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Dead Space (Any %) (Segmented) (Impossible)

Verifier Responses

Quote from ShadowDraft:
A/V: Great quality
No cheating detected.

Is this really a segmented run? Gameplay wise it's really well executed but I can't tell if there's a cut at any point. Still a very impressive run through the game with just a few small mistakes. Final time should be somewhere around 2:22:25?

Anyways long story short: Accept!

Quote from AquaTiger:
A/V looks good, no signs of cheating.  Some might accuse the runner (who I will nickname "Sahail" for the rest of this response, considering that's what they carve into the Hydroponics deck with the Plasma Cutter during a story section - yes, the scene took THAT long that carving someone's name into the wall cost no time whatsoever) of cheating due to the speed at which they do things.... as someone who's done speedruns before, I contend that Sahail drilled this until things went beyond memory to get apparent reflexes that high.  (Yes, I say this even though it's supposedly segmented.  Assuming that's accurate, Sahail obfuscates the segmenting with editing and I don't see a way to download run comments for this particular submission, so I can't say for 100% certain where the segmenting happens.)

The first thing that hit me full force about this run is something that really frustrated me when playing the game myself: Dead Space babysits you way too damn much, stopping the action a ridiculous amount to explain things or try to tell the story.  I can feel Sahail's veins popping from HERE with this.  Sahail is, however, very effective at working with what little room the game gives them for speed.

Sahail does a lot of shoe-gazing while running.  Two theories on this: lag reduction and watching whether enemies are getting too close for their path to work.

One decision by Sahail that did throw me for a loop was bothering with the Pulse Rifle.  A speedrun would have less resources to use for upgrades (hell, the runner has more use putting schematics and sources of money on people's heads) and Sahail focuses upgrades on the Plasma Cutter, so the Pulse Rifle remains in a state where you might as well be shooting spitballs at the Necromorphs.  While it DOES get used as a weapon quite a few times, that above mentality otherwise seems to be exactly what Sahail really plans for the Pulse Rifle - shooting at enemy legs to get them to move and pegging crates with the weapon's high ammo supply.  It's more of a utility than an actual weapon (notwithstanding the fact that you could say that about all guns in this game, lore-wise).

Also, Sahail seems to have fallen in love with their Kinesis module, considering that they use canisters as impromptu rockets a LOT and seem to prefer pulling all of their pickups rather than going to them.  The former is useful for conserving your ammo and quite fast at killing Necromorphs if you can do it right, but you pretty much NEED high reflexes for the latter to come up as a faster way rather than just a lazy way - I've already addressed those reflexes.

With all I've said, there's really nothing I can say that's negative about this.  So I will end this out by explaining what the hell goes on in Chapter 12, as I understand it.  There is supposed to be a long story scene involving Kendra after you've delivered the Marker.  Sahail found a way to skip that scene that requires very low health, but did not want to risk having that low of a health meter for the final boss fight.  As a result, an intentional death is performed with the Line Gun to get all of that health back.  The death costs probably 10 seconds at absolute maximum (realistically closer to 5), whereas the cutscene skip saves 2 1/2 minutes or maybe even more.  Even when you consider that Isaac stumbles like a drunkard at low health, this approach was thus a significant net gain.

Final Verdict: ACCEPT

Quote from Uilnslcoap:
Chapter  1/2: fight starting around 22:20 is pretty fun to watch.  Play has been generally excellent thus far, minus a couple of minor flubs.  Line gun mines are so awesome.

Chapter 3/4: The dance to kill the tailed creature with the big centrifuge thing (around 33:20)…so good.  Mine plant near 33:50 for use on the big tentacle is clever.  This is all really well optimized by my eyes so far.  Visits to stores and gathering of items usually near unskippable “cutscenes” (really doors that say “Stand By” and the like)—one great example is going forward to activate an unskippable cutscene and then going back to gather items in the previous room…good consideration of time-saving.  Use of stasis and explosives lying around is good too.  Finally took a hit…38:05.  Asteroid-shooting is well-practiced.  Enjoyed the mega-jumps in zero grav heading to and from the asteroid-shooting game.

Chapter 5/6: Another hit at 54:45…unacceptable!  Smiley  Leviathan kill is good.

Chapter 7/8: Aha, those power nodes finally come into play.  Plasma cutter and kinesis fully upgraded.  Whoops, took a hit at 1:18:29.  Flubs continue to be minor, few and far between.

Chapter 9/10: Man, that one really long room in Chapter 9 I always thought of as the hardest in the game, and it’s dispatched with apparent ease here.

