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Just curious, anyone interested in seeing this game done?
Does anyone even know about it? xD
The test run I've done so far ended at 2h 30min. Thought I could improve a lot on it first but it turns out to be a lot harder then expected.
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Wow! I forgot about that game until you brought it up. Yeah, I would definitely watch it. Played it A LOT a few years ago, but would still like to see what other people out there can do.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Oh, this brings back some memories. I also completely forgot about this game until now. Would love to see a speedrun of it. Smiley
The Unreal Authority.
actually, I was planning to do a run of this but then I could never get it to run on XP.

I'd love to see a run and also an explination of how to get it to run on XP if thats what you use
I think i have a demo if it somewhere. Go ahead and do it  Grin
I bet I could get mine to run on XP.  Boy, has it been years.
hehe nice to see that there's interest Smiley

I am having slight problems running the game myself, there's sound only if I have not used any other sound application before running it (yes, it's wierd.), and I haven't managed to get any music at all :/ (we'll live without the music).

However the larger issue is how I'm supposed to record it at all, so far neither fraps nor camtasia has been responding to the game, urh ~~. However my room-mate said something about playing around with cables and using multiply graphics-cards/computers, which would allow me to play without interference (that would be nice ^^). oh well any help still helps though. oh and I haven't tested high res much so far :/, on my old computer the game became unstable but I haven't seen it crash because of that on this one - yet (maybe there will be mercy). The only problem right now (with hig-res) is the slow-slow mouse speed but that should be easy to fix. Oh and I'm using XP right now, although installing some 9x os has crossed my mind.

oh well! lots of tech talk there. (Sorry for my wacky english today btw.)
Now for the game itself, oh man x)
The tricky (funny?) thing is that the faster you play through the maps, or rather, the less you use your spells, the slower they will gain experience, which in the end might turn against you. I'm still experimenting whetever it's worth spending time early on to level them up or not.
However the real big hit against time are, urg, the "fill your castle with x amount of mana"missions. ! *cries* Cry You wouldn't belive how slow those  ** ballons really are. Oh well at least there are lots and lots of different ways to play through the game Smiley
I have been thinking about doing a speed run, and in it I think it would be worthwhile to get more XP for spells by fighting more monsters than usual, as it makes the later levels a lot easier.
I don't know whetever to reveal the tricks and stuff I got so far here or not. It's not that I want to keep it to myself, just that I thought maybe it would be more fun to see it in a demo first rather then reading it on the forums. But I don't know, so give me your oppinions on this.

Also if anyone decides to run this, pm and I'll send it over, ofc  Wink
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Hey, man

Try this site:

There've been some discussions about MC2. Perhaps you can either search and find something that might do the trick with running it properly and recording with FRAPs or maybe you can make a new post and ask for assistance.

Good luck.