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Here is the full Goldeneye Wii TAS:
Full video:

No cutscenes:

RTA timing is 1:38:19 (From selecting Dam until Trevelyan dies)
TAS timing is 1:39:09.13 (From power-on until last input)
The name's Sheldor. InfiniteSheldor.
Quote from JamesBong:
Damn man, I guess it wasn't meant to be.. I have to go up North with my mom and sister for the weekend. My dad passed away this week and we have allot of things to take care of. Shame I will miss the revealing of the TAS. I'll watch it when I get home man.

I'm so sorry man Sad

On the plus side, the TAS is finally up and looks absolutely amazing. Good job Fitter Smiley
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JamesBong: 2017-04-12 09:23:30 pm
Metal + Speed = Life
Not a very solid run but 1st try hover. My previous best is 5:54, without using hover, so this can be 4 seconds faster without trying too hard.. will work on it another night.
Carrier on Operative 5:51

Metal + Speed = Life
Room for improvement.. Ive been trying to implement sprint canceling into the first half of the level, but havent practiced it enough yet. Because of this, 1-2 seconds can be gained before entrance to train. The train section was pretty flawless however. WR for now, I will keep working on it to replicate my 4:29 ( no video ).

Station Operative 4:31

Nice job! I haven't been playing Goldeneye much since I finished the TAS, but i'll probably get back to it sometime. Maybe after my finals are over. Good job on the run!
Metal + Speed = Life
First attempt at any level today!! Nightclub 6:36 on Operative

3 second improvement on current WR, I was hoping for 6:35 but this is acceptable.
I know I haven't been posting on here much lately, but that's because I haven't played this game in a while. I still check this forum daily to see if you've gotten any new records. I'm interested to see where this game will go.
Metal + Speed = Life
It's all good man, not sure it will go far aside me and you.. I imagine if I could stream I may attract more attention to it.. but who knows..
I've reworked every IL operative time I wanted to.. I still try a couple full game operative runs every week.. still trying for 1:46:xx.
When I've only got a little bit of time I may go back to working your Classic IL times.
The name's Sheldor. InfiniteSheldor.
Quote from JamesBong:
It's all good man, not sure it will go far aside me and you.. I imagine if I could stream I may attract more attention to it.. but who knows..
I've reworked every IL operative time I wanted to.. I still try a couple full game operative runs every week.. still trying for 1:46:xx.
When I've only got a little bit of time I may go back to working your Classic IL times.

Good luck with that! I've been away for a short while because of some stuff (especially a huge lack of motivation for speedrunning and motivation to do other things) and other than running Quantum at a marathon this weekend, I have no intention of speedrunning for the foreseeable future, so who knows when I'll be back. Fitter has screenshotted evidence of me wanting the Operative WR so maybe I'll come back and claim that someday ^-^

Best of luck with the Operative ILs and 1:46:xx man! You can do it! Cheesy
Metal + Speed = Life
Thanks, good luck to all you wish to accomplish.. I'd like that very much.
Nothing like some healthy competition to help bring down times
Metal + Speed = Life
New WR!!! Really, really unfortunate death on Trev at the end.. this would've been 1:46:xx easy.. but at least I was successful on my 2nd attempt at the strat.. bad solar skip, I jumped too far haha, but it still saved tons of time.
Sum of bests after run are 1:44:12. I'll post video when it's uploaded with the mission times.

Metal + Speed = Life

In game Mission Times:
Dam-  8:30 - Ties current Dam IL record, beast.
Facility-  7:52 - Near perfect, very good.
Airfield-  3:14 - 1st death of run, bad RNG or bad route who knows.. 25-30 seconds to save here.
Nightclub-  6:45 - Simply amazing time considering it wasn't the best Garcia spawn.
Carrier-  6:19 - Silly mistakes here and there but nothing serious, 5-10 seconds to save here.
Outpost-  6:10 - Unfortunate error in 2nd section, I could not seem to shoot the damn skimobile haha. Still a good time, 5-10 seconds to save easy.
Bunker-  8:51 - Awesome time, this is a HARD level to execute in full game ( for me anyways ), I slowed down a few times to avoid the game from crashing and I believe it payed off!
Archives-  9:18 - Good, I played it safe to avoid a death, 5-10 seconds to save here.
Tank-  4:25 - Slow level but nothing too serious, 5 seconds to save here.
Station-  5:02 - Second death of run here, poor execution of train section on my part. 30 seconds to save here easy.
Memorial-  7:35 - Very good for full game, I was slow in a few sections and ran out of ammo at the end which didn't help but I didn't die at least. Very good Memorial time!
Jungle-  7:14 - No skips, no hovers, I decided to play this one safe ( I had a death on previous WR run here so I knew there was an easy time save ), Very good Jungle.
Solar-  6:01 - Extremely good time. The hover skip wasn't executed well ( I went waaaay too far ) but it still managed to save me some good time. I kamikazed through the end section and it payed off! ( I have no idea why I did this however, pure stupidity ).
Cradle-  13:38 - Really, really unfortunate that I messed up the Trev kill first time around, I was on easy pace for 1:46:3x...
At least I got everything clean 2nd try. Easily 45-55 seconds to save here.
Nice job! 1:46 seems very doable. Maybe even 1:45...
The name's Sheldor. InfiniteSheldor.
Metal + Speed = Life
7 second improvement on WR.. still alot of work to be done on this one..

Metal + Speed = Life
I just uploaded a 5:48 Solar Operative to youtube, and then 3 tries later I got a 5:38 so Ill just post that one here once its ready.
Metal + Speed = Life
Solar Operative 5m38s

Metal + Speed = Life
Bunker on Operative 8:44

I can't believe I didn't notice my bullets and had to reload at the grate at the end. RIP 8:42. At least I know it's possible
Nice job! I noticed your 8:44 didn't have audio for some reason. But it's not a big deal, especially since you plan to improve on that time anyway. I'm glad to see you filling up that IL leaderboard.
Metal + Speed = Life
Damn I didn't even notice that actually, thanks. Yeah I'll just beat that time and make sure audio works on next video.
Yeah I wanted to at least put something up for a time on each level, and that motivated me to rework all those other levels like facility, airfield..
It's always good to go back to levels no matter how fast the times can be.
That's right. I need to finish my 007 Classic IL Spree. All of my times are improvable, but i'm really proud of that Airfield Time Trial. I'm in the process of moving right now so I can't play any games for a little while. But I might come back to this game one day. I'd also like to do a full game run for Operative and 007 Classic.
Metal + Speed = Life
Glad to hear it.

I reworked my Bunker and found lots of small time saves by skipping alot more enemies. I didn't think the time could get this low, but here is an 8:35 I just completed.

Trying for a few seconds quicker still tonight... we will see what happens  =D
Metal + Speed = Life
Its not perfect but I dont want to try and beat this

Bunker Operative 8m32s

The name's Sheldor. InfiniteSheldor.
Metal + Speed = Life
Started working on Memorial this morning, got this within 3 hours or so. Memorial Time Trial Operative 6m50s

Not done yet with this, hoping to get a few seconds faster.