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Segented any% Run, verison 1.0

Verifier Responses

Let me say first that it was about time to improve this run.
There are several tricks in this new run that xeen didn't use. Also the new run is more than half an hour faster.

Audio and video quality is good. No cheating detected.
I took a final time of 3:07:11 hours.

Mission 01: Nothing to say here. Same tactic as xeen.
Mission 02: I think the runner's routes are the fastest. The driving skills are very good.
Mission 03: The way back to Salieri could be a few seconds faster.
Mission 04: The trick at the motel saves the largest amount of time, very nice.
Mission 05: I think it's faster to drive the Carrozella left and through the crowd directly after the Guiliano Bridge (saves a few seconds).
Mission 06: I wonder why the tree (2:27) is so huge, must be a funny bug.
    The race would be even faster if the runner used the first way through the barricades (before the first block) instead of the second.
    Before and after Lucas Bertone the way under the Guiliano Bridge would be faster (as in mission 5).
Mission 07: The knuckleduster is equipped too late and the fighting part could be faster.
Mission 08: The hotel part (without collecting the keys) is fantastic.
    On the roof it's not necessary to kill the sniper cop, but this is very fast, though.
    In the end it's possible to use the front entrance without cops (few seconds again).
Mission 09: The runner's hit rate could be better on the farm. The escape part is very good.
Mission 10: I think the way over the Guiliano Bridge to Joe is faster than the way over the West Marshall Bridge (few seconds).
    The airport part is fantastic, especially the beginning.
Mission 11: Is it luck that the prosecutor lies on the ground while you steal his car?
    Normally he's driving away with the Silver Fletcher.
    I also think that the time you lose here stealing the car is less than the time you save later.
Mission 12: Interesting tactic, not to use the grenades and to go down the stairs.
    This can be a few seconds faster.
Mission 13: The pizzeria part is very good.
    The last part can be done faster by jumping down the stairs (reven's run is a good example).
Mission 14: Excellent!
Mission 15: Nice move to shoot the other car's tires.
    To forget Paulie at the parking lot is nice, too.
    The harbor part went pretty good.
Mission 16: Wow, the killing part is nearly perfect.
    And here the Silver Fletcher pays off.
Mission 17: This part looks good, only one little mistake with the pump gun.
Mission 18: Stealing the truck and the harbor part are excellent.
    The escape looks weird, but the runner avoids the last shoot out.
Mission 19: Unfortunately stealing the Wright Coupe is useless here.
    Stealing the Lassiter faster is very hard to do, so this one is OK.
    I would take a pump gun instead of a Thompson, but that's a matter of taste.
Mission 20: It's not necessary to kill all the guys in the first room on the second floor.
    Also a stolen pump gun would be faster than the Thompson (few seconds again).

This run is 34 minutes faster than the existing run and has a lot of new tricks and shortcuts.
It's an easy accept. Congratulations to Steve0.

Gut gemacht, Alter!

Man, I had forgotten just how much driving takes place in this game.

A/V are fine.  No cheating detected on my end.

The verifier before me pretty much has said everything I would want to say.  I will admit that I really don't remember the layout of the city in this game, so all references to route choices and whatnot are deferred to said verifier.

Overall, the run is better than the existing run by a long shot.  Any improvement of ~15% or more is pretty impressive as is, but some of the planning in this run is really great.  Shooting the mission ending mobster through the window in the 4th segment, skipping the hotel keys in the 8th segment, snagging the Silver Fletcher in the 11th mission, and getting a smooth and flawless kill in the 16th segment are all impressive improvements on the old run.  My only qualms are a general lack of polish in some of the firefights, but the time lost there is not a big hindrance considering the locations of such events in long segments.  At best, you could shave maybe 5-10 minutes off of the run using the same strats, which is pretty small in comparison.

Obviously giving this an accept.  I really hope that the next version finds a way to cut out some of those long, boring driving sequences.

As a side note, is this really how Germans think that 1930s New York mobsters sounded?

- video/audio quality looks better than in the old run
- driving is pretty neat (except in a few spots : at the beginning of 6th where the runner
loses 5-6s, 11th mission) and much better than in the old run, as driving takes a great
part of the game, it saves lot of time.
- a few minor mistakes that don't cost more than seconds through the whole run (first melee
fight could be faster in mission 7, gunfights in 9th mission could be improved ...)
- in 14th mission : the access to the restrooms at the harbor can be done faster by hitting
the small wall at the end of the grass part (see revEn's unfinished run)
- I like how the runner unloads the truck in 18th mission and how he escapes the fight !

The runner uses new glitches and skip that saves more than 30 minutes compared to the old


PS: That's too bad that the runner finished his run before a trick for getting a fast car
early in the game as been mentionned on the boards.

Pretty much everything has been done (I was on vacations so could not verify this earlier). Anyways :

A/V is good
Driving is overall very good
Firefights are overall improvable, but they represent maybe 20 minutes in the whole run, so max improvement would barely shave a couple minutes off the run.
The glitches added over the previous run are nice, sad though that this was done before the car trick mentionned on the forum

Easy accept.

To verifier3 : yeah the voices are what surprised me the most when watching the run Cheesy I have to say that, on french version, they were a little more... convincing

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Stephan 'Steve0' Winkler!
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SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
We are getting a Sandbox game that isn't GTA?  Congrats Steve0 on a successful run.