Chapter 11/12: Time for a super-long escort mission (the Marker) across two chapters.  Oh, didn’t realize you could skip that cutscene right after the dropoff near the end.  Then a purposeful death.  Then the MOST EXCITING FINAL BOSS EVERRRRR.  Just kidding.  Left, right, left, right, left, right, fire.

This was very well-played almost all the time, and I saw no evident cheating.  Staring at floors and nicking monsters in the foot with bullets to scoot by them and barely get through doorways in time, great stuff.  Accept.

Quote from HoboWithaShotgun:
Alright, finally got around to watching this run and all I have to say is holy crap you're good. All the other verifiers summed it up best. Easy accept from me Smiley

This run also confirms my suspicions that Sahail is a true Dead Space god

Quote from peachyzora619:
A/V is good.
Gameplay is amazing.
I see no cheating.

Congrats to the runner. He/She definitely put in the time to make this amazing to watch. The timing of store and bench visits has really been thought out, and the movement is so fluid that it seems like the runner could possibly do it blindfolded and still have little issues. (I am not saying that this should be done as the aggression among the necromorphs can change a bit).

I did notice probably a few turns that may have gone past their marks but they only accounted for about half a second or so here and there.

All in all this is an incredible run and it is really hard the believe that it is segmented.


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Jehuty'!
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First thanks so much to all Smiley

Quote from ShadowDraft:
That's weird, all my dead space runs are single-segment
about the time: I didn't even put the title-card since I have no idea what must be the total time.
RTA is bad idea because the load time are faster on PC and varies depending on each computer
and IGT have a little trouble, I did a suicide on chapter 12. on runs with deads we should use RTA.

Quote from AquaTiger:
At the point on chapter 6; I'm not running low of amno, so I always put my name on that wall. memorize everything possible is something I always recommend but; in this case is very very usefull memorize also the script of the necromorph's moves: for example when cut their legs, do for instinct the next shot of the any arm "that kills really fast" and save amno.
Sometimes I discard the pulse rifle and use the Force Gun, but the rifle can do both works, distract enemies and open distant boxes and with proper care the  ammo required is minimal.
About chapter 12:
Dead space 1 have 3 skips "as far I know".
One on chapter 5 "The Quarantine on 0:58:01" can just not happen and go to the next room: In case of skip - saves about 1minute
Other on Chapter 9 "The Quarantine on 1:45:12, can save about 100 secs.
And the last on chapter 12: but this one implies that the Black bruthe, Kendra & Hive mind won't appear.
There's no problem with less enemies and conversations but; if the last boss don't appear just can't complete the game.
The only way to fix the Hive mind's useless is restart the escene,, use a save and reload the game or "faster" do a suicide.
This is single-seg run, on a segmented run all skips must be including due the reset posibility, I had luck with the cha12 skips and all these can occour on x360

Quote from Uilnslcoap:
The hit on 1:18:29 is a trick, I can't get out of that corridor until kill the infector, the grab make a little glitch that allow me go trough the infector's body without kill it Smiley and yeah,, all final bosses of dead space are so easy.

Quote from HoboWithaShotgun:
Thanks, there's also another 2 runs of ds2 to watch. A improved Hardcore run and NG+ zealot

Quote from peachyzora619:
Thanks peach, this is not segmented run, I did a mistake in the submit procces I guess.

But can someone give a tip to set the time?
I really have no Idea, RTA and IGT have some useless in the case of deaths and faster load times on each chapter.
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
And just like that, all three Dead Space games are now on SDA (or two and a half considering Dead Space 3 is the DLC  rather than the full game).

All the same, Congrats on a successful verification!
XCOM Timesheet:
Haha, verified as a segmented run and it wasn't even segmented. Great job Sahail!
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Jehuty: 2014-05-14 09:32:14 pm
Quote from MAS8705:
And just like that, all three Dead Space games are now on SDA (or two and a half considering Dead Space 3 is the DLC  rather than the full game).

All the same, Congrats on a successful verification!

thanks, also the 3 Games are on SDA, LivingLooneyBin have a accepted full run of ds3 but even not listed yet is obsolete due the new skips that he found.
Get over here!
Quote from sahailaway:
First thanks so much to all Smiley

But can someone give a tip to set the time?
I really have no Idea, RTA and IGT have some useless in the case of deaths and faster load times on each chapter.

Congrats on the great run.

For my time I used Wsplit to cut out all the loading zones as far as I could. I assume it's the closest to SDA timing aswell. Smiley