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Borderlands () (pc) [Any %] [Segmented] [Character: Lillith]

Verifier Responses

Quote from CyberBotX:
A/V good, no cheating detected. This run is pretty damn solid, the segments are well done, and the game is decimated pretty hard by the glitches used. It is an impressive watch and I'm giving it an accept.

Quote from AlecK47:
"Crouch behind cover by pressing ?INT?WillowGame.GameMappedStrings.GMS_None? .  This is a good way to be more protected while your shield recharges."
^This cracked me up.  Gotta love it when the game doesn't expect a rebind.

Also, could the runner do us all a favor and do some sidequests so that damned robot will STFU? Wink

Anyway, A/V good, no cheating detected.

In a segmented run, one hopes to see both meticulous planning and top-notch execution.  Both are present here in spades.  For anyone who has played this game for longer than a couple hours, the effort into getting good play and RNG should be obvious, and even without paying attention to experience, ammo and equipment, the level of planning here should be apparent.

I don't have any real complaints about the run, as such, but I do have a question:  is it truly necessary to kill the Rakk hive those extra two times?  I understand the usefulness of having the extra skills and health, but not all points are used against the final boss, and the last time Lilith is dropped is before these kills, so I'm not entirely convinced that having 0.8 or 1.6 extra seconds for each phasewalk is worth the nearly three minutes the extra hive kills take (not counting loads).  And again, I'm talking more about necessity than usefulness here.  It's not enough to change my decision - just the "strength" of the accept - but I can't help but wonder how much time might be saved and how much extra effort would be required to get a run without those segments (and manage XP for proper level up timing, of course).

Regardless, I give this run an accept

Quote from Youkai:
I, Youkai, declare this run to be “Pretty damn good!” It’s probably the run my run should have been. I’ll take the excuse that I ran the game first, and on console, and it was my first speedrun ever. After watching the run I noticed two things; 1) oh the nostalgia, 2) I’m so damn jealous of how tight the PC controls are.

The whole run is very well executed and the runner makes excellent use of save warps. Also the runner is on PC so he can abuse drop-reloading. Turns out with drop-reloading Sledges shotgun is so OP that you can use it for the whole run.

Some of the improvements in this run are due to new strats and some are due to changes on the PC. In partuclar drop-reloading makes the Skagzilla and Raak Hive power leveling significantly faster. The combigned length of the videos for this run is over 45 mintutes faster than my current run. I think it’s a pretty easy accept. Well done runner!

Here are some notes on a few individual segments.

Segment 1: This run starts off pretty impressive. The runner loses almost no time in the scripted portion at the beginning. They also manage to collect a rather impressive amount of loot while waiting. The fighting all goes real well too. The end the segment at a good time to skip a scripted event.

Segment 2: Well done on doing both the bandit and skag quest at the same time.

Segment 5: Very quick menuing. Runner gets the jump into the TK scene to save a few steps.

Segment 6: The runner uses a grenade jump/damage boost here. It saves a maximum of 1 second but kudos to him for doing it.

Segment 7: Umm holy crap. The 9-toes fight is pretty awesome. The runner uses a sniper they manipulated in segment 1 to 2-shot the boss. I literally had to watch it in slow motion to confirm.

Segment 8: Running over Bonehead goes real smooth.

Segment 11: Runner manipulates explosive bouncing betty grenades.

Segment 12: Power leveling round 1 starts here. Runner puts points into crit damage to kill the crabs easier.

Segments 13 - 22: The runner does power leveling a little different than I did especially early on. He resets as soon as he runs out of grenades not killing all the crabs. He doesn't get the nearby chests to recover grenades or get weapons to sell. Turns out the money from the chests is unnecessary since he only uses one guaranteed free weapon for most of the run. This results in a couple more segments but is definitely faster.

Segment 25: Runner makes good use of drop-reloading to destroy Sledge.

Segment 27: Good movement and getting to Sledge. Awesome sledge fight.

Segment 30: Holy heck; OP Skagzilla strats. Drop-reloading Sledge's Shotgun destroys super quick.

Segment 33: Respecs for experience boost, then starts destroying the car to activate it and get more exp from Skagzilla.

Segment 50: This is one of the sloppiest segments so far. The runner gets sent into Fight For Your Life twice. It's also one of the longest segments and there is a lot of forced fighting to get the booze so that is understandable.

