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Sup SDA,

I haven't been here in...probably 5 years or so.

How have you guys been? I haven't heard a lot about SDA recently. A lot of speedrunners are hosting their runs on YouTube and not publishing them (which is perfectly fine I guess). In my 10+ years of speedrunning, I have only managed to get one run published on SDA, and it was obsoleted in week lol.

Anyone remember me and some of the games I did a speedrun of?
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Waiting hurts my soul...
lots of changes, but there's still a small community dedicated to putting runs out at SDA quality. with speedrunning gaining in popularity, records are usually beaten now within weeks, so (sadly) there's less emphasis on writing up notes, tricks, strategies, and timing for alternative routes. usually you'll have to watch videos (on Twitch or YouTube) for that sort of thing.

if you're looking to get back into speedrunning, check out the reddit group /r/speedrun and speedrun.com for leaderboards. I'm not sure about any other sites, but I know there are some dedicated to specific series of games.

On a more personal note, your name is definitely familiar although it's been a while. I would have guessed you ran a Puyo Puyo game, and it looks like you're actually still on the SDA page for Kirby's Avalanche. Welcome back Smiley
I don't know who the hell you are, but I'm in charge around here nowadays and I except you to show me respect.