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Uilnslcoap: 2011-04-20 08:12:48 am
F*ckin' sanity effects...
I don't think there'll be another save in the comfort of the Roivas mansion study till almost the end of the game.  My segment plan going forward is like this:

Segment 7: Paul up until the 5-point dispel in the room with the dead custodian (planning to create 5-point spells at beginning of next segment)

Segment 8: Paul end, Roberto (all), Peter up to turning power back on (planning to create 7-point spells at beginning of next segment)

Segment 9: Peter up to standing in front of the boss door (short segment but need luck manipulation on boss and doing the 7-point creations/assigns is going to be a bear anyway)

Segment 10: Peter end, Edward through vampire (probably will save after entering the 9-point spell chamber the first time, maybe light up a couple of runes first?)

Segment 11: Edward end, pre-Michael Alex (save in front of the safe in the basement, want to be able to start Michael's tricky chapter quickly without going through much of the Alex rigmarole every time)

Segment 12: Michael

Segment 13: Alex up to the point where it asks you if you want to save before the Pious fight

Segment 14: Alex vs. Pious

ETA: hey spiralout, if you or anyone could help with the route in Alex's chapter near the end, I'd really appreciate it.  It's a matter of juggling when to use magic regeneration (especially for the creature-summoning room), when to use sprint stamina regeneration, and minimizing shield usage.  I think it's going to be a bit complicated figuring it all out.
Sorry, at this point you're kinda on your own (i.e. I'm not going to be any help at all, lol).  That's by far the most complicated part of the run, and I really don't remember enough to help you.  I put almost no effort into the scrub run, and didn't get far at all on the run I was planning on submitting.  You've been doing pretty well so far, so I think you can figure something out.

But yeah, Alex's chapter... a TON of spells are going to be used.  TONS.  I really didn't mess around with that too much, but that's exactly what you're going to have to do. =P
F*ckin' sanity effects...
Haha, that's fine.  I really would appreciate help from anyone, but I'll do a decent job on my own, yeah.  I think magic pool is probably the way to start, including the dispels, invisibles, summons, binds, etc., but I'll definitely try lots of things out.  I'm also wondering whether I should just go ahead and heal Alex's sanity all the way up at the start of her chapter with a 7-point green recover.
Edit history:
Uilnslcoap: 2011-04-30 10:08:01 pm
F*ckin' sanity effects...
This segment frustrated me so much.  I spent a good four hours shaving off two more seconds from my previous best attempt.  It's still got several annoying mistakes, but it would take quite a few hours to take off more time, so I'm going to move on.  12:39 up to the five-point dispel (hopefully sub-15 for the chapter altogether).

Mistake 1: running into the bell-ringing area the first time, I take a bad turn (this happens about a quarter of the time, guess I anticipate the camera angle change a bit) and have to re-adjust (this is one of the most annoying camera-angle changes in the game).  Luckily I end up oriented so I basically don't have to move when the custodian comes in to talk to him and start the cutscene, saving a little of the time I lost.

Mistake 2: grabbing the torch, I end up moving after I first examine, so I have to press B more times than I should to get back to it, doubt it comes to even 2/10 of a second lost, but there it is.

Mistake 3: grabbing the book of reliquaries, I mess up, have to re-orient.  This mistake aggravates me the most, as it was very avoidable.

Mistake 4: didn't get the quick camera cut on diary page 2 (near the bonethief and the song sheet).  Slow zoom, grrrrrr.  This mistake happens about a third of the time, it's very picky about where you need to be to get the quick cut.

Mistake 5: run the wrong way after getting the ruby and sword from Anthony...stupid Eternal Darkness controls.

Mistake 6: on the second time through the three-zombie hallway, I end up running into a zombie and have to re-adjust to go around.  It's pretty common to have to do this once in the level, but still, would have been nice to avoid all the shenanigans.

The Anthony fight isn't perfect (two missed swipes with the mace), but a little better than average (the game is very picky about where you are allowed to hit him from when he's getting back up from the first knockdown).

