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So some may know I launched Red Candle last November because there was no site willing and interested in housing NES Zelda information.

Figuring out how to work with the KB has been on my mind since the rebirth of the project.  My first idea was just to copy/paste... but that gets to be too much work to keep both sites synced, and in the case of Zelda 2 where there's way more info than can be held comfortably on one page, isn't really practical at all.

Seeing that the plans are to work *with* other existing wikis rather than replace them, I went ahead and just converted Red Candle over to a wiki.

That said, I'm encouraging Boxfat just to move the Battle of Olympus stuff *to* the KB, since it was never finished anyway, and will be easy to move.

Anyway, the new Red Candle Wiki is open for registrations, and I've even begun reorganizing the pages there along the lines of the KB Contra page, since I like that organization.

Legend of Zelda

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
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If you are already re-organizing things to look like in the KB, why keep red candle up instead of moving it all to the KB at the same time? Seems like it's just spreading out the information otherwise and that way you surely wouldn't have to worry about sync since it's all in one place.
I've got a lot of stuff uploaded there, and I've pointed a lot of people there.  It's pretty much become a hub for Zelda 2 in particular. I don't really see the gain in chucking it.

By reorganizing all I meant was doing a little copy-paste to put the headers into a hierarchy. Nothing intensive. Smiley
If all else fails, the KB can have primary information about the Zelda NES games. If people want to have more in-depth information for running the NES games, there could be a link on the KB to Red Candle.
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presjpolk: 2013-07-18 01:03:40 pm
I've put that stuff in, so if people just want to leave it at that, no problem.