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Here is the full Goldeneye Wii TAS:
Full video:

No cutscenes:

RTA timing is 1:38:19 (From selecting Dam until Trevelyan dies)
TAS timing is 1:39:09.13 (From power-on until last input)
The name's Sheldor. InfiniteSheldor.
Quote from JamesBong:
Damn man, I guess it wasn't meant to be.. I have to go up North with my mom and sister for the weekend. My dad passed away this week and we have allot of things to take care of. Shame I will miss the revealing of the TAS. I'll watch it when I get home man.

I'm so sorry man Sad

On the plus side, the TAS is finally up and looks absolutely amazing. Good job Fitter Smiley
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JamesBong: 2017-04-12 09:23:30 pm
Metal + Speed = Life
Not a very solid run but 1st try hover. My previous best is 5:54, without using hover, so this can be 4 seconds faster without trying too hard.. will work on it another night.
Carrier on Operative 5:51

Metal + Speed = Life
Room for improvement.. Ive been trying to implement sprint canceling into the first half of the level, but havent practiced it enough yet. Because of this, 1-2 seconds can be gained before entrance to train. The train section was pretty flawless however. WR for now, I will keep working on it to replicate my 4:29 ( no video ).

Station Operative 4:31

Nice job! I haven't been playing Goldeneye much since I finished the TAS, but i'll probably get back to it sometime. Maybe after my finals are over. Good job on the run!
Metal + Speed = Life
First attempt at any level today!! Nightclub 6:36 on Operative

3 second improvement on current WR, I was hoping for 6:35 but this is acceptable.