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Grappling Hook is a recently released Independant Game clearly inspired by Portal. Instead of a physics-defiing Dimensional Bending Unit your tool of choice in this game, as the name suggests, is a Grappling Hook, which is actually more like a Hookshot than a Grappling Hook. Despite the clear influence of Portal, the game is able to bring enough originality and clever map design to the table to be able to be a worthwhile investment, even at the fairly steep pricetag of just over $20. Nevertheless, I don't really expect to see many people from here to buy it, but you should probably at least try the free Demo.

The game has 22 Levels and two difficulties. The differences between normal and hard are that the turrets shoot quicker and more precisely on hard (making them actually fairly dangerous), you take double damage and the time you can hook to a single block is limited. Except for the double damage none of these really matter for running, and the double damage barely has any influence on speed running, so the difficulty of choice will be hard, just because. Because the levels are entirely independant, the run will be an IL table.

Because pictures (especially the moving kind) tell more than mindless ramble, take a look at my youtube channel to see the game in action (and get an idea of what a speedrun would look like):

*Placeholder for List of Times*
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thats a pretty good game and  your runs are even better
Yes, Inexistence is a word.
Hey. I saw this topic, looked at the game, tried the demo and loved it. Your runs for it are excellent too. I have the game. I'd love to see a segmented run of this. I also found a little glitch. If you go to an edge and jump, you'll get your normal jump. However, if you go to the edge and jump twice, such as pressing space and shift, or one of the many jump buttons, you'll do like a double grunt and get some extra height and distance. I'm not sure if there are any places this would help with, but it's there if you want it Smiley
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ridd3r.: 2010-02-11 02:24:02 pm
we have lift off
Level 5 is one of my favourites and I decided to have a go at it and got 19,85 which beats LLCoolDave's time by about 1.5s. I actually got it twice, the 2nd time looked cleaner though. I don't see how 18s could be possible but maybe I'm missing something, enjoy!

The run on youtube apologies for the slightly bad quality, I uploaded medium because it was lagging really badly with high :/. Edit: I have attached the MQ file to this post, so download that if you wish.

In terms of improvements, I do the start slightly differently, mainly just jumping in different places. The main improvement is after the first save point, I hook shot up, turn around and sail over the first step and get the next jump with no run up. I also use the hook shot in the ceiling in the final corridor as it's faster than bunny hopping.

I really would like to see a good IL table of this sometime, maybe others are willing to fill in the gaps.
we have lift off
Level 4

I have attached a MQ version to this post as well. This beats LLCD's time by about 1.3s, mainly due to better jumping in the mid part of the run. Time is 19,52 and while 0.52s is not much, I think 18s is not really feasible, I just can't see that much improvement in this video.

I'm just doing a few levels for fun, not planning on doing the whole run but if other people just did a few levels then we would have an IL table and could get this on SDA, if people are interested Smiley . LLCD has already done most of the planning for a lot of the levels and I think some of this runs are basically optimal.
we have lift off
OK well clearly there is a lot of interest for this run Tongue

Anyway I have done two more levels: Level 9 and 23.

Level 9 I am especially happy with because I found a way to finish the level quicker than waiting for the shunt (which if you're fast is pulling back when you get to it, so you need to wait). If you bunny hop then you can just about get in position to get the diamond which you're meant to get by using the shunt. You need a fair bit of health to survive two jumps on the grates as well. I got 26,xx's and then finally this 25,48 which I'm very happy with.

Level 23 is actually not easy even though there is no grappling. For starters there's 20s of essentially waiting around (on the rails) before you can start being faster than you should be. There is some tricky bunny hopping to the orange switch, then you just need to not mess up and jump at the right time at the end (need to wait a bit to be at the right height to jump onto the final platform). I got a 31,10 a 31,03 and then finally this 30,83. I see no way of getting earlier cycle lifts at the start so I think this is optimal.

Note: Youtube no longer has problems with my HQ uploads, clearly something to do with the stupid new layouts they were trying (why can't they just leave it as it is!).

