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FEZ (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment] [FEZ: No Clock Tower]

Verifier Responses

Quote from CyberBotX:
A/V good, no cheating detected. Lots of tricks and glitches, though. Really interesting route and a very nice run overall. I really couldn't see any mistakes in the run, and if there were any, I'm sure they were minor. Giving this an accept!

Quote from Vulajin:
A/V - Looks and sounds fine on HQ.
Cheating - Everything the runner does is possible, I've verified the route through my own attempts.


Village 1 - Optimal, gets both longjumps quickly. - Things happen, fast mashing, game crashes, lol

Village 2 - Ridiculously fast text mashing. Mostly optimal, a few minor losses here and there but they're extremely minimal (maybe 2-3 seconds total). Gets both Dot dialogue skips without problems too.

Waterfall - Avoids the double-grab on the vines getting to the door. Loses less than a second jumping and walking to the bomb instead of jumping directly to it. Perfect rhythm room (despite a very close call on one platform, and he still could have made the best cycle even if he fell there). Could save a few frames by jumping onto the last platform slightly earlier so he lands as it appears.

Bell Tower - Generally clean platforming going up the tower. We've found a few platforming optimizations in the subsequent areas since this run, but this is optimal for the route that was used at the time. I counted three corner grabs that could have been avoided, but platforming in this game can be finicky so that's a pretty acceptable number.

Arch - Incorrect perspective shifts getting to the door here, wasting around two seconds. There's also a new route for the arch area itself, but I'm not actually sure which one is faster. In any case, clean platforming except for one corner drop instead of a side drop from a platform. Also got a bad cycle at the top of the last section, but that's not really avoidable using the strats that are used in this run. (He has since found a way to get a better cycle.)

Tree - Slow vine climbing to ascend the tree, and a slightly suboptimal final mushroom jump costing around half a second. Slightly suboptimal platforming in the tetris puzzle, maybe costing 1-2 seconds.

Ruined City - Just to be clear, exiting and re-entering the QR wall room is not an error, it is required to make the secret code work. Getting black holes here is sad, he had gone so long it seemed like he might not get them at all. I counted one unnecessary vine jump and two avoidable corner grabs. There were also two unnecessary perspective shifts at the top of the final section, resulting in a little extra walking, but in general this section was very smooth.

Lighthouse - Backup strats for getting to the lighthouse in the presence of black holes could have been better - this cost about 2-3 seconds. The runner missed the door glitch twice, costing around 2 seconds, but this is a frame-perfect trick so I'm not too much of a stickler here.

Finale - Some hesitation on the code entry in the classroom, perhaps the runner got nervous. No comment on the warp gate room swag. An avoidable corner grab in the final area, but he catches the cube on a good cycle so it's not that bad overall. Game crashes again, and he walks out the door to victory.

Timing note: the last meaningful input in this game is pressing up to exit the door of Gomez's house, as everything afterwards is part of the ending cutscene (though you do technically have control, it is irrelevant and you can't stop the progress of the cutscene). The runner's time of 29:41 appears to be accurate using community timing. First control appears to be around 0:17 in the video, but I won't hazard a guess at SDA timing since there's a bunch of load screens to discount.


Judging by the small number of times I indicated that mistakes occurred, and the extremely small amount of time indicated for each one, you can guess how solid of a run this is. As the runner's notes indicate, there have been a lot of improvements to the route since this run, but for its time this was basically a perfect representation of the route and the speedrun of this game.

This is an easy ACCEPT.

Quote from HoboWithaShotgun:
The other verifiers covered everything pretty well. Not much else needs to be said.


few minor mistakes but very very acceptable

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Gaétan 'Gyoo' Young!
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