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Mr. K: 2013-06-28 09:46:59 am
I'll be tracking pages that I think really need to be added or updated for the KB here.  If you think we're missing something important, please let me know and I'll add it to this thread and we can track its progress.  I'm not going to be including game pages in this thread.

Video on how to add pages - I need to do this

Consoles recording pages:
Sega Master System
Sega Saturn
Playstation 2
Playstation 3 (and don't forget that HDCP)
Playstation Vita
Atari 2600

Streaming Guides:
OBS guide
Muxing game audio and mic audio
60 FPS streaming - I'll probably port over Unwary's guide

Capture Device Compendium
Mac - I'm thinking of having a Mac capture device page, capture software page, and a Mac page in the processing section.  HDL has done a fine job of creating the content and I think I'll port it over
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All the things
I have started off the device compendium, with the exception of porting some of the HDD/DVD recorders listed on the old page. I am debating combining the page with the current recording devices page and reworking it such that it it focuses on the different types of connectors. I also have to add in a small section on SCART and RGB in the connectors section. The current test page is here with the two pages combined. Alternatively we can leave them as separate pages, but I feel like we should aim to provide more information on a single page for this type of thing.
With regards to 60 FPS streaming, you should check out HDL's stream (, he uses an ez cap and gets super slick footage.
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Omnigamer: 2013-07-23 12:37:48 pm
Omnigamer: 2013-07-22 01:00:33 pm
Omnigamer: 2013-07-22 09:38:48 am
All the things
I'm going to pitch in my own TODO list of pages I would like to create beyond the ones listed in Mr K's post.

-Routing Tips and Advanced Methods
-How to Find Improvements and Optimizations
-Beginner's Guide to Memory Searching
-Reverse Engineering Tips
-Random Number Generators and How to Exploit Them

-Troubleshooting Common Recording Issues
-Input Quality Comparison
-Hardware Scalers/Deinterlacers
-List of Distribution Amplifiers

I have enough experience to make additions to a 60 FPS streaming guide, but the solutions I have aren't exactly broad.

EDIT: Core of RNG section completed. Probably need to add in a paragraph or two later with a little more background and terminology.
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honorableJay: 2013-07-23 09:16:30 pm
The Dork Knight himself.
Mr. K: 60 FPS streaming guide will need a slight update, it's now possible to get 60 FPS with just OBS (it now can do proper deinterlacing). I'm currently working out the details and started the page that we can put the info on. If you want I'll wait for you to post the 60fps guide you were talking about before adding my own info in. If you want just link me the guide and I'll edit/post myself.
Omnigamer: I'm thinking that we should create a dedicated section for this on the front page.  I'm tentatively thinking of "Research."  As far as finding memory addresses, Adelikat made a tutorial series for it on TAS videos and that's how I learned.  We could probably link it.

Naegleria: Yeah there are a lot of different methods, I'll see what we can gather together.

HonorableJay: Awesome thanks for the updates.  Someone else will have to do OBS as I'm not familiar with it
The Dork Knight himself.
Done..........for the most part. Just let me know what needs to be added. If anything we might want to format it as a general outline that shows the user how to prep the footage properly for any streaming app. Technically I do have that mentioned, but I'm not sure how obvious it will be to non-technical users.
What Omnigamer said reminds me of an idea a few people have had: a genre-per-genre generic page of how to break games efficiently. I could be doing one for point'n'click adventure games for instance. I know Judgy has already made a guide of his own for FPS games.

Secondly, instead of or in addition to a video tutorial in how to add pages (I presume you meant game pages?), shouldn't there just be one good template page that everyone can always use as a starting point? You could just make one and link it at the top of the games list page. One step better from than would be to integrate that somehow into the way we are currently starting new pages if possible so you literally just click a thing and fill in the blanks.