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Final Fantasy VI (Any %) (Single Segment) (ntscus) (snes) [No Sketch Glitch]

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Quote from CyberBotX:
There was no Banon on a chocobo, no sketch glitch, and no Magitek in the ending. REJECT! Wait, wrong category...

A/V good, no cheating detected. Even with some of the mistakes the runner mentioned in their run comments, the run was very well done. The small mistakes probably add up to only a couple minutes over such a long run, so while it could be improved, it would take some really good luck to get as good a run. The bosses were thoroughly trounced thanks to things like Joker Doom, reverse Joker Doom, and Vanish+Doom. I do find it ironic that Doom was defeated with Doom, of course. Tongue Giving this an accept.

Quote from AlecK47:
A/V fine, no cheating detected

Unlike the run currently on the game page this run uses resets.

What can I say?  This is an excellent run and the runner basically mentioned everything that needs to be mentioned in the comments.  This time is improvable, but not easily.  Plus, a train gets suplexed - what more can you ask for?


Quote from puwexil:
Uses a fairly new, ATB-luck reliant strat to kill Whelk before it enters its shell, saving some time.
Terra levelling battles went well aside from a back attack - had to force the last battle, but only took a few extra steps.
Good Marshal battle (no Net or Moogle deaths) - could have saved a second or two by letting Kuku's attack animation start before unequipping Mog; but if she'd have crit that would have probably ended the run.

Figaro/Cave of Figaro
The evil chancellor strikes again.
Very minor thing I like to do: During cave battles with Crawlies, if Edgar's ATB is really bad and Locke's is good (like in the last cave battle in this run), I make a steal attempt to see if I can get a lucky Remedy steal (both for inventory management by keeping Rizopas' drop from taking the top slot, and extra Smoke Bomb money).

Mt. Kolts
Solid levelling battles - didn't get poisoned or pincered, and no overly slow wins or escapes.
Got the Doom Fist skip on Vargas thanks to ATB luck.

Returners' Hideout/Lete River
Softlocke the Returner tried hard today.
Saves/Reloads to manipulate 2-battle river with Pterodons, also saving some menu time with not having to backrow Banon.  It's a shame that white FINAL FANTASY III splash screen was added to FF6 during English localization, making resets for encounter manipulation more costly than in the Japanese version.
No Edgar criticals on Ultros, but still easily beat him before his 2nd tentacle thanks to Banon/Terra attacking.

WoB Scenarios/Narshe Multi-party Battle
Throwing the Air Lancet instead of the Dirk could have 1-shot the Templar, though sounds like in this route the runner wanted to save it to guarantee a fast Heavy Armor battle in Locke's Scenario.
Runner's RNG seed manipulation pays off a lot in the Phantom Forest/Train by giving several 1x Ghost/1x Bomb encounters and avoiding slow battles like large Whisper/Hazer groups.
Suplex hype!  ᕦ(° Д°)ᕤ
Really bad Veldt, between Cyan getting poisoned, a Guard/Lobo pincer, and Gau not appearing after the CrassHoppr and Rhobite battles.  I know the 2x Trillium encounter was an accepted drawback to manipulating good Phantom Forest/Train battles, and most of the other time losses were just bad RNG.
Good Serpent Trench between a single enemy encounter (albeit a risky one) and 2 pre-emptives.
Near-wipe to a Vector Pup pincer ensured a 1-round Heavy Armor battle.

Zozo/Opera House
Good ATB luck on Dadaluma allowed for preventing his healing phase without having to wait for his 2nd attack.
So-so Opera rats luck between getting 4 encounters and 1 of them being a 5-pack; but could have been far worse.

Minor menu derp with forgetting to equip the Running Shoes on Locke before heading to Vector, requiring an extra menu trip after entering the Magitek Factory.
Really fast escape from Ifrit/Shiva with no deaths.
Good Number 024 battle with Rune Edge steal and winning before it woke up.
Menu can't be opened until Cid reaches the elevator but you can still move, so I like to follow Cid while mashing the X button to get a few steps in.
Perfect Number 128 battle with the Shoat strats, due to petrifying both arms and getting the 1st AuraBolt & Drill off before Number 128 hasted itself.

Sealed Gate Cave/Banquet
Fine Terra levelling segment - no failed Locke escapes and only 1 extra encounter had to be forced for level 20.
Missed a Commando steal, though I don't think it matters for the runner's route.

Thamasa/Espers' Gathering Place
Pretty good burning house flames luck, with avoiding 3 battles in the 1st 2 rooms and all of them in the 3rd/4th.
Nice 1st try White Cape steal on Ultros, which allowed an easy win before Ultros' buffing turn.

IAF/Floating Continent
Mediocre IAF ATB luck - a lot of healing/revival was needed and only 2 Spit Fires died to Ramuh.
Really fast Reverse Joker Doom on Ultros 4 with minimal pause buffering.
Good FC battles with quite a few pre-emptives and only 1 Ninjas encounter.
Bad ATB on Nerapa meant no Condemned skip.

Solitary Island/Tzen
Unsuccessful attempt to manipulate the fish patterns ended up costing quite a bit of time - a definite heartbreaker.
Good Tzen battles with Celes escaping without damage from all of them.

Figaro Basement/Daryll's Tomb
One of the scarier sections of the run for random encounters due to only having 2 characters, but the worst here was Sabin getting confused and whiffing a Smoke Bomb.
Solid Tentacles battle - I don't believe Sabin getting killed by Bio cost any time (Celes needed to use the last 2 Ice Rods).

Tower Preparations
Lost some time to encountering Doom Gaze and having to revive Sabin/Setzer.
Suplex hype!  ᕦ(° Д°)ᕤ
RNG seed manipulation guarantees a fast Cactrot battle for remaining AP instead of a slower Hoover (which gives XP and can create a risk of a Doom Gaze party wipe).

Kefka's Tower/Final Battle
2 inescapable battles - neither was too problematic.
Few deaths in random encounters - happens when you enter the final dungeon at level ~15.
Slower Joker Doom on Inferno, but at least Atomic Ray didn't interfere with the Slots RNG.
Saved a turn on Tier 1 thanks to Gogo having enough HP to survive the Thunder Rod
Good luck on Tier 2 with no Diffuser or other attacks that would have killed characters.  Opted for faster/riskier strat of using Reverse Joker Doom without killing Tools first.
Bad luck on Tier 3 with Sleep casting Merton, but swapping the Force Shield onto Gogo may have prevented a heartrending death to Calmness.

Audio/Video quality is excellent.  Run uses 2 resets for RNG manipulation - I'm indifferent on if SS and SS w/resets should be separate SDA categories for FF6 (resetting doesn't really allow you to do any tricks/skips that aren't possible without - it just reduces the amount of randomness in the game).

Overall this is a really strong run of a highly technical game (made even more so by encounter manipulation) that also has a sizable amount of randomness - easy accept from me.  Other than the Veldt and Solitary Island, I didn't really see anything that cost significant amounts of time with the runner's route & battle strats.  I could see the time coming down further with new/better RNG manipulation tech, riskier strats (like a 5-character WoR route), or just grinding out more attempts; and huge respect to anyone that goes for it.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'LCC'!
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