Well, I am not going to do anymore levels until my Max Payne run is done (priorities!) but I'll probably do a couple more levels. I'd say 1/3 of this run is done between mine and LLCD's levels (23 levels total); it is really fun, the levels are short and if 2-3 more people joined in we could get this done fast! It's a really entertaining watch as well which pretty much anyone can appreciate.
Svart Lyser Tronen
Cool game! I tried the demo. And your runs looks promising.
Maybe AHK could be used for bunnyhoping? Really sweet airaccelerate
we have lift off
SDA won't allow the use of AHK for games that are not covered by the grandfather clause, i.e. Only runs already on the site which use scripts can continue to use scripts, new runs can't. I believe HL2:E1 and E2 are allowed the use of AHK because they are HL2 games and this definitely isn't.

I'm also not sure how much AHK would help for a game that has bunny hopping very similar to quake 3; it's not always about perfectly timing jumps, it's about strafing and using the mouse.
The Dork Knight himself.
Interesting game, looks fun to play with. Just a question: does the jMonkeyEngine that GHook uses have any "interesting" physics quirks that can be exploited? Maybe a hacked strafe/bunny style jump?
we have lift off
Inexistence found how to do a double jump (see a few posts above), though the creator said he would remove it and I haven't been able to replicate it so I'm not sure about that. Out of the levels I have done, it could potentially be useful on Level 23 unless, as I suspect, it's been removed.
Here's a quick list of the times we currently have. I think the differences between normal and hard mode are negligable, so we shouldn't bother with that for our runs.

Level 1: 40:51 LLCoolDave
Level 2: 21:46 LLCoolDave
Level 3: 12:24 LLCoolDave
Level 4: 19:52 ridd3r
Level 5: 19:85 ridd3r
Level 6: 29:55 LLCoolDave
Level 7:
Level 8:
Level 9: 25:48 ridd3r
Level 10: 28:58 LLCoolDave
Level 11: 26:93 LLCoolDave
Level 12:
Level 13: 20:71 LLCoolDave
Level 14: 19:70 LLCoolDave
Level 15: 18:66 LLCoolDave
Level 16:
Level 17: 29:95 LLCoolDave
Level 18:
Level 19:
Level 20: 19:43 LLCoolDave
Level 21: 17:67 LLCoolDave
Level 22: 11:85 LLCoolDave
Level 23: 30:83 ridd3r
Will runs of the first 5 levels on the demo version be allowed (I swear, I'll buy the full version someday)?
I mean unless there are huge differences between both versions.
we have lift off
Quote from djcj:
Will runs of the first 5 levels on the demo version be allowed (I swear, I'll buy the full version someday)?
I mean unless there are huge differences between both versions.

I am guessing the versions are the same for those levels but I don't know. You swearing you will buy the full version someday has no bearing on anything though Tongue .

If you are going to buy the full version then just do it now and it would be great if you could try and tackle the levels that have not been done yet. When done with my Max Payne run I will run level 18 which is planned and maybe level 8. In terms of the first 5 levels, Level 1 is optimal to the second I think. Level 2 can be beat with the double jump if you can do that in the current version, I'm not sure you can. If you can't then level 2 and 3 can perhaps be improved by a second. I think 4 and 5 are pretty much optimal so which levels were you planning to beat?
Yes, Inexistence is a word.
You can still do the doublejump in the latest version, but the maker has changed the level to make it much harder to grab the code. Have a look at the final ledge in LLCoolDave's video of level 2 Link and your own version. It's still possible, but certainly harder.
Yes, Inexistence is a word.
Level 6: 0:23.60. I'm certainly willing to get an individual level table going with you guys Smiley
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ridd3r.: 2010-03-25 07:50:45 pm
we have lift off
Level 8 in 0;16;27

I took one for the team and did this horrible to optimise level. By my reckoning there are 3 levels that are horrible to Speedrun: This one (Level 8 ), Level 12 (Turrets are just ridiculous in this level) and Level 19; the rest are fine.

