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Little Fighter 3 () (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Easy]

Decision: Reject

Reason: Based on the currently available information about Little Fighter 3's release status, it's not an acceptable game for SDA-submissions.

This run will be available for a month. After that these link(s) will no longer work.
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Little Fighter 3 () (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Easy]

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Please post your opinions about the run and be certain to conclude your post with a verdict (Accept/Reject). If you wish to remain anonymous, you can also send a pm with your reply to 'sdaverification' (please state clearly in that case which run you have verified). This is not a contest where the majority wins - Each verification will be judged on its content.
What is the official download for this game? I don't think any LF games past 2 (and Online) are by the same creators. All the other videos I see labeled "LF3" are actually just later versions of LF2. I'm going to be asking the same question about "Little Fighter 4" as well.
Yes, this is a later version of LF2 and from the same creators.
If it's LF2, why have you called it Little Fighter 3? Can you please answer the question about the other game as well?
It is LF3 and the other game is LF4. Patched.
Antonio, you say that LF3 and 4 are from the same creators as LF2. Can you provide the source for that statement? There is a proper web site for LF2, but I can only find 3 and 4 through "random" links.
I am sure that LF3 and LF4 are patched versions of LF2. That` s why there are no proper web site for these games.
As far as SDA goes, we would need a bit more information before LF3 and 4 could be treated as separate games or "official" patches of LF2. You're welcome to present additional information, but for now we will consider LF3 and 4 as not eligible for SDA.
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Lf3 and lf4 are separate games.lf3 and lf4 even have different characters to play with and different maps than lf2.
The point is the status of these games. The rules ( state:

SDA will accept hosting speedruns for many games, but not all. Here are some examples of games that won't be accepted:

    - Alpha/beta versions or early access of a game, unless it represents the most complete version the game is likely to ever have
    - Shareware and demos (i.e. partial full games)
    - Romhacks
    - Game mods (defined as requiring the original game in order to play)
    - Games that can't be sped up. Examples are games that run on a fixed timer or rail shooters. A rail shooter can be an acceptable game choice if there are enough gameplay elements that allow the game to be sped up compared to a normal playthrough. Examples could be lag reduction techniques, particularly long boss fights or boost abilities.
    - Games without clearly defined start and end points.
    - Games where you play against other human players.
    - Games with ”morally questionable” content (extreme racism or adult content etc).
    - A run category that allows for an instant/trivial automatic win with very little or no dependence on execution within the timed portion of the run.

What we're not able to determine is the status of LF3 and 4. Are they to be considered patches of LF2? Completely new games? Or are they more like romhacks? With the only trace of the LF3 and 4 being through random links and no information about their release status, they would be considered romhacks seen from SDA.
Alright. I understand.
But they are not Romhacks.
Decision posted.