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Single-segment Japanese v1.0 run with major skips

Verifier Responses

No cheating identified. Audio and video quality good.

Timing starts: 0:12
Timing ends: 6:58
Total time: 6:46

I wish I could beat The Creator in 8 seconds.

Skips looked legitimate. The whole run looks good. I couldn't find any inconsistencies. I love how some of the best runs come when you're not trying that hard too, but there doesn't seem to be any serious errors in the gameplay.


After playing around with v1.0, I can say that the glitches are repeatable, have some pretty wild consequences, and are ridiculously easy to accidentally trigger with common button presses. 

The run reflects a lot of careful planning and displays near flawless execution.  Menu work is tight and there is no excess tile movement except where noted to manipulate the RNG or to facilitate the 2-8 glitches.  The monster progression, including the use of stocked meat, appears optimized.  Battles are efficient (running three times from the Boneking was probably the faster alternative).  Very solid run. 

Audio and visual are good.

My best time estimate is 6:46.

The game appears to be loaded from a Gameboy Player and there is nothing to suggest cheating.  Tracking down a v1.0 cart was likely challenging in and of itself.

Verdict:  Accept!

Timing start: 0:12
Timing end: 6:58 (could be 6:57, but barely; the font is so fast ;w; )
Total time: 6:46

Audio/visual is good. No hiccups or other video problems seen in the recording.

After watching Puwexil replicate this run twice live, I can definitely say that everything in the run is repeatable. And messing up has dire consequences, as making one misstep can completely ruin the step counter for random encounters, thus destroying the run. The menu work is pretty well optimized, given the number of button presses.

Definitely very satisfying to destroy the Creator of the universe with the Saw, a glitch that was still in the US version of the game.

Great run to watch, even if I only understood half of was going on due to the language barrier. ^^;


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Ryan 'Poxnor' Vogt!
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Thank you very much to all the verifiers for taking the time to watch and comment on the run!  I really appreciate it Smiley
Sea of Green
Congratulations Poxnor! Putting that SAW to good use. Wink
Professional Second Banana
Haha, I see verifier #3 fell victim to the Puwoxnor/Poxwexil confusion that's been sweeping SDA of late.  Any/all wanton FFL1 destruction can be attributed to Poxnor alone. Cheesy
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Bahaha, here I thought that you were verifier #1 or #2, and verifier #3 just gave you away accidentally.  Nope, the curse strikes again.
Congrats Poxnor! After seeing this live various times, it's very impressive to say the least.
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Congrats Poxnor. Yeah the run is ridiculously crazy to watch live, from a well executed one to one where everything goes wrong with the step counter and you find some way to finish.
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Thanks rin and JackintheBox Smiley
Congrats Poxnor. Need to see the run.
+2 against silly
Quote from Poxnor:
Bahaha, here I thought that you were verifier #1 or #2, and verifier #3 just gave you away accidentally.  Nope, the curse strikes again.

The terrible terrible curse.

Anyways, congratulations! You thoroughly destroyed both the Creator AND the game. Glad to see the run finally got up.
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Thanks, ashe!

Wully: it's on YouTube ( Unfortunately, that's really not the same as having it up on SDA -- and not just because of the privilege of having a run on SDA. It's also because the run probably doesn't make a lot of sense without the submission comments, heh.
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I've been keeping an eye on this run in the SDA queue. I see that the official timing changed from 6:46 to 6:47. Two quick questions:

(1) I'm just wondering what I did wrong in the timing, so that I don't make the same mistake in any future runs; and,

(2) Would you like me to re-encode it with a 6:47 StatID?

Dragon Power Supreme
1) I don't think you've done anything wrong in the timing? I started it when the level started and finished on the final hit on the boss.
2) Up to you. It would be nice, but not all runners do so.. I could swear there was another example.
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I went back and re-timed, and again (like the verifiers) came up with 0:06:46.  I've attached a screencap from YouTube of the first frame (when control begins) and the last frame (when the final damage begins to appear).