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Half-Life (Any %) (Single Segment) (Hard)

Verifier Responses

The movement is quite smooth with the speed cap imposed by the Steam version.  As is to be expected, mistakes become more frequent later in the run, but the route seems built to mitigate them; for example, using wallstrafing in the places that it's available and that smooth bunnyhopping is too tricky to hope for.
There are no outright flubbed movement tricks, which is doubly impressive considering difficult tricks like the broken bridge boost and those at 25:38 and 31:38 (the former of which was missed in the current run).
On that note, the health door is abused very nicely for the sake of enabling a huge number of boosts and tricks otherwise impossible rather than merely for survivability (making the run easier).
As far as consistency goes, I'm a little lost as to what's going on with the pistol near the beginning of Blast Pit - no model and selectable despite being out of ammo? Of course it has no actual impact on the run, but I have to say it. Other than that, consistency looks squeaky clean.
The time loss that stood out to me was in breaking through the bottom of the Gonarch's lair, the floor of which refused to die and cost a few seconds and some SMG grenades.
The run is a cut above overall, and it has some awesome moments that astound me considering the run is single segment - and on top of that, it nearly matches the scripted segmented run on a faster version, to say nothing of what it did to the poor scripted single-segment run of old...
Needless to say, I vote to accept.

Anomalous Materials: Quality
Unforeseen Consequences: He made the obbo
Office complex: New strat on getting barney to cooperate. Well done.
We've Got Hostiles: Skipped
Blast Pit: Ok
Power Up: Who needs power. Just use tripmines.
On A Rail: perfect
Apprehension: good
Residue Processing:
Questionable Ethics: Grabs the gauss gun nicely
Surface Tension: New trick thing at the cliffs. Woo. Also health door!
Forget about Freeman: Nicely done
Lambda Core: Like those routes at those teleport thingy orb stuff
Xen: I've seen the runner do this part a lot live. Also remember he struggled with this. Useless info, he gets it now.
Gonarch's Lair: Best fail in the run; floor doesnt break.
Interloper: Looks good
Nihilanth: Missed some shots in the beginning, shame. Nice recovery though.

There's few mistakes in this run.

I will not reject this run because I accept this run. No cheating, A/V is good. AC is good too.

Well done. I cannot stress that enough.

Ok, so.

Audio/visual is perfect. Very nice quality. My version that i downloaded was corrupted so i didn't get to listen to the whole commentary which kind of sucks, but i did watch the full run from that link. Anyway, my first thoughts after watching this run is that it's very impressive.

He uses a lot of risky strategies and has a very aggressive speed throughout, even in the hardest parts of the game. So thumbs up for that. This is the steam version, so there is that pesky speed cap, but he does a good job of making it not very noticeable.

Bunny-hopping is pretty decent, could've been a little cleaner but overall good. It's very hard to keep speed in this game with loading points/speed cap so he did a good job.

Use of the health door glitch is cheese, but really there's no reason not to use it as it affords so many damage boosting time-savers that it would be unwise NOT to use it. After the door glitch the run gets pretty crazy with about a million nade jumps/concussion jumps etc. I love it, very fun to watch! In particular, his boosts in the XEN chapter are very nice. In the last room, he has a nade-jump to the top of the room, then boosts off the wall with a concussion grenade and lands in the portal, all in one swift motion, it's beast and looks really cool.:)

He uses some nice tricks that you might only expect to see in a segmented run. Very good.

The fact that this is single-segment makes me love this run even more, there are so many random factors and the game is so trick heavy so it's very very impressive for him to do it SS and still be so fast and aggressive. Overall, it's accept. Thanks coolkid for giving us this awesome run and hope you try to improve it later on. Im looking forward to seeing it published though.:)

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Max 'coolkid' Lundberg!
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Exo: 2012-12-19 07:41:56 am
Congrats coolkid Smiley Now time for an uncapped run Cheesy
Thank you for both the comments and accepting my run! To verifier #1: The weapon doesn't show up because I'm out of ammo and I'm able to select because I have direct weapon binds (e.g. bind 2 weapon_9mmhandgun) instead of having to scroll through HUD when I have more than one weapon in that slot (default: bind 2 slot2).

I'd love to make an uncapped run if it had good demo recording support Sad