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Odylg: 2015-06-05 05:51:19 am
Odylg: 2015-06-04 11:56:03 am
Odylg: 2015-06-04 11:49:41 am
I run this here hotel of an evening
The reason I restarted was because I didn't encode the videos properly. That and I wanted to choose the highest difficulty this time. I'm now starting segment 4 and I'm ahead of the other run by 11 seconds so far.

Wait, what non-obvious trick?

EDIT: I'm on mobile, writing a guide would be painful. I could type it out on my laptop but no internet means I can't post it

EDIT2: segment 4 is done. Got it on my first try too. Too bad the next segment is hell
Do you encode with Anri-Chan ? Because you can get the video size pretty small that way. Uploading them to Youtube would definitely make it more convenient for me.
Edit history:
Odylg: 2015-06-05 06:40:59 am
I run this here hotel of an evening
I was running the file through power director to bring the size down. Look at the vid I posted before.

Now I use yua for encoding. So much better. The vid I posted before is 1:04 minutes, LQ and is 46 megs. Segment 2 of my current run is 1:56 and 47 megs for a video that's IQ

LQ being low quality and IQ being insane quality.

As for YouTube, I never get past "pending" before the vid starts uploading.

I should mention I'm using fraps to record. Before I was doing half size because of how big the files would be after processing. Now I'm doing full size because the files aren't so big after the encoding.

Also I'm putting the statID
I can't quite tell if you're having A/V problems but if you are you should post about that (including showing one of your encodes) on the tech assistance sub-forum to make sure everything is cool.
I run this here hotel of an evening
Since I started using yua I'm having no A/V trouble. I didn't know about yua till the other day
46mb for a LQ 1:04 minute video is still a lot. For reference, a run I worked and that got accepted here has a video part that is 12 minutes in Normal Quality, size being 49mb.
And IQ being only 1mb bigger although the video is more than 50 seconds longer ? I can't believe that.

I use Anri-Chan, maybe you wanna give it a quick try. Just take a video of yours, put it in and let it encode LQ, NQ, HQ, IQ and check the sizes and related qualities.

Best regards
I run this here hotel of an evening
I tried anri-chan. I'm sure it's good, just a bit confusing for me. Yua  is good for me, does everything I need it too. I just wish I knew about it before
I run this here hotel of an evening
Quote from Odylg:
the next segment is hell

Called it.

Finally done with segment 5. Only took a couple hundred attempts. Encoding now.
I run this here hotel of an evening
Uh, what?
I run this here hotel of an evening

Apparently it's possible to move while paused. Timer runs though. I'm almost glad it doesn't save time; it'd be rather annoying to do/watch over and over.
Even if the timer stopped, it would still be counted manually. Did you check if this state changes anything, like how the enemies react to you, or something else ?
I run this here hotel of an evening
It doesn't seem to affect enemy actions/reactions. They'll still yell at you and chase you and kill you.
On a related note:

There are also some scenes where you can move during said scene:

More testing is needed to find other uses
I run this here hotel of an evening
Should I wait to upload the segments until I've finished the run or should I submit for verification segment by segment? Whichever I do, how should I go about doing it? Make a quality test thread and post them there? I'm still very new to the whole  process.
Submit the run as a whole when it's finished.
For the next steps, check this out:
I run this here hotel of an evening
Found another warp:

Too bad it's useless
I run this here hotel of an evening
K, so I've decided not to submit this. I've uploaded the segments I've finished so far to YouTube. Sorry this is taking so long :|

Segment 1:

Segment 2:

Segment 3:

Segment 4:

Segment 5:

Not sure when I'll be able to finish the run but I'll upload as I go. Still finding new things. Hopefully there won't be any segments as bad as segment 5 was. There probably will be though, knowing this game. I almost regret choosing the hardest difficulty, but it IS segmented, so I figured "why not". I can't even imagine trying a single segment run using these strats, even on the easiest difficulty. Really, a single segment run of this game using any strats is really impressive. And insane.