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Judgy: 2015-06-08 02:49:12 pm
Borderlands 2 Glitch Hunter/ router.
So recently (Due to the fact that I have to re-encode and re-upload some files) I have been working on a simple guide for breaking FPS genre games which is mainly for anyone starting out from fresh.
It basically covers basic tricks, What to look for, What questions to ask yourself, How some tricks work and other aspects of glitch hunting.

Currently my source of information on the subject is limited to my own knowledge from my experiences working on games such as Borderlands 2, Wolfenstein [2009] / The New Order / The Old Blood, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, Sniper: Ghost Warrior and a few others I've referenced the best I can glitches and skips found in those games, I also loosely reference glitches found in other games I'm not so familiar with such as HalfLife 2, Quake, Fallout 3 etc etc, however due to the fact that it is down to purely my own knowledge it is reasonably extensive in some areas and lacking in others.

This is where I'd love to open up the document to other runners who have a greater understanding of the situations I don't have a complete grasp upon, I therefore would love to allow it to be edited by fellow glitch hunters and runners which means that for the new comers reading it they get tips from the best of the best.

the document is here and is far from being finished, however with cooperation from others I hope it could become a great guide.

Let me know what you think so far (^_^)
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Can confirm, Judgy is a beast, this guide looks amazing Smiley I will read through it soon™
Heavy Metal Powered
A very nice starter guide.
Should mention in my opinion that cheat codes may be REALLY useful when testing glitches etc. As long as they are turned off when actual attempts are made.

It also says nothing about checking if triggering events in the game like dialogue, cutscenes etc can avoid damage / death. Perhaps that is not common enough though.
Something else to examine with quick save is: How much of the game state was saved, and how accurate were the values saved? (Check the No One Lives Forever run on this site for better explanations of how this is can be abused) Might however be too game specific.
Edit history:
Judgy: 2015-06-13 02:29:39 am
Borderlands 2 Glitch Hunter/ router.
Thanks for the info Warepire, as I stated in the OP my knowledge is limited to what I've experienced myself however I'm looking to add to it from other peoples knowledge also, I'll add to the "cheats" section and put in a small section about exploring trigger activation to avoid damage / death.

And it's NEVER too game specific if it works in one game it should be tried in another regardless of the small chance it will work.
Awesome guide.  I love knowledge-base stuff like this. 

On the note of quicksave/load abuse:  I've got a video example of using quicksave/load to clip through environment/objects.  I found it while doing a segmented Red Faction run.  I use it in the run that I have yet to submit.  Still writing some notes.

I should probably make a better video of that showing what happens without the save/load. 

Also, I feel like invisible walls might be worthy of their own section--but that might just be because I hate them so much and finding ways around them in most modern FPS seems to be a big deal.  Invisible walls were the fucking bane of my existence when running Metro 2033 and a decent amount in Wolfenstein 2009.  Mad props for the skips and tricks you and ivy found on wolfenstein 2009.

dayum that's some gold mine for FPS speedrunners Cheesy
Just in case it's omitted, could you add the trick that e.g. the Serious Sam guys are using in these ILs:

I'd prefer to call it something like "strafe tapping" or just tapping because "strafe jumping" is kinda already in use for Q1-3 style strafing. That or wobbling or trilling. Or then just differentiate between different styles of strafe jumping (which technically is just anything that happens using the strafe keys while also jumping continuously) so each style is listed as strafe jumping a) b) c) etc.