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It's not quite the same as the speedrun bounties thread, so I thought it might be worth having one like this. I had some games languishing in my Steam inventory, so I figured at least any potential speedrunners could save the investment if I gifted them. My personal criteria for gifting a game: I obviously would like the games to go to people who want to run them. Anyone interested should have an SDA run under their belt, and be currently looking for a new game, not just some day. So please look into the games first so you know if it'll motivate you. I will gift more than one game to the same person provided their run for the previous one has passed verification.

I've got:


Cogs - puzzler
Retro City Rampage - like early GTAs?
Super Hexagon - reflexes puzzler action something (seems to be speedrunnable)
Magicka DLC Bundle - doesn't come with base game, but will act as starting point for a DLC run of the game I'm sure


Jetpack 2 - yes a sequel is being made for the 1994 Lode Runner-style platformer (the original hasn't been run either, only TASed)
  I'm 90% sure I never redeemed this code but sorry if I'm wrong.

So reply to this or PM and let me have your steam name so I can transfer it. If anyone else has games purposelessly gathering dust, just post in this thread and I'll copy-paste your message to the first thread (as is!). PS: I doubt it's a good idea to buy a copy of a game just to get someone to speedrun it, it's a lotta work after all.
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