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When you get the Gamecube Gameboy Player attachment, the settings you need to use for SDA are sharp filter, normal screen size, and frame 20 (plain black border). I would recommend looking at the tech support section before choosing a capture card and submitting a sample for video and audio quality before you begin doing runs. There are some details you need to know about how to properly encode the video and audio. You will need a massive amount of hard drive space for a run this long. Personally, I am using a DVD recorder with a hard drive so that I can send in the DVDs to Nate and not worry about my computer crashing while streaming.
I'll try just using my spare laptop, it's basically empty since I got my new one, so it shouldn't be too big of a deal.
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Heidrage: 2013-06-04 11:01:49 pm
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Just got a PB for singles beating A. Coz of 2:01 igt. Cut 29 min from my last attempt.

Edit: Question for an admin: The game is over 4 hours long and it has an auto save feature we use to skip cut scenes. Would it be acceptable during one of the soft resets to idol in the main menu and use the bathroom or something like that? The in game time would not be running during this time of course.
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SlasherManEXE: 2013-06-06 03:51:03 am
I haven't done any cutscene skips yet, we'll see what time I come up with. Where exactly do you reset in your runs to skip the cutscenes?
I am not an admin but I know that SDA timing is based solely on in-game time. For long runs like this, it is understandable if the runner needs a short break to use the restroom. SDA discourages too many frequent breaks for a run that is not segmented. If you want to do a single segment speedrun, let the cutscenes roll and use that as a bathroom break.
Willing to teach you the impossible
Quote from 26pt2:
If you want to do a single segment speedrun, let the cutscenes roll and use that as a bathroom break.

They are added to your in game time. Idling in the menu does not.
alright, i'll just find out myself.
I see. You might want to check with the admins about that though. The verifiers will be accounting for time that the runner has control of the character. So when someone is able to submit a run, just make a note of it. I would take the break of a cutscene but it's up to you ultimately. SDA isn't about RTAs and the verifiers are generally good about paying attention to the runner's notes upon submission to SDA.
do you just reset after beating varsity and coz or what? where do you reset?
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Heidrage: 2013-06-07 11:10:34 am
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I soft reset after finals in Jr, Sr, Blue Bob, Coz, and Mario. Reset after you apply experience and it loads the scene where they start to talk. Roughly 1:31:00 in this (just scrolled to a random spot and I found this
Ah so you can reset even earlier? Nice to know. Anyway I did my first run earlier for fun and managed 3:48 in-game time. Recorded here:

I'll probably do more runs to get the time down since now I know you can skip earlier
Quote from Heidrage:
I soft reset after finals in Jr, Sr, Blue Bob, Coz, and Mario. Reset after you apply experience and it loads the scene where they start to talk. Roughly 1:31:00 in this (just scrolled to a random spot and I found this

Your video seems to have disappeared. Do you know where it went?
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twitch moved a bunch of my stuff lately to another castle and it prolly got thrown in a junk pile due to not enough views.

Once the games loads the next scene you can reset then.
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Heidrage: 2014-09-03 09:27:09 pm
Heidrage: 2014-09-03 09:21:46 pm
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Bump. Picking this up again

Edit: learning how some mechanics (new and known) over again.

Serves have a rather large window to get a "nice" serve but within that window are a few smaller windows that give different results.

Found out that position and timing of strokes do effect where and how fast the ball moves. This could effectively change the level up route.

I have also been looking into ai of every player and I have found consistencys. I have hopes that I will be able to route every play in the game, both serves and returns for every match.

I have not been able to prove anything yet so dont jump to any conclusions yet please.

Also noticed that picking right handed is significantly easier than left.

Still unsure if Alex or Nina is best. I think I found a good level up guide somewhere before. I will have to look for that again to figure out who is best.
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Not sure if anyone is still running this but I've been messing around with a Singles only run. My time is still terrible, but it's good to see that people have looked into this game before.
Guess it's worth mentioning I've been lurking this thread for months with the intention of eventually running. Looking forward to every routed play!
If you need assistance with emulator/TAS testing, I'm your guy. For example, I might be able to determine the AI type for each match in the game.
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Necro bump. I don't expect any responses. I just want a place to make my notes public as I progress in my studies of the game as I prepare to make a run.

-I had a short chat with theretroprime (current SS singles best time holder, youtube video here) about a few of his choices. He picked Nina and went left handed. He said Nina was necessary due to better power (I dont fully under stand this yet as Alex starts with better Dash and Nina starts with better control) and left handed seemed to make things easier. So far I have noticed that Nina is easier with the Wall 1 and 2. Outside of that I have not yet noticed any difference between L or R handed outside of what direction your serve spins to. Depending on if it will yield more serve aces, this does not seem to mater as of now. Regardless, it is possible to max out both power and control in 22-24 levels, so after maxed out it would be possible to start dumping into your partner (if playing both sets).

-In terms of leveling up, As you do some stats are reduced per level up. If anyone is willing, I would like to know what stat is reduced at each level. It may be possible/worth it to potentially dump stats into spin when playing singles and double, or even allow power to suffer for boosting spin to make it possible to ace some of the latter matches.

-I have a theory about the AI and serving. I think the AI for each player has either a a single serving patter or a few options of serving patters. As an example, lets say an AI player has a serve set of "1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9" and they player will follow in that set order. And depending on how the match is played out determines if it moves forward or backwards with in the serving set. I believe each match starts at a random spot in the serve set, but still follows the serving order rules. Or it is possible that the serve set is based on the game/set/game point/match point thus having more that one serve set.

-Thoughts for the road: being that it is in theory impossible to ace in the tournament, is power really important to keep maxed out? If doing a singles and a doubles run, power would be very helpful for the aces in the lower ranks, but being that resets are used between jr, sr, var, open, and mario would it be beneficial to bounce between singles and doubles to utilize the power than let it fall off being that it is net fully necessary any more? Example would do singles jr, sr, var then switch to doubles jr, sr, var, then back to singles to finish then doubles to finish. What if any combinations of spin, power, and control is needed to ace the later stages of the game?
I never understood what's wrong with "necroing" if the information in the thread isn't such that becomes outdated. It's much better to keep it all in one thread.

Good luck!