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Conflict: Vietnam () (pc) [Any %] [Segmented] [Easy]

Decision: Reject

Reason: Too many mistakes for a segmented run of this type and more segments (instead of one per mission) would likely have resulted in a lower time.

This run will be available for a month. After that these link(s) will no longer work.
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Conflict: Vietnam () (pc) [Any %] [Segmented] [Easy]

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Soliduz Znake: 2017-01-14 04:18:38 pm
this one seems fairly simple shoot and run but also this doesn't look like any FPS where ignoring enemies instead of gunning them all down is possible. will come back once I'm sure on my decision.

edit: question for the runner. I noticed most of the time the camera is at gun sight mode, is it faster than over the shoulder camera? if it's the opposite then I'm not sure if it can be passable.
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LotBlind: 2017-01-16 12:23:30 pm
COMPLETE for now

I noticed the video has an unusual aspect ratio (according to VLC), 1280x738. I've asked our encodes specialist about this. I think I can see there's a little bit of extra black on either side of the screen which can easily be cropped away so should be no problem.

I can't see a difference in movement speed when looking through the sights. It does make movement a bit clumsier though. I would like to know a few things though:
1) Do enemies always spawn randomly, or does their A.I. cause them to move around randomly so you can't always be sure where they're coming from? Were there any places where you could maybe have left a team-mate standing on a spawn point (i.e. giving them the order to go to a specific spot)?
2) Can this game be saved mid-mission?
3) How many retries did you have on average?
4) Why aren't you assigning points to the different soldiers? Would they really not make any difference at all? Do they affect only the bots' abilities or also yours if you're controlling that character?
5) Did you think about using grenades to take out mines in some places?

I think you could have saved more time by segmenting more (if you can save within a mission), at least being able to manipulate how much health everyone is left with and not having to stop to shoot as much.

22:55 - should you have shot the mine first, then applied medkits?
43:15 - did you lose time because you didn't destroy the sampan right ahead sooner?
47:30 - unfortunate frame drops here
49:22 - here you could have switched to a different soldier to get back outside faster? You could even have told one of them to wait somewhere near the exit? Or maybe the same soldier who picks the statue up has to deliver it to the old guy?
59:00 - Do enemies in this mission spawn in only after the previous wave is cleared? Or is the whole thing on a timer? This mission is particularly bad on the framerate.
1:04:00 - This mission has better A/V as you say but I can still see frame issues... or is that the game?
1:05:05 - Getting these medkits could maybe have been avoided with more segmenting (I'm continuing to assume it's possible to do)? I can't tell if you lose a lot of time to that though.
1:06:32 - Very small mistake but again, could have been avoided with segmenting. Same with 1:06:53 (hitting the mine faster).
1:11:43 - Do you move faster when hugging the river bank?
1:32:00 - What is this tank??? o_O
1:32:55 - Minor improvement here would be to park the tank facing more to the right so you're closer to the entrance when you hop out.
1:34:17 - That's a badly designed vehicle Smiley
1:35:00 - Hitting the wall with the grenade looks kinda ugly here.

So yeah the idea with segmentation is you segment "as much as it takes to show how well everything can go in theory". It's typically more than just once per mission, unless the mission is on a timer or trivially easy. We want segmented runs to look as different as possible from Single Segment runs. Just to give you an example, mission 10 could be split into segments like this:

1) Freeing all the prisoners and reaching the jeep.
2) The jeep ride without stopping (shoot at the mines blindly, avoid hitting anyone).
3) Passing through the big ambush without stopping for so long (maybe even just running through while shooting?)
4) Clearing the last area fast.

And the whole time you would also have to manipulate how much health you're left with. It's difficult to say how much is enough and even a segmented run will have to stop for extra supplies sometimes in a game like this with huge amounts of RNG involved in keeping everyone healthy.

But maybe you can't segment after all? I'll wait for a reply. Если не понятно что-то, ты можешь ко мне обращаться и по-русски.
There are plenty of detail unusual it is hard to understand. Though LotBlind covered a fair amount.

