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Truljin @ Twitch
Seeing as we have some skips already I believe we should put them in the same thread.
Here are some findings so far, will post more afap.

Leaderboard: http://www.speedrun.com/d2016


Rip & Tear

Know Your Enemy


Beginning of the End

Argent Tower

Into The Fire
Nord - Quick Button & Skip 1 Mandatory Fight

Nord - Skip the Yellow Skull

Nord - Skip more stuff

Nord - Random OOB

Hell on Mars
BT - Gauss Cannon Skips

Nord - No enemies & Demon portal skip (Seems to happen when you do the Gauss Cannon skip, open the door and then keep going on the outside as in the run)

A Brighter Tomorrow
BT - Big Fucking Skip


Titan's Realm

The Crucible

Nord - OOB WIP

The Well
Nord - Potential Skip

Nord - Potential Skip 2

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drMalcom: 2016-05-19 02:06:45 pm
I don't know whether this is common knowledge already but there is in invincible mode that can be useful to explore maps.

- Open the console. On a Qwertz keyboard it's the key under the Esc key ("squiggly chapter" symbol), it's probably the "tilde" sign on other keyboards.
- type God
- close the console using the same key
- Hit Enter to dismiss the warning

There are a lot of hidden commands / cvars, some of which would be really useful but I can't figure out how to use them. There is a "cheat mode" so I guess I'd have to activate that first. Some other commands: listCVars, listCmds
Argent facility (destroyed), skip to train. I couldn't reproduce it in the video, but you get the idea. Very inconsistent.
Pretty much all the talk is on discord channel (link on speedrun.com)
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You can find more skips on Nord's Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/lillbrorsan
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1337: 2016-09-11 03:14:46 pm
I like the Arcade Mode. Boring parts are automatically skipped and you're only equipped with weapons that are available up to that part of the game (so you're not super overpowered like in NG+ IL). And it shows the timer in the top left corner.
I can't find anything about the Arcade Mode on speedrun.com/d2016. Are people not interested in such runs?
You can ask them on their discord channel Wink The invite is on speedrun.com/d2016 forum.
oh i love it