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Final Fight (ntscus) (xb360) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Character: Cody]

Verifier Responses

Quote from Sonikkustar:
A/V Quality - Good
No cheating here.

Great run. Although there were some spots that I think seem improvable, It didn't look like there was much the runner could have done to avoid it without losing a lot of time. Overall, the run seems good.


Quote from MURPHAGATOR!:
Arcade Final Fight is a pretty brutal game that does not forgive mistakes at all. Getting a 1cc of it is an accomplishment to be proud of, and doing it while attempting to go quickly requires a lot of dedication and being accepting of the fact that sometimes you are just going to fail, and dk certainly put in effort to get something cool.

With that said, Ive been routing the game with the intent of completing a run on the hardest difficulty. When I fed a couple of extra credits in to finish, I was getting times on the order of dk's submitted time. The places I saw errors or bad luck were all plaves I would anticipate from my experiences playing on hardest. That said,  before I could write this verification, I went back and set the game to the same dips settings that this port uses and ended up beating dks time by a little under a minute. My previous knowledge hadnt really accounted for how different the difficulty changes would make the time.

Unfortunately that is too much time for me to overlook. I think this run is a great accomplishment, but it just doesnt have a place on this site.

Quote from galedog:
stage 1:

the main mechanic that matters here is getting the infinite on damnd, which happened

stage 2:

good despawns, perfect sodom fight

stage 3:

really good grouping and infinites for the most part. wong who was a jerk but not a really big deal. cage fight was perfect. good edi.

stage 4:

fight at the elevator door was rough, maybe could have used some more superjoying but who knows what the enemies would have done anyway. andore+poison spawns on elevator were tolerable, which is more than you can ask for usually. rolento started rough but hyper-rolento was avoided and that's the main thing

stage 5:

nice accidental despawn at the beginning. dodged el gado's stab and despawned almost everybody before the bathroom. knife scene and abigail were pretty rough, really the only things that could have been significantly better up to this point, a lot of which was the fault of RNG, other than failing the infinite on abigail.

stage 6:

not much to say about the first section, weird time loss from the door not triggering the scene change to the big orange hallway, which went pretty well overall. amazing luck with the pizza drop on the foreground pillars scene. pre-belger group went somewhat bad, but it always does so that's not really significant. cody got arrowed by belger quite a bit, but it wasn't exactly a slow fight.

Overall, execution was really good and this run is just about as fast as you can expect from Final Fight. The deaths darken the polish of the run a little bit, but asking for perfect RNG on every single stage in this game is the definition of insanity.

Decision: Reject

Reason: It's very impressive but can be significantly faster.

This run will be available for a month. After that these link(s) will no longer work.
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DK28: 2015-03-23 12:02:47 pm
General Kong - Bullets and Bananas
Good deal, go ahead and submit your run Murph.  I have no intention of going back to this in the near future.
General Kong - Bullets and Bananas
Well I was hoping to hear something, but nothing yet, so I'll post again. 

Hopefully this comes across with the right attitude/perspective.  I'll preface by saying that I've been with SDA since 2008 and have submitted around 70 runs, with 35 of them still currently hosted on the site.  So I've had my share of 'rejects' and 'obsoletions' and I always take it in stride, it's the nature of this business.  However, the way this currently stands kind of rubs me the wrong way.  Murph beat my time, absolutely fine, it's a great run, but I can safely guess he won't be submitting since it isn't on 'hardest', which is what Murph normally submits. 

Now all the verifiers agree this run is good and 2/3 accepted.  I understand Murph rejected based on his faster run.  But again, will he submit?  If not, then why is this run rejected.  It is not 'bad', and any normal viewer would most likely agree it's a good run.  How many times have we said that SDA is not a WR site?  This decision kind of goes against SDA's mission, to host quality runs.  This reject is basically saying that it won't be accepted because there's a 'faster run out there'.  Well, in that regard, many runs on SDA wouldn't be here.

At any rate, this is just a decision I disagree with in the current context and find somewhat discouraging.  Hopefully this can be discussed.
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Omnigamer: 2015-03-25 03:14:58 pm
All the things
I think Murph's statements were more to inspire you to push the time lower yourself. He has stated that he wants to work on harder difficulties, but at the same time if he gets a run that's a minute faster without fully focusing on the category, that's a sign that a lot of things can be improved. The majority of verifiers agreed to it in this case, but if there's significant reason to doubt that the run is fully optimized, I would also side with holding off until an improvement can come through. That is regardless of who submits it.
General Kong - Bullets and Bananas
I can understand that, especially if the run was truly lacking.  But to be fair, when you're grinding on a harder difficulty, then make it easier, of course you're going to have more positive results without focusing on the easier difficulty.  Also, unfortunately, I no longer have access to the console to play this version anymore. 

My point was also to merely state that the run isn't garbage, it's more than acceptable.  Example:  My Contra 10:04 was great, but does that mean that my 9:58 makes the 10:04 unsubmittable?  Of course not, but I'm going to submit the 9:58.  I wouldn't expect the verification result to be 'Reject this 10:04 cause there's a 9:58 out there'.
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Reeve: 2015-03-27 07:58:12 am
Reeve: 2015-03-26 12:48:31 pm
I love this game since I started playing it (which was only around 5 years ago on 2DF) and I have a lot of fun trying to go through the game as fast as possible while playing with a partner online or alone using FBA. My level improved tremendously by playing online with these guys and it helped me a lot to beat it in the hardest difficulty even without loosing lives and while not playing safe. I had one attempt through this game where I managed to beat it using Haggar in the hardest difficulty in 24:20 starting from reset and ending in the last hit on Belger. I admit I cheated by using JoytoKey to turbo my buttons, so I didn't have to worry about smashing my controller, but it was still a good time. Anyway, I read the comments before watching the run, so even though Murph's comments said the run could be improved I was honestly expecting a bit more. The game was not on hardest and yet tons of lives were lost. Loosing that many lives means you got hit too many times and if that happened you were definitely knocked down too many times which wastes tons of seconds. Also at least 4-5 seconds lost on the bonuses. With that said, I agree with Murphagator that this can be much better than it is. I don't think this run is beeing rejected because there's a faster run out there, but because it's not as good as it could be.

I recomend playing this game online in Supercade or Fighcade. There are a lot of great players there.
Ok, I watched the run. It would appear, based on the responses of the verifiers that the biggest concerns were in stages 4 and 5, where DK got ganged up on 12 to 1. AI and RNG were complete trolls there.

Reason: It's very impressive but can be significantly faster.

I disagree with the reasoning behind it, because any run submitted can always be beaten, significantly or otherwise. If it can't be beaten, it usually belongs somewhere else. I'm not sure if I would've rejected or accepted, since I haven't played this series, so I can't speak to the gameplay or the difficulty. Comparing it to the GBA times posted, it's pretty close, so the statement of how much time and effort DK put into the run seems legit. The run did look pretty good aside from those two trouble spots.

The places I saw errors or bad luck were all plaves I would anticipate from my experiences playing on hardest.

Anticipate? You don't know?

That said,  before I could write this verification, I went back and set the game to the same dips settings that this port uses and ended up beating dks time by a little under a minute.

I think I'll echo DK's request here, and I would like to see a video of this please.

I think this run is a great accomplishment, but it just doesnt have a place on this site.

I think you chose your words poorly, and don't realize how biased and hateful this statement is. (See DK's reaction)