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New Game, Normal Mode run

Verifier Responses

Okay I think Flicky's been patient enough.

Audio and video are good. The first 34 minutes are failed attempts and should be cropped out.

Prologue was okay. A bit shaky but there's been far worse.

Chapter 1 Verse 4 slowed him down a bit, but not too much. And he got hit toward the end of Verse 8.

Chapter 2: Jeanne trolled as usual, but the fight was still quick. Not sure why he fought some of the guys in Verse 2.

Forgot to buy stuff before Chapter 3, so that cost an extra load time. Actual stage went fine, nailed the shortcuts, though he was getting caught on the scenery a lot towards the end.

Chapter 4 was basically perfect. Great job.

Grace and Glory and a random trumpeter roughed him up a bit at the beginning of Chapter 5. Second Grace and Glory were better, but the moth guys after them trolled. He looked to have some trouble getting out of the third G&G room. Got the shortcut first try, very nice. Jeanne was being uncooperative towards the end.

Good job getting the skip in Chapter 6. G&G #5 gave him some trouble.

Tde beginning of Cdapter Eigdt, de was a little bit slow. Anh getting dit huring tde bike parts always sucks hick.

He dies during Verse 4 of Chapter 9, though he almost saved it. It's costly cause it's an autoscroller. He also gets flattened towards the end, but that's pretty hard to avoid. Nearly dies a second time on the boss. Good job avoiding death there.

Chapter 10 went well. Only hiccup was from G&G #7.

He was a little shaky at the beginning in Chapter 11, but the actual boss fight went pretty well.

Everything to the end is just fine, except for a platforming error during the final boss.

Final time appears to be 1:33:21. Let's just accept this run already.

Audio and Video are good.

I could not spot any cheating.

The real run starts at 34:08 (video)

The run is not perfect he get hit and lost time here and there BUT Overall this run is very high quality and way better then the Marathon performance.

Even if there is a good amount to improve this is totally in SDA Standards and fully Acceptable for a Single Segment Bayonetta run.

Also I he goes back to the Titel screen at some points to save time so this might be a SS with reset.

The final Ingame Time is 1:33:21 and a clear


A/V: The resolution is very small, is this to conserve file space? Other than the small resolution, the video is fine. Audio is a-ok. Also like everyone else said, the real run starts around 34 minutes in the video.

Cheating: There was none I could find.

The gameplay overall is very good. The combat strategies used were very good, and it looks like optimal combos were used for each situation. Durga mines are way too good, and Kilgore rocket kicks do absurd damage.

BTW, the stage 1 cancel to move faster looks really funny.

My only misgivings about this run is the shop error near the beginning, and the death. While both mistakes are ptetty major, I wouldn't say they're reject worthy. The death is a real shame because it looks like Flicky should have made that jump.

I didn't notice going back to the title screen to save time. I only noticed the runner quitting a stage so he could go to the shop.

Anyway, the run isn't perfect, and I'm sure there's a couple of better combat strategies that can be found, but I think this run is a good start and should be accepted.

P.S. I'm not sure we can use the in-game timer for this run because I don't think it counts deaths.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Lee 'flicky' Reeves!
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UraniumAnchor: 2012-10-07 12:18:27 pm
Not a walrus
Good, now flicky can stop complaining on TSSB!

About this, at least.
Quote from UraniumAnchor:
Good, now flicky can stop complaining on TSSB!

About this, at least.

Good addition.  Haha.  Congrats, flicky!
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About time we get Bayonetta on the site.  and just in time too before Bayonetta 2 comes out.

Congrats Flicky! ^_^
Hooray! I didn't realize you'd actually finished a run.
Neither did he.
Congrats Flicky! I hope there is text2speech audio commentary.
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I'm honestly surprised none of the runners even mentioned the Balder fight.

I may sound like a dick for bringing it up but it man.
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Quote from flicky:
I may sound like a dick for bringing it up but it man.


Also congrats.