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sshplur: 2006-09-10 12:21:22 pm
"This was a mistery in the other killer7 thread...
Killing a Yellow/Black Micro Smile AWAKES ALL PERSONAS"

Yeah, StrangenessDSS figured it out in the other Killer7 topic. It also completely restores your current personality's health. Too bad it doesn't revive dead ones, but I'm not complaining.

The black+yellow micros could help with tanking, but I'm not completely sure. It's just an idea. I still haven't seen Shin's run yet.

I'm scratching my head the most about IZSK Island. Just playing it normally I was changing personalities alot. I'd love to see how fast Shin shot up the big swiss cheese with the small smiles in it. I'd REALLY love to see how he fought Ayame in the parking lot.

I like your idea about using Coyote's charged shot for fighting Ayame, Estryark. I tried it but I can't say the fight was faster because I wasn't speed running it. It'd be cool if we could use Dan's collateral shot  Smiley
I'd love to see how fast Shin shot up the big swiss cheese with the small smiles in it.

You can blow up the whole thing with one shot using Mask, and that's what he did, of course.
I tried alot with the collateral shot on Ayame...the timing is way too not sure if it works...I have to figure out if the shot pass trou her or not...

The way Shin beats Ayame is like everyone else's way...
Using Mask and aim with nade launchers on the ground.

Personally I don't think that's a fast way to beat her, I like my idea to charge shot with Coyote and I don't miss that much...but I have to try with Mask to compare his way to mine.

I made a route for Target 01 that I will explain later. I think I'll make a clean .doc....same for Target 00. I'll try my best with my english  :-/

I'll update my infos later
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Estryark: 2006-09-11 03:18:14 am
Against Ayame, I said I would use Coyote and his charge shot. It takes 3 on her to kill her on Normal difficulty. That's amazing but I had level 3 Power with him.

I tried on Hard, I had no level in Power. I don't remember how much shot I got on her but I ran out of Vials and I had to change to Dan because I was dying.

So I changed my plans...I used Mask and uhh its pretty amazing how the battle can turn well with him.

On Normal difficulty I used those electricity Grenade that you use for Protector Z Smile and uhh It took me 2 to kill her..yes 2. Gravity Grenades doesn't seem to do any damage...maybe I kept missing her. But I tried on Hard.

On Hard...I know she gots more HP....
It took 5...FIVE, electricity nade to finish her.
I also discovered that Power levels help in that fight which is not the case for Kurahashi & Akiba.

I fought Ayame with Mask with Level 3 Power and it took me 4 shots. I will have to try with Level 4 Power because it's not expensive to get. Maybe It will take 3 shots to kill Ayame with that.

UPDATES, yes it took 3 hit with level 4 Power

It looks like the second Ayame fight is based on Hits. Power is useless here. I think the major reason would be that you can drop easy collateral shots on her and it would be too easy to base this fight on power.
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Estryark: 2006-09-17 05:43:17 am
Target00 route in PDF[/url]

[]My introduction movie of the speedrun[/url]

Thats pretty much my route. I totally missed the micro smile...shame...but I killed the Camellia Smile instead  :). But that's not what Im supposed to do.

And I got hit once because Con did'nt want to go in the Candles Room :-/

The movie is in mp4...I don't know if that bothers. I don't want to spend the effort to make an avi because the quality of this mp4 is good like his weight...and because I suck so much about making videos........

Look the PDF for details

EDIT: Deleted the practice run because im cleaning my FTP
Heh, that was really good. I liked the way you "climbed" the stairs, I wonder why Shin didn't do that.
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Estryark: 2006-09-13 12:06:56 pm
Yeah but the idea came from sshplur thanks to him...

I've forgotten to talk about using the reversal move to gain distance, [...].

And I was complaining about being slow when climbing stairs...

So I abused reversal move to climb stairs

Here's a Ayame fight in avi yay...

It's really short and I think it's worth looking. Too bad I got hit at the VERY end  :-/
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Estryark: 2006-09-14 10:48:02 pm
Target 01 Part 1 Route Sorry for typos and stuffs

Don't know if I should get serum on this level yet. Those serums I need will be for Mask's Power Level to get over Ayame like the movie I posted. Part 1 didn't give me enough serum to upgrade his power to level 4...only to level 3.

I will figure out how many I can get in Part 2.

UPDATE, Part 2 is no good for serums...
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Estryark: 2006-09-15 08:02:41 am
I updated my target 01 part 1 route...I don't know if someone read it yet ;-/ doesn't say much if you don't know the places
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Estryark: 2006-09-17 06:02:19 am
Target 01 pt1 320x240

I remade Target00 but I will not upload it yet
Great work you're doing on the run. I just read your Target 01 route and there's some clever stuff in there, especially with using Kevin.

How come you deleted the Target 01 640x480 link?
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Estryark: 2006-09-17 09:47:55 pm
it's fine now

About target 01...I didn't know what to do when you reach the Detached Building...

I go to the South house first and come back to East house to get vial/blood and stuff.

I could go to the East House first but I wanted to avoid the Smile running...then I would go to the South House but when you exit, a Smile blocking the way to the West House  :-/

I think I got lucky that Kisugi didn't make 45 hit X.x When I was testing the fight, She never went up to 40 hit. I wanted to stop at 45 so it won't take too long counting the hits at the end. This run, well, she made 44 hit lol  Lips Sealed I was like.....whew
Target01 Part2

Lost 1.5 seconds when I didn't choose the right way in the Fouth floor ;/

But the rest is good
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Estryark: 2006-09-19 02:59:29 am
For Cloudman
I was thinking about this route.