I'm very happy with this run, I thought 16:xx was possible but never this low. I have tried getting 15;xx but it just wasn't happening at all, this goes insanely well.

Level 18 in 0;33;92 (Being re-run thanks to Inexistence's new strat)

This was very fun to plan; I manage to catch everything first cycle. The 2nd travelling block was hard to get to work though. The bit where I jump and just about hook is insanely hard and I hardly ever managed to get the 4th key. Right up until that jump can't be sped up as there are no earlier cycles, therefore I don't think 0:32:xx is possible.

So that's now 6 levels out of 23 done by me, just over 1/4 and I don't plan to do anymore... I'm hoping other people will help finish it off Grin .
There are only 4 levels left and we have a complete run! Come on guys, we are so close!
Yes, Inexistence is a word.
Good job dude, great to see you running some levels. I had a mess around on Level 18, and though the route is far harder than even yours,it can be improved by a couple of seconds, by removing all of the waiting in the level. Segmented level, approx 32 seconds. It has sloppy play, as I just wanted to demonstrate the route.

I might try and run it, perhaps not. I don't know
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ridd3r.: 2010-03-25 12:48:45 pm
we have lift off
Ahh, nice. I did think about that but never managed to get that part. Nice, I might try and get a run done of that then in the next couple of days.

For the hook before the final save, due to you segmenting the level you're actually a couple of seconds behind what you would be if you did it in one go. When I get there the block is at the start so you have to hook and do some crazy strafing to get the 4th code, it's possible though. Getting this all in one go will certainly be a challenge though!
Yes, Inexistence is a word.
Yeah, I figured there'd be a couple of problems with segmenting it. Just wanted to show the main skips. I figured that getting the 4th access code would be possible any time really. Yeah, it'll be very hard. I'll try it when I get free from all this work I have to do. Good luck! Cheesy
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ridd3r.: 2010-03-25 08:02:34 pm
we have lift off
Did a 3 segment run of it in 27;27 so that's what I'm aiming for. I use a slightly different method for the two really hard hooks. It's going to be a total bitch but I will get a run of it.
Yes, Inexistence is a word.
Any chance I can see the different method? Good job man, glad to see it can be gotten so low Cheesy
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ridd3r.: 2010-03-25 08:02:13 pm
we have lift off
It's actually 27;27 I just checked (at one point at the save the timer goes from 44;80 to 44;10 :/ ). I posted a video reponse to yours with the 3 segment run I did. It is still pretty much your strats but I do 2 of the hooks and the last part faster. I'll post when I get this but it's going to be a bitch!
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ridd3r.: 2010-03-27 10:21:38 am
we have lift off
Level 18 in 0;26;88

Thanks to Inexistence for the new route (but also curse you for how hard it is!). My previous work on the 33;92 helped a lot with this run though.

The 3rd and 4th hooks are very difficult. About 1 in every 20 runs got the 3rd code successfully even after loads of practise. The 4th hook is almost lucky, it's just so hard to get the exact positioning; I didn't really have a set strat for it as such, well I couldn't really find one! I basically just did my best at it and persisted and after several 1 inch misses and many spectacular fails, I finally got it. The end is identical to before so I was able to do that fine.

So now I think I'm done! I will gladly help with route stuff for the remaining levels though; remember only 4 levels left!
Yes, Inexistence is a word.
Great job man! Grappling Hook is crashing my computer lately. Hopefully I can get it working again soon.
we have lift off
Ah that sucks man. Duno what to suggest apart from updating graphics and reinstalling (guess you've already done that). The only problem I get is after a load of recording with fraps (55 gig or so) I get really bad fps, it like records in stutters even though the fps is displayed at about 30 (record at 60), but then I just delete fraps files and restart grappling hook and it's fine. None of the levels are very long though so you can just get some ninja attempts in maybe Tongue