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I tried to reproduce that several times on emulator, the rebound you have to get to hit the boss after taking a hit must be almost perfect. Very (too much?) hard to reproduce. And risky of course, as you have to get hit.
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polarity: 2013-03-12 02:54:40 am
polarity: 2013-03-12 02:54:16 am
14:03. very sloppy stage 2 and dragon fight and i messed up the clock quick kill a bit. couldnt get the audio to sync so i just put the most annoying music i have on there. goal is probably sub 13:50?

Hello, i'm new on castle of illusion. This is my first speerun. I've a question about the first boss (the tree). There is a way to force him tu spin only one time after being hurt? I can't find the way to have the best pattern.

Thanks in advance.
I seem to get the best luck if I stand far away from him, facing the other way, and not moving untill he stands still.
Though that may be all just superstition, because he's still random..
Yes, it's what i'm thinking.
Now i try to figure out the jump over the wall in the fifth level (the one with the screw). When we have to jumpt on the green ennemies to jump over the wall?. I can't get that jump...
You have to wait untill the second part pops off, and stomp it to get up. It only works when it goes high, so it's a 50/50 trick. Kinda sucks that far in the run, but what can you do.
Polarity, what timing are you using there?

Here's 14:19 from difficulty select to end of control.  I wasn't aware you had a 14:03, holy crap!  Thought 14:18.85 was it.

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Mephistus: 2013-11-28 12:25:43 am
I managed to get 14:23 using the same timing as btrim (difficulty select to end of control)

Little late but yeah I use the same timing as you guys

i reupped my wr video so i could remove the annoying music. here is the vid

im thinking about getting back into running this game but i use a mac now and i don't know if there's a decent sms emulator. if not i'd have to buy a capture card + console + crt which i would be willing to do but would have trouble funding for the forseeable future.
also i'm not really sure how comparable emulator and console runs are so someone might want to look into that since my record is on emulator
The difference, if anything significant, is definitely within 20 seconds, so it definitely doesn't matter at this point.  It might be worth looking at seriously if I get a 14:02 or something, but that's likely a long way off.
Pretty sure the SMS emulation is over 99% accurate. The only real advantage you're getting on emu is choice of controller.
Both SMS and Genesis controllers are impossible for my hands (which I circumvented by modding an NES controller to work with the SMS).

It would be nice if we could get a run of this on SDA though, which would require real hardware. I'm not sure I'll be picking this game back up anytime soon though.. So many different projects right now.
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Mephistus: 2014-03-13 07:07:18 pm
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I got a 14:04 yesterday. Probably because of my flawless Clock fight, and taking all of my mistakes in consideration, a sub 14 is definitely possible.

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btrim: 2014-03-22 10:31:55 am
btrim: 2014-03-21 10:31:36 pm

Sub-13:50 is very possible

Bad forest (second-best pattern)
Good Toyland
Bad Dessert Factory.
"Perfect" clock tower
Good library
Good castle, incl Dragon and Witch.

This was mostly the clock tower.

I probably need to time the difference in routes at this point, as I think doing Library then Clock tower may save a little time over my route, and it's at that point.

I probably won't swap those two until after SGDQ though.

Eventually on to 13:45 I guess?
Oh man, sucks that the first part of the castle was a bit messy so you had to wait for the weights to drop down.

I'm calling it 13:49.

Good castle this time, bad other levels.

One of these days...

of course i wasnt recording or streaming Tongue

i dont expect anyone to respect this, but i couldnt not post it lol
welcome to the goob show
~13:49 my best recorded run
For what it's worth, I believe your 13:40.1 but I don't respect it ;-p

But nicely done.  I can see the seconds you lost in the library in your vid.

New Dessert Factory strats courtesy of KrazyRasmus.

I'm annoyed that I missed a cycle on the Book, and missed a ceiling jump there too.

I've been doing the superbounce strat on the A in the library on occasion, but I'm just not consistent enough to have thrown a PB away so I stuck with the jar strat.

I can definitely get a better run, but at least I have a PB with the right route.  Fastest recorded time btw :p

F*ckin' sanity effects...
Maaaaan, that was good.