1) is it possible to switch between characters instead of reloading so that each soldier would have a full clip? Example is when a group of enemies are in front and reloading does lose time when being gunned down in suburb mission before last chapter.
2) at the end of chapters where checkpoints/LZ are why wait for the Bots to arrive instead of switching to them so you gather the team faste? Or is it not possible for faster time?
3) in one mission, the runner mentioned about despawning enemies. Can this only be done in that mission? Why not other missions if it saves time?
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spartaque12: 2017-01-17 04:11:18 am
hello guys , sorry for late response
Soliduz Znake
fps and tps have same movement speed.
about questions
1)yes u can switch between characters , but i think its not save much time
2)no reason to take bots manually and arrive to squad
3)it works only in some missions

about questions
1) yes enemy spawn only in certain points , and if u get in enemy spawn position , enemy will despawn , and yes if i left team8 on spawn pos , enemy will despawn , but on level 12 they have another spawn on roof so it wont work
2) u can save anytime , even on end of level , depends of difficulty u have saves
3) on couple levels i got 30+ retries , on average its like 15-20
4) assigning points giving soldier skills so they giving difference , one of the useful skill its medkit , i dont even test the other skills but im pretty sure if i increase skills for other team8s , they and me for sure gonna be more accurate 
5) yes sometime i use grenade to explode mines , but in general i shoot them
about more segmenting - ye its seems like be better idea , maybe in future i can do ideal run with more strats and other

about timing:
22:55 ye ofc i need to shoot the mine first , its my mistake :/
43:15 no i dont lose much time on that area , its scripted area , btw i dunno my mouse just fucked up on this mission , u can see how scroll glitching to taking medkit :/
49:22 maybe yes , sorry i didnt even test that :/
59:00 yes they spawn like wave
1:04:00 yes at this point i started recording with winxp and bandicam , ye its seems like game issues , when i recorded i saw every time stable 60fps
1:05:05 ye i loosed little bit time , i should give order to team8 to take medkit , sorry 4 mistake
1:06:32 ye with segmenting i can to that faster for sure , but i segmented whole lvl
1:11:43 yes , in water movement speed decreased
1:32:00 its real m50 ontos m8 ,
1:32:55 ye it can be more faster , again mistake :/
1:34:17 its soviet tank t-34 which strongly helped to win the WW2 , dont say pls that he badly designed :/
1:35:00 bad aim tho xD

about your advice's
ok i give a try to do segmented 10 lvl , also should i record how i save ?

ЗЫ: я так понял тут люди хотят максимально идеальный ран?
еслиб я конечно об этом знал я бы позамороченей подготовился и вышел бы даже из ~1:30-31 наверное
я ж просто начал на виртуалке вин7 катать , потом решил отдельно поставить 7 и все-равно на ней лагало , потом поставил xп и все было идеально + решил проблему со звуком , бандикам чето тупил
у меня просто небыло цели сделать идеальный ран , но тут я так понял нужен идеальный ран , не так ли?
1) If you left a guy standing on a spawn point (in mission 12 for example), would that force all the enemies to spawn in from the same location? That would probably help wouldn't it, at least if you can keep up with shooting them fast enough. Is there any mission where you can cover all the spawn points for a certain wave of enemies? I wonder what would happen then...
3) Even 30+ retries isn't that much actually...
4) Why didn't you assign skills to your soldiers then? Or maybe you did that in-between segments? You have to do it within the segment because using the menu is timed (up until you've entered the save menu). You do it first, then save afterwards. Also if you were allowed to assign points before the first mission, it would be good to show that part too even though it's not timed.

1:34:17 - well I meant that it has something attached to it that causes it to explode when shot at. I don't know anything about tanks or warfare...

Да, дело в том, что на этот сайт, и во-обще, мы хотим, чтобы все раны отличались друг от друга как можно больше. У нас есть категории Single Segment и Segmented. Чтобы они исполнили каждая свой роль, по правилам сайта нужно бы разрезать ран в много частей и, как ты и понял, показать зрителям как быстро игру можно пройти, когда все происходит практически 95%-100% процентно удачно.

К тому же этот ран неидеален по качеству видео и звука, которые тоже считаются здесь очень важнымы. Но эту проблему ты, видимо, уже поправил.

Спроси еще, если нужно. Ты можешь в будущем оставлять на форуме в новом thread (если не существует уже) клипсы с несколькими первымы миссиями, чтобы люди могли тебе давать советы. Пытаюсь сам бывать в этом thread. Кроме того, что предлагали тебе попробовать, и сам пытайся найти еще какие-то хитрости! Если бы и найдешь, то не может кто виновать тебя за лень )

Just explaining some of the site rules there. So this isn't bad for its segmentation, but it can also be clearly improved in many missions by segmenting more. With the A/V problems there's no choice but to

reject for now
1)okay ill try 2 do my best in new speedrun
4) im not assign any skills of whole run , in this game u cant assign skills before mission only after

if u dont know russian , dont need to translate , its looks kinda weirdly , like my english Grin

ok gonna practice 4 new speedrun...
Sorry for the late reply. I'm going to give it a weak Reject. Going with LotBlind and I expect a more improvised speedrun. Goodluck.
(he means "improved" Smiley )
davai as in come on! go faster Tongue
Decision posted.
okay guys i improved time -10 minutes