Kill at least 7 Ulmeyda where you see Giant Smiles for the first time

Never switch to Con to use his Speed Ability when you reach the houses because you lose too much time switching to Coyote/Con. Kill the 5 Ulmeyda Smiles at the Vase house. So that's a total of 12 Coins. 2 Extra coins in case you get dupes from that weird machine.

Use Coyote from the start to where you unlock the door after the duplicator. Pass trough the duplicator to make it explode instead of using Dan and waste so much time.

Change to Kevin until you reach Post Office, use invisibility to go trough the Giant Smiles.

Change to Con after the Post Office and finish the level with him.

Collect 520 Blood to give Power level 4 to Mask for the Ayame fight so that means:

A total of 12 Ulmeyda killed = 12 x 8 = 96 blood
Kill the Red/Blue Micro Smile before the padlock.
Kill the Giant Smile after the padlock.
From here you get 369 Blood
Kill 2 Backside Smiles and avoid the first one near the last Harman's room.

You should get more than 520 Blood, enough to get level 4 Power.

THE END, suggestions?
How's your progress? Would be a pity if you gave up on this.
i like to watch.
i tried watching the movies in this thread but i had to stop because it made me so uncomfortable. i played through this game as fast as i did so i would never have to experience it again.

what actually constitutes a speed run of killer 7? it's a game where you move along a straight line, sometimes shooting things.
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Estryark: 2006-10-06 08:51:59 pm
Im taking a break. It seems that people are not interested.

I try to make routes but I get no help or feedback so I don't really know if what I planned is really good or not.
It's a waste of time doing something and figure out after a week that there is a better way to do it and
it would be great to have a second person trying to speedrun the game or something so we could talk about eachothers routes.

If a flood of people come in this thread and give advices or stuffs, or wish to talk about my routes, I might and will be back on my speedrun.

I won't waste my time doing this for only 2 persons... :-/


What actually constitutes a speed run of killer 7? I think it's all about strategies and the way you takes. There are so many things that can waste your time in this game.

Have you seen my Target01 part2 movie? That's what I meant by strategy and I think it helped for doing this level pretty fast.

Excuse my bad english...

That is all.

secret of mana master.
this is one of my favorite games, i'm interest it.
everybody wanna tell you the meaning of music
Uh, I guess you started and stopped before I even saw this thread. You seemed so interested at first. What you have looks really good, and you seem highly competent, so I dunno. I think part of the reason you haven't gotten as much feedback, is because what you have looks so good. About lack of enthusiasm, you shouldn't care what we think; you should just do this for yourself.

Besides, if you care about others' responses, you should realize that more people are interested than posted in this thread. This is one of the more requested games I think, in the requests thread. There's been a couple of other threads too. I was AWOL and never chimed again, and the same can be said for one of our mods as well, who really likes this game.

For anybody wondering about shin, he is an awesome talent, but he's not that dedicated to every game he records, like this one. And he doesn't suck; everything he does that I can think of way back when I saw his vids, is because he's doing a restriction play and doing all kinds of things like not upgrading and taking no damage except bosses, things like that.
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Estryark: 2006-11-04 04:47:35 am
Lemme say what im thinking.

If I would do this whole speed-run only for myself, I would'nt even bother myself trying to realize it for real, that would be a waste of my time and effort because im sure I can do it...

My goal is to show people that I can beat this game faster than anyone. Then, if nobody care, well too bad; no speed runs.

If you say that there are more people intersted than I think, I would like to hear them...about anything, because im not convinced. I posted this thread in every game forums I know and it looks like not that great.

I need to know if what im doing for the people is worth my time.

...whaaaatever. <.< I think I'll just wait for something to happens.
I guess you will receive much more feedback after the complete run has been posted at SDA. Y'know, many people start runs, but few accomplish them.
Sleeping Terror
So, you want to be assured you'll be recognized by a certain amount of people as being the best at a certain game before you're willing to go to the effort to produce a run?

I'm the other AWOL person Enhasa mentioned. And I do love the game. Even started a speedrun myself... got burnt out on the load times before I got far. And then got distracted from gaming in general; haven't even gotten around to watching Shin's run of the game yet.

Would I like to see your run, if you'd make it? Certainly.

i tried watching the movies in this thread but i had to stop because it made me so uncomfortable. i played through this game as fast as i did so i would never have to experience it again.

I found the game rather delicious myself. 'Twas why I wanted to do a speedrun of it! But those damn loading times... ugh, even unskippable cutscenes would be better. At least then they'd be pretty.
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Estryark: 2006-11-04 09:58:08 am
So, you want to be assured you'll be recognized by a certain amount of people as being the best at a certain game before you're willing to go to the effort to produce a run?

What I wanted to say (maybe I didn't say it clearly) is that I don't want to spend any effort for doing a speed run if no one cares about it or the game itself.

I don't want to be recognized as a god or something. I want to show to everyone who liked this game the fastest way to beat it. The thing is I can't find those people...

Well anyway, its getting a bit better...I'll get back into my run later once I find a way to erh...get my ass off from Trickster <.<
Sleeping Terror
People care!
everybody wanna tell you the meaning of music
First off, don't go by reaction on other sites at all. Every time I've posted on gamefaqs, for instance, about even a completed run available for download, there's little if any response. People would rather try to type out their favorite character with their elbows. I think we've all pretty much realized that most gamers in general are not all that interested in speedrunning. If they are, they would either be here or at a game-specific running site. Also, you are never going to get the kind of response that you would for say, Zelda, because less people played it.

As for me, I must admit that at first, I didn't think this game would make for a very interesting run because I thought the planning would be trivial, and the best part of the game (the plot) would be skipped. So far, you seem to have proven me wrong, and I'm actually looking forward to this. So if you can make that kind of a difference, I would suggest you continue. Smiley