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My feelings on The Demon Rush
You might have noticed that the Knowledge Base's main page has changed for the better. This change came thanks to Mr. K, who has played a big role not only working on the main page, but changing the design of Knowledge Base (KB) pages in general.

Mr. K has also been working on the Contra page, which is a good model for how we want KB pages to look in the future.

Mr. K can elaborate more on his ideas for the KB using this board because he's a mod. It's the least I can give Mr. K for all of the hard work he's put into the KB.

HonorableJay has been putting in considerable work on the recording guides, which is another goal we'd we'd like to hit in the long run Jay and K are both responsible for writing K

So welcome your Knowledge Base board mods, Mr. K and HonorableJay! Hopefully in the long run we'll be able to not only improve the KB, but link it to game pages and make it more visible.
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The Dork Knight himself.
Oh god, he made me a mod of something???????????? The world is going to explode in 3.......2........1............

Honestly I can't take as much credit as Mr. K though since he's put so much more work into the new design. Hopefully I can keep up with the demand.

Personally I'd like this board to be about suggestions and ways to improve the KB. Whether it's a new piece of hardware we have to add to the guides or simply ways to fix what's already there. And if you feel that you can contribute something to the KB to make it better, by all means let us know and get it in there. The KB will be so much better if we all pitch in. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how much better the KB can be.
Balls jerky
JayK you're not mods Owned lolololololool

Also congrats. Cheesy
SEGA Junkie
I've started on the Sonic 2 one, . Right now only the first two levels of the Sonic path are written down, and I moved the old terminology section over to "mechanics and glitches". Huge props to Mr K for spearheading this!

Personally, I think this should be in a front page post ASAP. Emphasise the importance of documenting all our knowledge in an easy to find place for new speedrunners, and hopefully a lot more people will contribute!
Glad to see this finally happening. I guess I should create talk pages for certain template things rather than go ahead and change them myself of course.
Ditto. I'm adding stuff to the krtdl boards cuz... I'm bored and why not. The damage table that plas durock put so much work into has been locked on gamefaqs, and it'll be great to have that information available on the SDA wiki, so I'm going to add all of that while giving due credit.
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presjpolk: 2013-06-10 03:07:36 pm
presjpolk: 2013-06-10 03:07:20 pm
Just created Legend of Zelda and Zelda 2 pages in a show of support. If it looks like it's a thinly edited copy/paste that's because it is, but it's from my writeups on my NES Zeldas site so I have permission from myself to do so. Smiley

EDIT: If the KB Wiki gurus  are annoyed that I broke some style conventions, sorry.  I'm just trying to help seed the site.  I tried to reformat it to be more suitable for the wiki, but maybe I missed stuff.
The artist formerly known as Qxy
This is truly a great undertaking. When I started conducting my research for the games I wanted to run years ago, there is nothing I would have wanted to see more than an up to date, organized compendium like this. In light of this, I'm doing what I can to make the KH:CoM page as detailed as possible.
Edit history:
Yagamoth: 2013-06-12 04:00:27 am
I recently reworked the basic information on the Secret of Mana page to make it a bit more extensive. I didn't realize there was a board for this in the forums up to now ^^

The whole thing on one page is probably a bit much. It should probably be split into a general section, 2+ player section and 1 player section though. But I'm not sure how to do that yet
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kirbymastah: 2013-06-12 08:57:01 am
I'm kinda bouncing around and reworking metroid prime 1,2,3 pages, since they're rather outdated. Yes, we have the metroid2002 website, but it doesn't hurt

plus i feel like doing this while waiting for code to compile at work

Also giving the KRtDL page a complete overhaul so it's more organized and more readable
SEGA Junkie
Remember, when putting together these pages to use the organisational structure we've laid out. You don't have to do it word for word, but starting with the landing page at least is key to keeping things organised.
I'll be creating a post that explains the organizational structure shortly.
Quote from Mr. K:
I'll be creating a post that explains the organizational structure shortly.

I'll structure the page accordingly then. As mentioned - I didn't know a general structure is a thing before Wink
There's an organizational structure? That would be great to see, since I didn't even know there's a general organization structure :S

today when I went into the SDA forums and the kb I noticed the default design. And it struck me as being a bit odd. While I can see that the kb/SDA frontpage/SDA forums want to have a common theme, I still think that a dark theme doesn't cope well with the knowledge base. As in - the idea of "knowledge" is the opposite of dark in my head Wink

I don't think it needs anything fancy, the alternative design choice of say, Vector, works perfectly fine. I felt that it was important enough to point that out
Jumping Turtle
Perhaps having come from Metroid2002 has biased me, but dark themes make me feel more at home. It's the background that's dark, as the info is lit up and burned into the eyes. Seems more effective to me, personally.
Good SADX Run sometime? :)
Even though Marche is a WAY better runner than I am, do we need pages for Sonic Adventure? How can I assist you guys?
The Great Farming Empire

If you know something about running Sonic Adventure, feel free to add what you know.
Don't have to be the best at a game to be the guy who aggregates the knowledge together and builds community.
Got bored at work and started on Ninja Gaiden II.  Most of the mechanics are done, I'll lay out level strategies another time.
I started to convert the SotN wiki I (mostly) made on the platform to the SDA KB. Trying to apply the wiki to the KB format best I can, adding info I forgot to add to the wiki and making whatever changes that make sense to me while I'm at it. (This KB entry does not cover the SEGA Saturn or PSP versions of SotN)