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I am doing a run now, and am at don corneos mansion with a time of 1:01hrs. Do you think I can do it? Would it be popular?
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plz do not e-mail me, It is my parents email adress and they don't know im using it.
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saxman52: 2005-06-21 05:32:20 pm;action=display;num=1112011211

There was a rather lengthy discussion on this topic in the old forums. I plan on doing a run as well, but that's a little ways in the future. Concerning your time, I believe the general concensus was to be out of Midgar by a few minutes after 2 hours.

Go for it. If you can't post it on SDA, will probably take it. I don't think it matters who does a run, but rather, how soon a run will be posted.

Good luck and prop to ya  Smiley


Here's a link the speed FAQ on GameFAQs. This FAQ offers a wealth of info on speeding this game.
more keys then pablo escobar
theres a 7 hour limit i think... exception on ownage... i read this...
True, true. That's why I mention I don't think they have a time limit. Do they  Huh?
more keys then pablo escobar
isnt all the old runs and defeated runs from here?
I'm not sure, but if that's true, how come newer runs can't be posted.
more keys then pablo escobar
i dont think it is... i just think s=this site olds the world record runs.... when theres a run that beats the past run.... it gets deleted... and the new one stays here...but they both go to i realized has everything sda has... and more...
plz do not e-mail me, It is my parents email adress and they don't know im using it.

why not get you'r own e-mail adress?
Yoshi's eggs are at my mercy!

why not get you'r own e-mail adress?

Better yet, why not register? x]
saxman, your link doesn't work.but i had no trouble finding the faq. (gamefaqs regular).  8:19:05.  I'm not that impressed, considering that I have to get around 7:00 to be able to post it here. Also, why doesn't anyone do story runs? completing the game fast WITHOUT skipping videos? just a thought.
sorry for the double post, but does anyone have a trusty video capture card i could borrow/buy for cheap? I would pay to borrow it.  The reason I don't buy one is i'm low on money. why not send it to Nate?  two words: better quality.
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saxman52: 2005-06-22 04:18:49 pm
There's a topic about plot runs in the old forums, namely about a Final Fantasy X plot run. There's a link to a website that's working on one in that topic. Also, on a side note, in the Newer Consoles forum, the Kingdom Hearts topic has a link to a site that's selling a Kingdom Hearts plot "movie" on DVD for $40  Shocked Plot runs are a neat idea, but I don't think they'll be posted on SDA.

BTW, make sure to read the whole FF7 topic in the older forum,  because I remember some people finding tricks not detailed in the speed FAQ.

Don't worry too much about the time limit. Radix might accept the run, despite the time, if you ABSOLUTELY OWNXORS the game and if it's popular enough, which it most likely will be. I mean, come on! It's FF7!

On the capture card note, why do you need one? Unless you want to encode the video on your own OR you're playing the PC version, you don't need a capture card. I wouldn't worry about VHS transfer video quality. Nate's FAQ, which can be found in the SDA FAQ, has a wealth of info on how to record your run on VHS and get the best quality. Nate transferred a part of a run I did from VHS and the quality looked really good, better than I thought it would turn out. And, if you are playing the PC version, recording programs like FRAPS tend to botch up performance just a little. So either way, a little sacrifice must be made.

And it's FF7. I think people downloading such a huge run would forgive any lack in video quality  Wink
I think Final Fantasy 7 is the best singleplayer game ever, so I'd definetely watch it.