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Dead Space 2 (ntscus) (xb360/ps3) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Survivalist ] [New Game+]

Verifier Responses

Quote from sahailaway:

A/V:okay; not desyncs.
Cheating: None
Gameplay: Is a good run and everything looks good at first glance, but there are several minor mistakes and some big mistakes cause the runner didn't perform some skips  and others stuff to save time like using the checkpoints.

00:05:24 He can move through a shorter path by just pushing the weelchair, Is justa example but is possible save one minute in the whole video just avoiding run in the center of the route)

00:12:55 Is not neccesary to kill that enemy but on zealot mode I guess it can kill with one hit; but is NG+

00:15:30 not sure if it was error finger, or indeed the player was disoriented and required locator

00:17:25 no livingLB's skip "chapter 2 drop"

00:18:39 I possible save few seconds in the run using the detonator in the spots where the last enemies will appear.

00:24:40 here there's other trick in the train that he didn't use; this trick is from "osey889"

00:22:54 detonator can short the procces.

00:32:50 here I made a strat to avoid any confrontation with the stalkers, works even with 3 steps-hack.

00:36:48 It could take the liberty without gravity to fall right front of the panel instead of walking to it.

00:39:27 Detonators in the last puckers can give the option to go directly to wait until the door gets unlocked. is like wait until the enemies die automatically.

00:47:10 that power battery took a long time; also u can launch it to your back view just cancelling the kinesis trayectory.

01:02:57 jus like the power battery you can grab the body and throw it without moving the camera by stop pushing the aim button.

01:30:41 wrong route

01:38:10 Use of the Locator again even front of the tram

01:53:40 there's a new LivingLB's skip that saves about one min but wasn't executed.

02:09:30 The laser's maker room can be succes in one step if you go near the center, with a full upgraded force gun that is not problem.

02:21:00 There's a blind spots where u can get trough The Ubermorph without stop your route

RTA is 1:20:37 "from the first control of Issac until the last story input"
IGT should be displayed at the end. (since there's no skips or glitches IGT should be used)
Without considering the lack of skips is a good run, but with the correct strats is possible complete ds2 under 2:15:XX on zealot ng+ mode.

summarizing  there's no reason to reject the run c:

Quote from osey889:
A/V fine nothing wrong
No Cheating detected but it should be noted the Hacking suit is a DLC costume thats not on PC.

Gameplay is solid with decent execution for this game mode where the environment is more likely to kill you. Notice several moments where things could have speed up or there was  wasted time such as using stasis on objects that don't need it or that even affect it. The Invsisble Train Glitch is absent from this run that saves a few seconds.
Note that the skips that Sailhailaway mentions from looneybins skips are not possible to do on a Console and should not count against the runner.
I do agree that because the runner didn't do any skips,checkpoint abuse,or die during this run that IGT should be shown.
Overall watchable run but there is room to improve when NG+ makes all fights trivial that the effort to push for riskier strats should be the focus. The Laser room alone could save 30 secs.
RTA timing i got 2:20:37 as well

Decision: Accept

Reason: Kind of a borderline case. It's well played for the most part, but there seems to also be quite a bit of easy time to be saved by implementing already known strats.

Congratulations to 'ModSquad'!
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