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I would like to say that I feel the Diablo 1 speed run needs to be removed from the site. Not only is there some sort fo script being used to make the entrances right next to the exits on each level, The creator also used the Duplication Glitch... Neither of this were intended to be part of the game, Therefore I do not feel that this run can be considered Legitimate, nor should it be posted as the fastest run on the site. Speed runs are supposed to show someone going through the entire game, And i feel that this was not the case.

Just my two cents.

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Fucking Weeaboo
There are a few runs where scripts are allowed on PC games, but the cases are few and far in-between.

As for the duplication glitch, glitches are made to be exploited.  If you watch a lot of the runs around here, we do that.  It may not be intended to be part of the game, but it is.
Using any glitches is legal. See, for example, the speed runs for the games Stalker, Half-Life and F.E.A.R. All of them include the moments than the player uses the some glitches and walk throu the walls. I think that 50% of speed runs use the glitches. So using the glitches is normal.

But I think that the fact that the entrances appears right next to the exits is some kind of cheat or even a game patch.  Angry
Lay waste to everything...but I still love SDA!
No cheat, multiple save files and map manipulation. Something like in D2, where runners can check the map before running the game.
Yeah, the glitches indeed are there to be abused.

Is the dungeon manipulation explained somewhere? Also, does he use macros or does he just have really, really fast and precise mouse and key movements sometimes while casually slow otherwise?
Verified verifier and hangaround :)
I was among the people verifying the game (I think, I've done quite a few) anyways, I know for a fact that I was able to duplicate both "glitches". I know you mention the stairs trick and it might look a bit strange but it's fairly easy to duplicate. Also the dupe-glitch has been around for ages.

You didnt notice the mana-shield glitch than gives you eternal life, when your life goes negative with a mana shield on? - Those 3 are prime examples of glitches used in the game to skip ahead incredibly fast compared to a "normal" game.

Also, the people verifying the speedruns often have to replicate the glitches to make sure, it's not some external program running a script or something like that, another good example here is the "skipping windows" glitch in Deus Ex that took me almost 5 hours to replicate when I was verifying that game, just to make sure I was able to make it.

Me being able to make it without any scripts or external programs = everyone's able to make it without external scripts or programs running.

Just a hot tip from a fairly reasoned verifier Smiley
Quote from Alpha:
Neither of this were intended to be part of the game
That is not the defining qualifier by which SDA validation is measured.

If we applied such a rule to all runs on SDA we may as well simply remove all existing records. As most of them have been accomplished by playing the game in a way not really intended by its creators.

For reference, see, amongst others:

All these runs have been verified and validated. All these runs are legitimate according to SDA rules and regulation.
"Fairly easy to manipulate."

Its clear by the verifier's post that he is not familiar with this game.  If a gamepost like this is accepted,  the logic and method behind the "luck manipulation" needs to be documented.  Having an extremely rare item drop on 1 of 2 chests you open is ridiculous...
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It's called reloading saves. If you keep trying enough, it will happen.

The Diablo run on the site is legitimate. There's no further discussion needed.
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Quote from Guest:
Having an extremely rare item drop on 1 of 2 chests you open is ridiculous...

Groobo is a ridiculous runner, and I mean that in the best way possible.
The run can still be cut down by nearly half a minute (as if I had any free time). Thanks for reminding me.
Hey all, I was wondering if by any chance any of the old segmented runners would be willing to answer a few questions of mine Cheesy (or if anyone can get a hold of groobo, ive tried to no avail)