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Blaster Master (ntscus) (nes) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Deaths]

Verifier Responses

Audio/video quality are fine - a bit of audio buzzing, but it's usually drowned out by the game audio.

Blaster Master is a game that's filled with platforming that's deceptively difficult to do quickly & accurately.  A lot of the long jumps have very tight windows to make without clipping a corner and falling, or getting hit by an enemy and losing momentum; and virtually all of them are nailed in this run (only real issue I noticed was getting hung up for a few seconds in one of Area 6's vertical sections).

A little disappointing to not see the Area 5 boss spawn glitch, but the runner's execution with the grenade-pause strats & luck with the boss's movement produced a fight not really any slower than one that got the glitch.

Overall this run is a significant improvement to the deathwarps run currently on SDA, due to the above along with more efficient deathwarp routing (taking some planned deaths by running through enemies along the way to take damage and then dying right next to a respawn point) and better Hover farming strats before entering Area 4.  Very easy accept - hope to see a new No Deathwarps submission soon too!

Quote from CyberBotX:
A/V is... ok. The video is good (by NES standards), the audio has this very noticeable buzzing which is typically overshadowed by the music, but not completely. No cheating detected. The run is pretty damn good. There are a few minor mistakes here and there, but some of the quicker boss kills and better death warping more than make up for it. Gotta give it an accept, even with the audio buzzing.

Quote from UraniumAnchor:
Handful of places where pre-jumping isn't used where the TAS does, so it's probably a minor time loss though I admit I haven't actually checked every spot

Area 1
Initial tank section is a tad slow but I can't put my finger on why

Area 2
Cruise control at the very start of the area is a very minor time loss due to slower acceleration

Area 3
That one shot in just did not want to give up
Excellent area in general, capped off by a great boss kill

Area 4
The climb out of Area 1 is a great example of why I do it a way that's slightly slower but far more reliable, that room is the 3rd hardest in the game to do quickly
I said this in the race but I love the hover farming strat that lets you get a death out of the way in advance
The only way that hover farm could have gone faster is if he'd gotten a hover from the first turret

Area 5
I have yet to figure out why swimming into the door in that particular manner makes the tile warp so much easier, but I suspect it has something to do with the velocity not being reset in the same way
Planning for a death (and resulting health refill) at the beginning of the room just before the Area 5 boss is really clever and I'm mad I didn't think of it
Bit of a hesitation just before the boss room (killing extra enemies), I still need to figure out what exactly pushes the game over the edge and makes the boss fail to spawn (due to sprite overload, presumably)
Good but not perfect luck on the boss, he moved around a bit (though I'm not sure it's actually possible to kill him before he moves even with the modified pause trick)

Area 6
The room at 18:30 is the 2nd hardest room in the game to do quickly but yikes that was especially unlucky
Hmm, interesting trick with pausing to reset the blocks at the end of the tank section, but I'm not sure it's faster (easier, certainly)
There's been some discussion that skipping the 4-power in the overhead section would save a bit of time, if you die (on purpose) one time here it means one fewer time dying to get back to the other side of Area 4, but I think the difference is less than 5 seconds at best
Every run needs to screw up the door pause trick at least once, it's some kind of law or something

Area 7
I'm not convinced the extra time to grab the hover is worth the minor time savers both on the way to and in Area 7, but I haven't timed it out and the difference is tiny
The block carving rooms are deceptively difficult to do quickly
Oops, more cruise control
Nearly flawless boss fight, could have stopped the pause a fraction of a section earlier but otherwise perfect
Would be interesting to figure out if there's any places you could die in advance and save one of the deaths at the end, but nothing springs to mind

Area 8
Nice trick using the window to time the landing, I'll have to remember that
No hover for Area 8 makes me a sad panda Sad
Ahahah you got the reverse clip on the DEADLY PIT room that's amazing
Really nice caterpillar spike room, hardest room in the game to do quickly
Nice boss fights to cap off a nice run (if you take damage you didn't kill him as fast as you could have, but it's probably a matter of frames)

A/V quality is mostly fine, as mentioned there's a slight buzz but most of the time you can't hear it over the game audio and if my old 41:23 can pass A/V quality so can this.

No cheating, much as I wish I could say there was. Just kidding.

Pretty clear accept in my book, but now I have to go and analyze it and figure out how much time the strat changes actually saved.

This is an awesome speedrun. It was a while ago since I watched UraniumAnchor's current run on the site, but from what I remember, the execution is roughly on par in the two runs. The time saved comes mostly from some new and clever strats. The only regret with this submission is that a well-documented run (both text and audio commentary) is going to be replaced by a run without any comments at all. That and the slight humming background noise. Not that it should stop anyone from watching this run though. Old-schoolers are in for a treat with this one.


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'ShiningDragoon'!
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oh right i meant to write comments and completely forgot >< well we could use UA's comments if you want haha. Otherwise i can still write something up.

Sent off file, not sure if its too late.
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I see the new comments in the submission queue - they'll go up with the run when it's published.
For information, ShiningDragoon improved his time shortly after this thread was posted. The new run was uploaded and went through a "verification light" in order not to start the submission all over again. Needless to say, the new run was also an easy accept.