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So I did a run a few years back just testing a theory and originally marked it as a glitched run:

The run only contains a "flight 'glitch'" (as its called) which allows for sequence breaks.
There is a point where I take an intentional death and discolorations occur, I haven't attempted to discover why that would happed. I just assumed it was from sequence breaking.

However I recently found a bunch of runs on http://www.speedrun.com/run/0y6w431z that use a different type glitch. Which I call the Glyph menu glitch, which can store info you can use later (idk know the technicalities) allowing for some slight oob.

My main concern is if my run is actually a glitched run or even if its just a no major glitch run.
Really just a question for the LoK speedrun community.

-Sorry if I posted in the wrong location.
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