The Horror fight went perfect, though.  Timing when to stun him with the first head blow can be tricky.

Lots of other things went great, and I like my route as far as how much menu/inventory scrolling I have to do and when I arm each weapon.

I use the torch and not the sword in the narrow zombie hallways because (unlike Anthony) Paul has a very wide swing, not compact at all, so he just ends up hitting the wall with the sword if you try his horizontal slice (and you have to do two swings if you do overhead blows, making it inefficient either way).  Using the torch is a bit faster than using magical attack as well because usually you end up being able to run around the collision of one dying zombie in each hallway (which is what happened here), though one in each hallway ends up blocking you for a moment (after falling but before flailing).  This wait is less than you would end up waiting for the magical attack to complete and go off.

I can't tell you how much it amuses me to have Paul meditate in front of the unholy shrine (with diary page 3) to get his sanity back, like he's in supplication to Xel'lotath.

I equip the sword near the end of the segment because I'm going to kill the bonethieves (or at least one, but I think it has to be both) after the dead custodian near the start of the next segment to expedite Paul's exit.

F*ckin' sanity effects...
It will likely be at least another week, probably more like two or three more weeks before I put it all together (my kid's been sick with a high fever and it's been hell), but I think I have my route now perfectly set for Segment 8.  I'm going to have to use one more sanity recover than I thought with Peter before he heads down to the basement (guaranteeing no sanity effect right near the end of the segment), but I've decided to go fairly bold for the last half of the Roberto chapter and not make him any saner past a certain point.  Part of it is that you need to cast two five-point spells and not just one to guarantee Roberto won't see any sanity issues after he bottoms out.  Sitting there for ten runes lighting up is a drag, and it's a segmented run; gotta take the risk.  Unless I just find that sanity effects are happening more of the time than I thought when I bring the whole segment together (I've been rehearsing things in a staggered, separate way)...but I don't think so.

I thought I was just going to attack the bonethieves head on at the end of Paul's chapter, but it turns out it's better to hang back and use a magical attack than to rush in swinging.  If you just charge in, you will VERY OCCASIONALLY kill a bonethief and be able to run past the other, but way more often you're going to see them leap on your face.  Considering the annoyance of getting the 5-point spells right, it's better to to cast the attack, luring the enemies closer, run over to them as the attack is about to go off and get two hacks in to kill the rightmost bonethief, one hack before and one after the magic attack stuns the bonethieves.  Then with just a little bit of luck (enemy position is so damn random in this game), you can run past the other bonethief and onward.

Doing the 5-point spell creation and assigning all in one session is a pretty tough pill to swallow (the 7-point stuff is gonna be a nightmare).  I've written down every single move (how many times to move the thumbstick) or button press (how many times to press A, etc.) because I just find reading it off a paper and entering it as I go easier than memorizing it and watching the screen more closely (though I do occasionally make a mistake this way, at least it's the beginning of the segment).

I think there are going to be three sanity effects in the final product of Segment 8, though MAYBE only two.  One from casting the five-point sanity recover spell the first time (Roberto's head and torso explode), one the Sanity's Redemption teaser you see after finishing a chapter sometimes, and one is another of the "Pious-Disguised-As-Edward Talks to Alex" scenes.  The five-point recover spell torso-exploding sanity effect does seem to VERY occasionally not happen, but it's like 5% or less.  The Sanity's Redemption teaser is unavoidable given I decided to split the segments so they don't always coincide with chapters.  I tried for an hour or so to escape the study in time to avoid this effect, but I haven't been able to, and in fact, bringing up the B button prompt on the door seems to trigger the teaser.  In addition, if the B button prompt is on-screen when the sanity effect starts, it takes a LOT longer to load the teaser than if the prompt is not on screen.  The Alex-Pious/Edward scene is as unavoidable as they all are.
General Kong - Bullets and Bananas
Sounds good Uilnsicoap.  Definitely putting in a lot of work, but it's looking really good.  Can't wait for the next segment.  Keep it up and I hope your kid feels better.  Smiley
I've been putting this segment off, a little burned out on the game, I think, but also really busy with work and kid.  And generally a little put off by the idea of getting the spells and the bonethief escape followed by all of Roberto and a little Peter.  I think I might just have the next segment either be just the spells, or maybe to the end of Paul's chapter and back to the study to escape the Sanity's Redemption teaser for one more chapter.  Thinking the 7-point spells will be entirely their own segment, too.
F*ckin' sanity effects...
So here are just the 5-point spells as their own segment--a little bit of a punk-out perhaps, but it's necessary to get this run finished.

