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Cat Planet (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment]

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I have two complaints about this run.

The audio and video quality could be better. The audio is stuttery, and the framerate is slow in spots. Plus the desktop shows at the beginning of the run. May have been a good idea to post a quality test in the tech support forum.

Second, you have an unintentional death at the end of the run which lost a couple seconds. I know it didn't lose too much time, but it's pretty noticeable due to the shortness of the game.

On the plus side, the control is really solid. The runner has clearly practiced a lot, and they use the wall bounces really efficiently. Really the only noticeable mistake is the death at the end.

The run is a second faster than the run currently on the site, but this run uses death abuse, while the other run does not. From that I would have expected more time to be saved over it, but I guess that may have been lost in that unintentional death.

This is a tough decision. Watching you play, I really believe you can get a better run, one without that death. Also I would recommend posting in the tech support forums so you could have a bit of help getting a higher quality recording, because this site's main redeeming feature is how high quality its videos are. I'm not going to outright reject it though, as it is a solid run, so I'm going to have to vote neutral.

I'd love to see you keep trying, and get a run with no unintentional deaths Smiley

Quote from CyberBotX:
A/v is alright, although it would be nice if the video had been cropped properly and the desktop wasn't showing at the start. No cheating detected. This run is a 1 second improvement over the current SDA run and has death abuse. It looked to me like there was 2 unintentional deaths, but I can't be sure if the first one at the end of the lava caves was intentional or not. There are also some minor movement mistakes. Overall, the run is pretty good otherwise, but it seems like movement could be optimized a bit, even with the game's floaty controls. I'm willing to give this an accept if something can be done about the video, such as cropping it to just the game.

Quote from bangerra:
The desktop is ugly edition/recording.
One bad unintentional death.

Very good gameplay during the rest of the run.

Decision: Reject

Reason: Unintentional death and A/V issues make this a tough sell. Recommend the runner post in the tech support forum to try to improve recording quality, and go for a cleaner run..

This run will be available for a month. After that these link(s) will no longer work.
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I guess I better keep trying then!

I'll post in the tech support forum too, but I'm not sure how much can be done. I don't think it is possible to start the run fullscreen, as far as I know.

Some stuff about cat planet:

There was only one unintentional death: the one at the end of the lava was intentional to skip to the next platform, though it could have been done better. There are a couple other places where this can be done but I don't do it because it saves so little time and is risky because if you die before going to the next room it kills the run. There it is the safest.

The unintentional death was bad, but actually not the worst mistake in the run. At 1:00 I miss that cat by accident and have to get it on the way back. Luckily I don't flinch and make it look intentional by getting it on the way back, but it wasn't and lost at least a second. At 2:10  I missed a cat again and lost a couple seconds getting it, because I don't go back to that room in the run. There are a few other areas where my movement could be improved too, and under 4:20 is definitely possible. There is also a glitch I have found that saves probably just under 2 seconds, but I have only gotten it 3 times, the first of which was by accident, and the other two I messed up later in the run. I try it every run though, because missing it doesn't slow me down at all.

The main improvements I've found to the previous run is death abuse and bouncing off things. Bouncing is fast, turning or waiting to fall is slow. I have a sort of motto for this game: "The fastest way to go down is to go up, the fastest way to go right is to go left, and the fastest way to go left is to go right". Unfortunately the fastest way to go up is to go up, not to go down.

I haven't actually played this game in a couple months, but I think I'll come back to it soon and it won't take me too long to get back into it. A lot of things did go right in this run that don't go right in my other runs, so we'll see if I can avoid the mistakes I made here without making new ones.