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Crash Tag Team Racing (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Good run, remember watching it live. Few small mistakes but nothing major and of course, it destroyed the segmented run.

Video: Good
Audio: Good
Cheating: Nope

Very nice run, no cheating, good audio, and good video. Accept Gloop!!!!!!

Seems ironic that just as the segmented run got posted, a newer and more effective run comes along to make improvements.  Since my other verifiers scratched the minimums, allow me to explain how this run had improved on the current.

There are two different things that are done here: The first is farming for coins during races.  In the current run, the runner focused on completing the races fast, where as this runner spent the good majority of the time during the races getting as many KOs as possible.  The 2nd is the use of carefully well completed jumps (glitches) allowed the runner to bypass the requirements to complete the game.  Whereas you would need to collect power crystals in order to collect power gems, the run was able to get into the 2nd world without the need of the first power gem and was able to get the 2nd power gem without having to pay the required power crystals.

Because of this and a well executed performance, I have no problem in accepting this run. 

My only other concern is if this make the current segmented run obsolete due to the "requirements."  This could be in comparison of Mario 64 where runners have discovered ways to bypass the 70 star requirement and beat the game with 16 stars or even 0.  Where the current segmented run had the runner collecting 65 power crystals to finish the game, the current run only has the runner collecting 47 before finishing the run.  Personally I won't mind it as much if the segmented run has to be taken down, but I would like to double check the rules just to be sure.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Peter 'PeteThePlayer' Tissen!
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Thanks to all the verifiers for taking the time. A youtube mirror is also here in case you don't want to wait for the run to be up:
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moooh: 2013-03-31 05:49:44 am
I don't see any consensus regarding the category for this run and we need it resolved before we can move on with this run.
Is skipping the power gems in this way considered a large enough skip to warrant a separate large-skip category or is it minor enough to fit within a regular any%?
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
Since I was the one that brought this to question, I should be the one to state my case.  As I said before in my verification post:  "Where the current segmented run had the runner collecting 65 power crystals to finish the game, the current run only has the runner collecting 47 before finishing the run."

When I posted this, I was looking at the Bypassing of requirements to complete the game.  Because the current has the runner going through to collect all 65 power crystals in order to unlock the power gems, whereas the accepted run bypasses the need to collect the first two by using the said skips, only needing to collect 47 crystals instead of 65 and shaving 24 minutes off the current run.

I know it may seem as though that I'm trying to save my run, but I don't want it to look that way at all.  Times get beaten all the time and newer more effective runs get added to replace the older ones.  My outlook at the "categorization"  as I mentioned previously would be almost like Mario 64 where you have the 0, and 16 stars to which different things were done in order to complete the game, and that is how I am currently viewing this.  Of course, I'm not one to say how runs get posted, but it is something that should be properly addressed.

One last thing, I don't mind saying that PeteThePlayer outdid my run, and I'm sure if he did a full 65 crystal run, he probably blow my run out of the water.  I completely forgot to congratulate the runner. Congratulations on a great run Pete. Smiley
Mario 64 is a very special case and probably not suited to use as a comparison for this case. That game has one extra category over those that could be mapped to low/any/100% due to a large demand in the Mario64 community.

What we have here is that we can theoretically have an any% and an any% with large-skip glitches co-exist. The question is if the gem skip would be considered large enough to make it count towards a large-skip category or if it's considered part of a regular any%.
This is unless 65 crystals are already counting as 100% or so, I don't know if this game has a 100% definition or not already.

Kindly looking for input from more people as well.
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
I know.  I just want to place in my two cents as well since I brought this up.  As for the "65 crystals counted as 100%" that wouldn't work since a 100% run would inquire the runner to do all the races, sides races and mini games to get all the crystals.
There is a proper 100% definition for this game. I have no idea if the used skips are enough to split this up into two different categories. I just skip myself through the beginning of the game, not through the whole game itself. I don't mind either decision.
Generally things tend to fall into the large-skip category if glitches tend to skip entire levels.
Since this does seem to skip an entire world at least it seems we should treat it as separate.
Split the categories.