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Pew pew pew.
What would that entail?
just someone i can talk to about speedrunning for information
Is it critical it's an interview? (You said "talk to") Perhaps you could tell us something more about your project so the right people can recognize themselves.
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Tobias70: 2017-05-26 11:29:57 am
its a project for school about something you're interested in.  so i just need someone who can explain the basics that qualifies as a primary source
actually how about I ask some questions and then you guys answer them?

What influences your choices in games?

Is it a competitive sport?

What motivates you to do speedrunning?

What Skills have you learned?
Speedrun http://speedrunslive.com
I'll answer according to the questions

1. There are a lot of factors that make you running the game, the most common is "you love that game, you finished a lot of times and you need a better challenge" other factors are, popularity of that game or register that game into a website that isn't found like speedrun.com but i think the 1st one is the main one.

2. Speedrunning is a hobby for me, i'd like to take this as a how far i can go with my abilities on mashing buttons, reactions and of course, learn a lot of things that i didn't know into an specific games that i thought were a total lie. I take this as an opportunity to learn in how works the game and increase some skills on me like memory.

3. Answered in the 2nd. Just for hobby, learn and enjoy the game as far as i can with and of course, something more special is share mi knownledge with other runners about X game so we can improve the times and of course making the game more interesing and harder for finishing as fast as possible.

4. Memory (good for math calcs) manipulation (how works the RNG or luck into an specific game) reactions, i'm sure there are more, but these for me are probably the best description Smiley
Do you still need answers? I didn't get the notification for this for some reason.
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Donald001: 2017-09-26 09:29:51 pm
Donald001: 2017-09-26 09:29:35 pm
I have no idea.who can tell me?