Segment 53: Respec again. This time for damage and Phasewalk. Bomb jump into the CS to get extra distance; nice.

Segment 55: Nice bridge skip.

Segment 59: New way to get the car in the area for Taylor Kobb which is faster than the way I did it.

Segment 65: Respec for phasewalk cooldown and damage.

Segment 66: HAH! The runner gets an interesting jump just before activating a shop.

Segment 67: I feel like the runner might have benefited from a segment in the Salt Flats. It would cost a second to run to the car but from what I remember you can save at least that much by optimizing finding the 4 enemy vehicles. The Flint fight goes real well. Runner uses a grenade jump to get around an invisible wall and skip a fight. They get a little unlucky in how long it takes to send Flynt off the digger but it's still really good.

Segment 69: Runner makes excellent use of the Corrosive Bouncing Betty here to destroy Master McCloud.

Segments 71-73: Runner abuses saving to press the same button 3 times.

Segment 75: It seems entering Phasewalk either negates damage or vertical velocity. Either way the runner uses it to fall farther down than you would normally be able to and descend faster.

Segment 77: Respec at the beginning of the Destroyer fight for damage.

Quote from Judgy:
A/V : Fine (There's only a HQ version currently)
Cheating: None Detected
Timing: ehhhh....

Segment 1
Nice trick at the beginning, Routing here is damn good for opening the item boxes (for anyone who doesn't know EXP in this game can be gathered by completing challenges, Unlike BL2 where it earns Badass ranks and the opening of boxes is a challenge) killing of enemies went very nicely too, great opening Smiley

Segment 2
More boxes opened along the route, some ajustments in the planning of this run start the skags spawning earlier saving time and the enemies die quickly. all good.

Segment 3
Simple segment talk to Zed and get the power coupling, the seemingly random shot isn't he shoots at a skap pile and skag piles are considered 'boxes' which will 'open' if shot.

Segment 4
great menuing on both the vendor and Zed, more skag pile opening (explained above) run on towards the bandit camp getting some exp on route, bandits fall pretty quick the complience of hiding next to a barrel made 2 drop together, got lvl 4...nice.

Segment 5
Simple segment , run meet TK, run collect meat, run back, we do get to see the first example of phaseboosting where Lilith's increased speed from phasewalking is maintained if the skill is cancelled while in air (because of this EVERY phasewalk should end with a jump).

Segment 6
Again another simple segment, run to TK then run to Skag Gully nice little grenade boost downhill and a very nice boost when hitting the TNT plunger.

Segment 7
Beautiful, loved every second ... every second after 0:50 lol , great skip and ...Who the fuck is 9 toes he ain't got shit!

Segment 8
Good movement and use of the phaseboost, gets a free refill from TK upon levelling, which is instantly used, back to zed, more running, Gate climb is perfect little boost to reach the C-A-R station, small pause waiting for Bonehead to move into place, perfect kill.

Segment 9
Nice segment, gets the Airbourn achievement and exits the pit in a unique way haha, small driving problem after that but otherwise great segment.

Segment 10
very nice, to get that all done in around 2 minutes is impressive, kill chaining was executed nicely to get the "Conveyor of death" achievement and the attached EXP for it. I hate the note it has to be used twice and I usually forget to use it a second time... ¬_¬

Segment 11
not a lot to say .. turning stuff in and getting more stuff.

Segment 12
good farm, quick kills, sold some stuff.

Segment 13 - 20
More farming, was nicely done.
Seg 17: Dem OP Shotgunz

Segment 21 - 23
More framing , segment 23 is a transition segment traveling from the Lost Cave to Arid Hills, driving was good, speed was fast :P.

Segment 24
Genuinly impressed, was sat here thinking ... "no way can you get from the entrance to Sledge's in under 1 minute" nade jumps and special powers :P.

Segment 25
HOLY... Fast, Very Fast!, Impressed muchly I am. cannot spot a fault (maybe the turn around to kill the midget but who cares haha). great work.

Segment 26
Traveling segment, good nade jumps, phasewalk boosting was perfect driving was good/

Segment 27
Very good segment, grenades jumps were perfect, new routing saves 1 grenade. Sneaks in through the back and deals with Sledge up close and personal. great work.

