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SS any% run

Verifier Responses

The audio is good.  The video is good.  The cheating is NOT THERE BECAUSE PJ DOESN'T NEED TO CHEAT

Sorry about the outburst.  As you might have guessed, I'm pretty excited to see this run so close to SDA publication, which is a funny thing to say about a recording of Dream TV.

The run is really well-optimized, especially for a game that nobody else runs or even really plays.  I can't even guess any places where the route could be improved.  The few "mistakes" involve hesitating a few seconds too long while trying not to get killed very late in the run.  Meanwhile, the runner pulls off some risky strategies that probably save more time than those mistakes cost.  The semi-blind charge across the last room of the second stage is the fastest way through, but it will kill the run if the player gets bumped by a fish or frog or whatever while he's on the ground.  The strategy for the third boss looks easy, but getting hit at the wrong time or not landing in the boss's nonsensical window for chasing after the player will cost time relative to the safer strategy from the runner's last submission.  The movement pattern in the end boss fight is actually quite aggressive given how big the player ship's hit box is.

I could keep going on and on about all the ways the runner saves time, but I'll stop there.  The run comments cover things pretty well.  Anyone who hasn't played this game should know that everything the runner says about the game being cheap and the controls being stiff is absolutely true and maybe even understated.  The three or four people who have played the game will be impressed by the speed and precision with which the runner is able to play through it, and then even more impressed that the runner was able to make anything in this game look precise.

Accept, please.

Quote from same:
Timing:  player 1 first appears in the level at frame 1792 and the final shot hits the end boss at frame 53351.  That gives 14:20.

I can safely say the audio/visual is fine and that there is most definitely no cheating to be found in this run!

Dream TV, a tale of kid 1 and kid 2 on an adventurous quest to uh.... what are they even doing?

Either way, broken up into 4 stages this game is not very long at all, it is however painfully difficult to play. I'd almost regret mentioning this all those ages ago, but PJ has once again made great work of it.

Stage 1, plenty of kid 1 and 2 action, kid 2 doing most of the work while kid 1 dallies about doin whatever it is that he does. Puzzle and key collection is optimized to a t. Bees are scary by the way, they'll eff your day up without hesitation. I've seen poor kid 2 decimated by bees more times then I'd like to count. The dragon boss here is a joke, wonky hitbox or not it goes down like a wet paper bag.

Stage 2, ah Egypt, land of teeter totters, terrible puzzles, and levers. Any historians super awesome fantasy! Or not, this, aside from the final probably has the most confusing and obnoxious layout, it's also notable that it's VERY easy to permanently screw yourself out of a puzzle piece in this stage if I'm not mistaken. I'm always impressed with how both characters are utilized to their fullest potential...even if that potential is riding in the others pocket and breathing in lint for a few minutes! The boss here is also a complete chump, nothing more to say.

Stage 3, I think this is my favorite level to watch, mostly cause for a vast majority of the level kid 2 just sits outside soaking up the sun while kid 1 is stuck to explore dusty old caves and horrible forests. I honestly even wonder if these guys are friends or if they're just mortal enemies stuck together. Either way the path through this level is incredibly optimized in my opinion and makes for a great watch. The boss also has a good bit of hilarity as the fastest strat to kill him kill yourself.... it just gets weirder by the second.

Stage 4, ladders, tubes, spaceboards and even better a puzzle piece hidden behind the foreground. If the devs didn't want you to finish this game they were doing a damn fine job with this level. I do love the gigantic jawfish guarding the yellow light switch and puzzle piece though, he's a pretty nifty guy. Not much else to say about this level honestly, other then great job on the runner's part.

Final boss, world's largest hitbox versus world's smallest hitbox! The fight of the ages! Or just the worst final boss ever, it's quite possibly the slowest fight ever and the single attack the boss fires is completely incompetent at everythng it does. PJ makes each shot count and takes the boss down swiftly, which is no small effort.

Definite accept on my part, a great run for a game that never needed to be run!

Audio: Good
Video: Good
Cheating: Nope

The only thing I feel the previous run lacked was adequate air humping.

My misgivings were assuaged.

Decision: Accept

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Patrick 'PJ' DiCesare!
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This game got a better run than it deserved. Good job PJ.
Oh man, this made it through verification!  Major thanks again to all the verifiers, especially to verifier #1 from last time.  I was able to improve my old run by a whopping 56 seconds, which is far more than I ever thought possible.  I'm really happy with how this turned out, and although I know nobody really knows the game enough to appreciate the small optimizations, the praise here made it entirely worthwhile.  ^_^

I do encourage others to play through this game at some point.  I say that not just because I ran it, but because it actually is a pretty interesting game.  Once you get past how stiff the controls are and how unnecessarily ambiguous some of the puzzles are, it's actually a rather fun game.
train kept rollin
Quote from Tranquilite:
This game got a better run than it deserved. Good job PJ.

PJ's specialty.
My feelings on The Demon Rush
I just watched the run, and all I have to say is, "them one pixel jumps."
That jump ruins me.