving a negligible distance by clicking the mouse.

Overall though, this is a very well played run. The runner obviously has a good understanding of the game mechanics and a lot of practice. None of the really deal-breaking things that could go wrong did. So this is a definite accept.

Decision: Accept

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letterswords: 2014-04-10 11:59:52 am
Cool, thanks everybody. I figured I'd address a few of the concerns: first off, the run I did that had A/V problems was only 5 seconds faster. Also: the ship flying definitely could have been better but I also think it is not as easy as the verifier makes it out to be, but I won't dispute that it is improvable. The boss fight was definitely disappointing but the overall time was something I was still satisfied with afterwards, so I chose to submit anyways. Also, hokorippoi suggests 3 minutes of potential improvements and paying attention to some developments since submitting the run and such and I'd put it closer to 3.5-4 minutes better potentially with a really good run, but yeah still definitely room for improvement.
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