Segment 28
did you know you can crouch behind cover by pressing "?INT?WillowGame.GameMappedStrings.GMS_None?." !? (probably also known as "C" )  #PinkSwag #WorthTheTimeLoss, Driving was good, bandit camp was good "Curse that Badass!!" *Shakes fist* cleared quickly with good use of barrels.
[The reason this is a maptransition WITHOUT a segment break is because the runner would be lost so its a long multi map segment]

Segment 29
Driving was great  the setups for exiting the vehicle save a bit of time so good planning, phasewalk section can be annoying due to getting caught on stuff but was a clear run. good good.

Segment 30
Great segment, collects bait, sets bait, murders Skagzilla, Drop reload to OP.

Segment 31 - 32
MELT x 2

Segment 33
Apply points into the middle tree to get intuition (+10% speed and +4% experience Per level) this is a kill skill however the runner (Your runner) is considered an enemy so killing it activates this skill.
More melting.

Segment 34 - 43
Seg 35: Not worried about the time loss for ammo ... it happens.
Seg 41: More crit, More pain

Segment 44
This segment is well done for what it is, the runners can be major assholes as far as complying is concerned and its sometimes completely down to RNG whether they run or fight.

Segment 45
Fantastic fight, Mad Mel dies quickly (and close to Penta's runner) on to New Haven, Short run around quest turning on generators, routing is excellent no slow downs.

Segment 46
Traveling segment (for the most part), driving was good, Fast travel location collected on route to allow respawn there next segment, Wall climb short cut done nicely, Bloated Rakk got his ass shot out. what more could we ask for? Tongue

Segment 47
Lol that driving, Nice trick Penta Wink not much more to say.

Segment 48
Kind of a grindy sections for this kill quest, route was good theres a big time save climbing the garbage up to the second layer instead of walking around. nice Smiley

Segment 49
Buy grenade, Hand in, not sure why the last 5 seconds of running was there? (have I missed something obvious? :S)

Segment 50
all-in-all good segment, NPC's can be a bitch and fuck you over by hiding everywheremaybe could have been better, but it could have been FAR worse #RNG

Segment 51
Quest turn-in segment, nothing much to say.

Segment 52
Travel segment, Good driving, Fast travel collected on-route, Gate skips went great, nice Smiley

Segment 53
Great segment, Nice Phasejump off the barrel for more distance, climbing up to krom was executed nicely, Krom Melted.

Segment 54
Quest turn-in segment, Good nade jump up the wall.

Segment 55
Traveling segment, good driving , bridge skip was beautiful, more driving. run run run, Taylor! #NotTaylorSwift

Segment 56
Great Jaynis kill here, trapping him against the wall and the ... thingy was either good planning or great luck, more kills for exp is understandable.

Segment 57
Quest turn-in segment, not much to say.

Segment 58
Quick quest here, nade jump was good, phasejump was long Tongue

Segment 59
Amazing Taylor kill, great luck having the turrets not spawn, the fence climb is much smoother than the older versions, SPLAT!!

Segment 60
Traveling segment, Nice nade jump to avoid running around.

Segment 61
good segment, Mostly running kinda boring Tongue , Rakk Hive went well shame about one knock back which sent Lilith under the canopy blocking the weak spots from view. a grenade jump there!? are you mad!?

Segment 62
Quest turn-in segment, nice nade jump.

Segment 63 - 64
Rakk Hive farming, Rakk Hive drops quickly both times for some nice exp.

Segment 65
Respec and traveling, good driving, not much else to say.

Segment 66
Nice segment, I liked the vendor jump to gain some distance haha, route was perfect, grenade jump was fine Penta is worrying about nothing. stay safe and hand-in the quest, nicely done. #FuckRNG

Segment 67
Long segment with many opportunities to go wrong RNG can be horrible with the runners but the pattern was alright, long way to travel between some but that's RNG... Flynt fight went well shame he didn't fly on the first shot but "third time's a charm".

Segment 68
Traveling segment, good driving, Penta likes the Back Door.

Segment 69
Quick run through the caves, Nice nadejump skip, the grenade melt is strong in this one! great segment.

Segment 70
Crimson Fastness was Crimsonly Fast, Great execution that turret charge was scary, nice work.

Segment 71 - 73
Run to the first tower and repeat.

Segment 74
Badass engineer "DO THE DANCE!!",  grabs some ammo and travels alot, does it well ... 10 / 10 would travel with.

