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welcome to the machine
Bump of a really old topic.

I had a run that would have been 1:31/1:32, but I freaking ran out of arrows on dethyl.  Gah.  I was recording too. :/

Contrary to what I posted in TSA's topic, I think I can break 1:30 if I get a very good run.  Hopefully I'll do that, but I'll settle for a 1:31 if I need to.

Yeah, this should be done within the next few days.
Are you using the "Text skip trick"? I will wait with my 100% untill i have watched your run=P.
welcome to the machine
welcome to the machine
I got my run.  Initial timing suggests a time of 1:30:36, played on a gameboy player.  I'll compress it tomorrow.

What sucks about this run is how there's a 30 second mistake in level 4.  The sequence on the flashing panels decided to randomly change (for absolutely no reason at all - I didn't change the save or anything), and so I spent 30 seconds hunting down the correct sequence.  Thankfully that alone wouldn't bring me down below 1:30, or I'd be wrecking certain pieces of equipment.

Beyond that, there's probably another 1-2 mins worth of mistakes in the run (I suck at the item screen), but I'll wait a bit before attempting this again.  I want to finish my Golden Sun run before nick1presta gets around to recording.  >_>

I don't think anyone's beating this anytime soon anyways.
Good job!  And not I (for the beating your time).

I intend to do the LA DX version using the tricks you and Tompa found out for this LA run you did, so LA is safe.
I have found out some more things that is a little bit faster...
One of them is a little bit hard for me to explain, cause I'm not so very good in english... So I will do a short movie of it instead.
The other thing is when you open the first dungeon, with the key. Instead of walking straight on the keyhole, you can walk forward beside it and press right against it. It saves maybe only 1 sec but it is pretty nice to do^^.
Hope you understand what I mean, or els I can do a movie of that too=P.
More will maybe come...
Yeah Tompa - I know what you're talking about for the Tail Cavern.  You can open the dungeon by touching the "side" of the statue with the key lock.
Yepp:). It looks pretty nice, eh?:D
But the other one... You shall do so you get stuck in a wall in a cave. And if you do that you can jump up so you are walking on the "roof" in the cave...
Something you have hearded about TSA? It saves around 10 sec on taking a shortcut that way...
welcome to the machine
Which cave would that be?

Even if you can't really explain what to do, I could try looking for it myself if you tell me what room it's in.
Would be cool to see someone speedrun the Color Dungeon in the DX version.
If somebody does a 100% run of LA DX, then you'll see it.
Which cave would that be?

Even if you can't really explain what to do, I could try looking for it myself if you tell me what room it's in.

When you are on the way to the 8:th dungeon. After you have used the hookshot over the holes where Marin is. In the cave that is hidden by a bush. Stand below the ladder and look left. Take your sword and charge it. If you jump down from the place you are standing on (and if you do correct) the sword will hit the enemy under the rock and you will get inside the wall. Look down and jump, while in the air: Press down. You will then jump over to the other side. If you are stuck in the wall on that side you may be able to use the Pegasus Boots and run up. Or els you have to jump down and do it again.
While beeing on the roof, go left and you will get to another cave room. There you shall jump down. And you taken a  shortcut to Dungeon 8.
Hope you will understand:).
welcome to the machine
Alright, problems with the audio (it's fast in the beginning, then gradually slows down till the end, when it's on cue) have conspired to fail this run.  I can't get the problems fixed, and as I captured while I played, I can't recapture.  I think I'll have to capture another run... :/

Tompa, I can't get what you said to work, and I think it would be counted as mysterious teleportation in any case.

you shouldn't give up that easily!
Yes, I know Maur. I shall record a movie and show it to Radix to see what he says about it...
But it is still a pretty nice thing to do ;D.
Come one, don't give up please;). Or els I will do that Speedrun too.

Anyway. I have to train on which textes it is able to skip with s, s, a, b. Haven't trained on this at all... But I will not fins anything els But I now have a good Seashell route (I hope...). I will do a recording try tomorrow morning, before I start school.
I failed to do it this morning... Now I haven't got enough time to do it before I start school.
I NEVER get the 10 rupees in the beginning fast. Is there a trick or something to get them easy?!
welcome to the machine
I don't get those 10 rupees quickly either.  That's why I always get the money from the chest in the mysterious woods instead.  >_>

While I failed totally at resynching the audio, I sent the file to radix and he managed to do it.  It'll be up relatively soon, barring any problems with the run itself.
welcome to the machine
So Tompa, about when can we expect to see a 100% run? Tongue

Although, since I seriously procrastinated for about 2 years on this thing, I can't really expect you to run out and do it... >_<
I am watching your run at the moment... The text skip ownes:D:D.
Well, I have bought a "Snes controller" to the GBP. But I haven't got it yet. After I have it I shall record at once:). So we will see when the run will come...
I got a 2 hour run without using the text skip, and without the tricks we found out before. So with all that I think the time will be somewhere about 1:45-1:50. I will see=)
Yeah, I said it.
*reads newest update*

Does this mean Radix is allowing Save warping in LA now?
"Any save and quit from the game will count as segment. It doesn't matter if you use this to warp around and then keep playing without stopping: your run is no longer Single-segment."

That it was standing on the rules. I you use Save Warp in LA it will be "Save-quit", and then Not SS.
I will not use this anyway. I dislike warps in the game...
welcome to the machine
Yeah, radix is allowing warping save/quits now.

I expect some dolt to get < 1:20 in 100 segments. :/
Haha, lol. Some Places can be Very good timesavers! I think on some things in my 100%... The heart piece in the water outside the place you get the leaves in, it will save so much time if you use that warp... I have tried to "bug" it some to do it faster. Like playing Mambu´s Mambu directly after taken the Heart Piece (When you dive up from the bridge you can jump from the water up on the bridge.) but I have never succeded...
Yeah, I said it.
Yeah, radix is allowing warping save/quits now.

I expect some dolt to get < 1:20 in 100 segments. :/

Sometimes I wish I didn't dislike segmented runs in general. It would probably make my job as a speed runner a hell of a lot easier.
新世紀進歩的羽扇子 音楽
Wow...I love this run.  I just got the game recently and haven't finished, so I stopped watching at Face Shrine, but...sweet. I was skeptical of watching the run in B&W, but clearly that was totally unfounded.