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Soulless Killing Machine
Let me explain the issue. I did read the kb where it says ones that came with the system, but I am not sure this controller came with the original sega cd package. The game I am playing Dark Wizard, a Sega CD RPG, has a warp glitch, but it can be hard to do.  To do it normally I have to continually mash a button to hit the right frame (s?), while I can do it, a turbo controller would save my hands.  The controller I bought is an official Sega 6 button turbo controller. Official OEM Original Genuine Sega Genesis 6 Six button Controller MK-1470 (Bulk Packaging) -  https://www.amazon.com/Official-Original-Sega-Controller-Packaging/dp/B01IU5ZXAS/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_63_img_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=CKF1Y9GRJYNDRBY9CX81

Thoughts on this?

ps Also I cannot find this game after using the search box to add a strategy page :(. After all the bullshit I have found in this glitchy game I would like to start sharing it.
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The Dork Knight himself.
Turbo controllers have only allowed on a system if the original release of the system came with them. The only one I know that fits this category is the TurboGrafx 16 (also known as the PC Engine). The original controllers shipped with the unit have dedicated turbo buttons. Even though that is an official Sega controller with turbo, since the original release of the system did not have turbo built in, in the past turbo on Genesis has not been allowed. I haven't seen anything that would suggest otherwise, but for an official answer you'll have to wait for one of the moderators to respond.
Soulless Killing Machine
Well i guess there are several ways to mitigate the issue after messing around.  The problem is the amount of inputs i need to put in.  If I completely fill the roster it removes one input I would need to do otherwise.  Another mitigating thing I could do is to use lengthier moves to try and give myself more "chances" at hitting the right inputs I suppose.
There was a similar question brought up a while ago regarding a version of the Famicom (NES) that came bundled with a turbo controller. I'm sure there are other examples that could be found as well if one looked hard enough.

It would be very unfair to let the use of turbofire be at the discretion of the runner though. Either it's allowed or it's not allowed. For systems where just some specific release got bundled with a turbo controller, I don't think many western players disagree with banning turbo and that's also the rule here on SDA. I know that some Japanese runners have in the past openly used turbo controllers though (and still do?).