Segment 75
Quick run-through segment, no real slowdowns i can see the large drop was pulled off successfully to avoid damage. very good.

Segment 76
Again another run-through segment, the phasejump at the start was great, it cuts off a long walk around which not only wastes time but is dangerous if your not in phasewalk. everything else went smoothly.

Segment 77
[Boss] Throw grenades, Sledges Shotgun [/Boss]

Yeah I spose its alright Tongue


A/V OK, no cheating.
In all a very smooth and fast Lilith run, very few mistakes, maybe a handful of seconds.


Quote from PeachWaldo:
A/V : Good
Cheating: None Detected
Gameplay: Overall solid execution, very few minor mistakes that were kept in due to other parts of the segment, such as good RNG.

I excluded the segments I felt didn't need any commenting.

segment 4 - minor mistake on the bandits targeting the barrel but other than that a solid segment

segment 7 - such. a. good. segment.

segment 8 - Bone Head's spawn point was pretty bad I feel but regardless a fast kill on him

segment 9 - a solid segment. The car tricks might seem like some time loss but it is quite minimal
                  considering the surface he was going to land on

segment 13-20 - extremely solid farming, every segment is about 30 seconds IGT which is required for
            your progress to save

segment 21-23 - more solid farming and a good area transition

segment 24 - solid movement through the area

segment 25 - clever use of the challenges to get a level-up bonus (+100% damage) although the midget
            kill wasn't completely perfect, it was still pretty superb
segment 27 - the manliest sledge fight I've ever seen and extremely solid too

segment 28 - very good spawns for the bandits, only one badass and no bruisers is pretty damn raresegment 31-43 - solid farming, nothing to really point out here

segment 44 - very good runner spawns

segment 45 - good krom fight, good movement

segment 46 - good driving and well executed shortcut

segment 48 - the badass spiderant might've slowed you down a bit but the xp from it was probably worth it

segment 49 - a solid segment, would've been under the 30-second requirement without the running

segment 50 - can't really avoid having bad spawns here but these were better than average

segment 53 - cute boost from the barrel, solid movement and kill

segment 59 - I'm guessing that was some manipulation with car movement to prevent the turrets from spawning,
            solid segment

segment 60 - pretty cool grenade jump to cut a corner

segment 61 - solid rakk hive fight, the few seconds lost in the segment 56 to get the right amount of xp
            for a level-up bonus in the fight really paid out

segment 63-64 - solid rakk hive farms

segment 66 - nice jump before opening the vendor, the grenade jump could've been a bit better

segment 67 - the bandit patrol RNG is real but you did a great job finding the spawns

segment 69 - pretty cool strat to block off the door, solid kill

segment 75 - interesting phasewalk route through the descent

segment 76 - solid movement through the area, sick skip at the start

segment 77 - very few improvements to be made on the fight, very solid

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Alexandre 'penta'!
Thread title:  
Thank you all for taking your time to verify and comment so well all the run. I didn't expect this, makes me very happy Smiley

Answering the questions:

Killing Rakk Hive is needed because there's a damage reduction formula based on the level gap between your character and the enemies. If went to Destroyer at level 29, possibily I would be able to kill it but at the expense of some extra time to do the fight, not to mention it would be much harder (maybe impossible) to survive the enemy damage in previous areas (because I would be at level 28 on those).

The booze segment could have been cleaner if I divided it in two, but it possibilly would cost more time to do so. This was one of the segments I didn't put a huge amount of effort due it's lenght.

Save and quitting in salt flats before destroying the cars was in my mind as an option but I gave up on it because the save and quit would take additional 10-20 seconds. But in other hand I would be able to polish that segment much more (being a very long segment was the main reason I didn't optimize more), maybe even compensating this time loss, it's a nice sugestion for future attempts of anybody.

The turrets spawn in Taylor's fight probably is movement based, I'm not sure but all the times I got there in the same way I did in the segment they didn't spawn.


Segment 7 is your favorite apparently :p. Oh well, mine is segment 9 Cheesy


Don't know what to speedrun :(
Congrat's Penta. That was a very nice run. I'll say again I'm very jealous of the PC controls. Drop reloading is so OP.
Congrats! Really liked watching Youkai's run so I'm excited to see this one and the differences of PC and Lillith.
Get run'd!!