I tested to make sure finishing Paul's level doesn't help me with sanity effect issues in Roberto's chapter (it doesn't), and to make sure the Sanity's Redemption teaser still appears at the end of Roberto's chapter if I avoid it earlier by saving at the end of Paul's (it still does).  Escaping from the bonethieves after examining the custodian's body can be tricky, so I decided to save right in front of the custodian's body.

In the next segment, I will go all the way past restarting the generator as Peter (end of Paul, all of Roberto, beginning of Peter).  I believe I can promise you that segment will be not nearly so long in coming as this one was.

F*ckin' sanity effects...
There!  A real segment!  Smiley  See the Youtube page for in-depth comments.  Enjoy!

General Kong - Bullets and Bananas
Still loving this.  Keep going...  thumbsup
Great job Uilnslcoap!  That segment looked great and the run is coming along really well Smiley
The feedback is very much appreciated!  Thank you, guys.  Might need a bit of time to map out the spell assignment strategy completely (I may end up sticking to my original plan on the first page of this thread, but might change a thing or two); it will all come together sooner or later.

Next couple of (rather short) segments will be a) the 7-point creations (and first couple assigns) and then b) Peter's level up until right in front of the boss door.  I still have a little bit of research to do for these, but I don't think it will take TOO long before you see some results.  Wink
General Kong - Bullets and Bananas
I'll be right here on the edge of my seat.  Smiley
I have just watched the last four segments. Pretty good job. Sadly, I played this game a while ago and can't give you any useful feedback because I forgot almost everything about it. All I can do is encourage you to finish this great speedrun.
Thanks, Zeupar!  (as well as for the comments on the vids themselves)

I just have one more thing to check out before I do the 7-point creations/assigns segment and the Peter-up-to-boss-door segment thereafter.  I need to find out whether there's any point in assigning the 7-point shield for Edward/Michael instead of leaving it as the 5-point shield until getting up to Alex.  The only reason the 7-point could be useful for Edward is if it makes it possible to cast one fewer shield for the last encounter with the Vampire (killing him in the basement).  I have a feeling it won't help at all for Michael since magic is in such short supply for him even with a magic pool on.  Still, need to check.

I hope I will have the 7-point spells segment done this weekend.  The short Peter segment after that may be a pain because of sanity effects (you can just get away with no more sanity heals and have enough health left to sprint, but that opens up the sanity effect can of worms...will need luck to either hit no sanity effect or one that doesn't slow your progress, like the "Mute" sanity effect, which merely silences the game and puts an old-school TV "MUTE" on the screen), but my route is all set.
F*ckin' sanity effects...
The 7-Point Spells.

nice!  favorite run im keeping track of right now Smiley  keep it up!
F*ckin' sanity effects...
Didn't take as long as I thought it might!  Very short additional notes on Youtube.  The next segment is gonna be a fan favorite I think.  Might really take several weeks or a month 'cause things that happen in that segment echo all the way to the end of the game and I need to research.

F*ckin' sanity effects...
Oh and UCpro, I can easily return the compliment, since I'm waiting on tenterhooks for every upcoming PoP: SoT segment (and I'll say so on that thread when you put up Segment 6!).  Keep up the good work; can't wait to see the next segment!
F*ckin' sanity effects...
Some things I have learned recently:

No shield for the first encounter with the vampire...faster to dodge attacks and get two bullets in between his swings, though of course a trifle riskier.  (The first bullet always misses him, but I only need four shots to hit him total 'cause it's a seven-point enchant on the revolver, so I'll have to dodge his attack twice...missed shot, swing, two landed shots, swing, two landed shots.)

Once I'm using the sword on the vampire, I'm going to use body blows on him rather than swinging for the head...takes just as many hits either way and body blows are a touch faster on multiple swings in a row.

I'm going to do six of Edward's nine runes for the final part of Segment 12 and start with the somewhat riskier last three for the beginning of segment 13 (which will go up to Alex standing in front of the open safe in the basement, I believe).

You need six shotgun shells for the final encounter with Pious if you use a seven-point enchant once the idol/artifact is destroyed (you HAVE to use an enchanted gladius up to that point to make the whereabouts of the idol/artifact known and to damage the idol, not even an enchanted shotgun will help at this point).

I need two more pieces of information before I can proceed with attempts for segment 12, but I won't be finding out tonight.

1) Is there any way to quickly/efficiently dodge the zombie in the hallway after exiting the study for the last time after Michael's chapter?  Or should I have the shotgun armed already and use it on him (and if this is the case, does it make sense to use the shotgun on the trapper in the upstairs hallway in the mansion just before Michael's chapter?)?

2) Is it faster in any way to use the pistol instead of the shotgun on trappers in Alex's chapter?

The answers to these questions will determine what ammo I collect in the basement during segment 12 or 13: if I find the pistol is better for trappers, I'll just need one stash of .38 ammo (since I have all the shotgun shells I need for the Pious fight already in the gun) which I'll grab in segment 13 before opening the safe.  If I find the shotgun is just as good, I'll need one box of shells, which I'll grab in segment 12 after using the lucky penny on the fuse box.
F*ckin' sanity effects...
Well, it only took me a week to find out whether revolver or shotgun was the winner...revolver it is (so that means picking up a cache of ammo for the revolver in segment 13).  For one, it means one reload instead of two (since I would have had to reload the shotgun with a couple more shells before the Pious fight), but it also means one fewer weapon equip because I have to switch to the gladius (via enchant) for the first part of the Pious fight (and I already equipped the revolver anyway...glad I didn't make another tactical error there since I already needlessly armed the sword in Paul's chapter before I knew you could get past the bonethieves near the end of the chapter without killing one or both), AND you can re-aim and fire the revolver just by releasing and then re-pulling the R-trigger...for the shotgun, you have to move (even just slightly) to interrupt the "shotgun cocking" animation after each shot.

All this might have been moot if you couldn't get past the hallway outside the study right after Michael's chapter without combat...but you can.  It takes a bit of luck to snake past the second zombie without slowing down at all (I think it's a bit under 50%), but it's at the start of a segment anyway, so that's fine.

Sorry to tease anyone who checked into the thread hoping for a segment...but I *HAVE* to share my progress.  I'd really like to have segment 12 done this weekend because I go out of town the weekend after and might not have any weekday evenings to work on it, but it might take longer (even a couple weeks longer) than that (it's a sometimes-tricky, approaching-20-minute segment)...we'll see.
F*ckin' sanity effects...
Segment 12 done!  Almost entirely happy with it.  Glad I got it done before vacation even if I had to stay up till all hours.  See Youtube for more comments.  Enjoy!

Route all set for segment 13.  Getting up to the room with the light puzzle in Michael's chapter, then saving.  Turns out you lose the equip on the revolver after using the pickaxe (in Alex's portion), so I'll have to re-arm it anyway.  Blah.

Worst risks are right near the start of Edward (running blind between a wall and a 5-point damage field that a guardian sets up) and near the end of Alex (running back to the foyer, it's easy to get trappered before you have a chance to shoot the trapper in the hallway, need luck).

Hoping for a time a bit under 8:25 or so.
F*ckin' sanity effects...
Part 13 complete.  Just 3 more to go.  Couple of embarrassing mistakes, but also some great moments too.  Enjoy!

just watched your last 2 segments....great job!  this run is coming together nicely!!