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Battletoads (ntscus) (nes) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Co-Op]

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Quote from CyberBotX:
A/v good, no cheating detected. The only bad thing I could see in this was not getting no whirlwinds on Dark Queen, otherwise this run is pretty damn solid. All the proper mega warps are hit, the necessary glitches are used, and the 2nd toad is killed in just the right ways to make sure that the continue on Clinger Winger happens. All in all, accept.

Quote from Elipsis:
A/V: Looks good.

Cheating: I watched these guys live at AGDQ with my own two eyes and their skill is unparallelled.  This is legit.

Gameplay: My only hesitation with accepting this is that doesn't co-op normally have to be faster than single player in order to quality as a separate category?  I can think of a lot of games where a second player could be dragged around by a first could be its own category and is slower.

That said, the skill level required to pull this off at all with two players is bonkers.  Completely ludicrous levels of hard.  While there were some slip-ups on the clinger-winger boss and Dark Queen fight... it does little to detract from how amazing this run is.

Conclusion Accept.

Additional Thought -

There are tons of crazy-cool tricks going on in this run, some of them co-op only.  In my opinion you guys should take the time to do a nice write-up explaining some of the mechanics and how they were exploited before publishing.

Quote from PJ:
I had the pleasure of watching the recording of this run at AGDQ (with both of the runners present omg omg omg), and I accept this as hard as I can.  TMR and I put a bunch of time into routing this at last....SGDQ?  I thought those routes would be good enough to just push out a quick and easy co-op run in the limited time of a GDQ, but he and JC pushed this so far above and beyond that.  The run was incredibly well done and these two have really good coordination.  Very very smooth run until the Dark Queen, but I think that ending adds a lot of character.  Tongue

Omitting the "single player" glitch in levels 8 and 12 would save a small amount of time (or maybe not because of lag differences?  none of us tested this with Bizhawk as far as I know), but at the cost of making the run incredibly hard to complete.  It is far simpler to just let one person take over in those levels and do all the platforming himself, especially in such a small timeframe.

Anyways, this run is amazing and I am so happy to see a co-op run finally make it to SDA!  Fantastic work, gentlemen!

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Piotr 'TheMexicanRunner' Delgado Kusielczuk & 'jc583'!
Thread title:  
Thanks guys! PJ is right, it would be faster not to glitch to easy mode in stages 8 and 12. In fact, we even noticed on our last day at AGDQ that if we switch roles (Zitz carrying Rash), it removes most of the lag in stage 8 that Rash carrying Zitz causes, but we'd already had this run completed when we found that out. We're happy we got to show the glitch off at least.

Ellipsis, I do have a lengthy write-up, but I'm not sure if it's gone through. I can try to send you the file in dropbox. Co-op is unfortunately a much slower route than 1p for several reasons. We have no 2-minute turbo tunnel skip, the mandatory stage 11 game over takes 21 seconds to recover, we omitted several one and two frame jumps from the 1p route that just aren't worth the risk in 2p, and there's quite a bit of lag. Aside from that, even if none of these things were an issue, I think in a movement-heavy game like Battletoads, 2p is just too much of a handicap for it to be faster or even comparable to 1p in practice. An even better example would be Marble Madness, which I think you can vouch for. Wink

CyberbotX it's a shame that happened right at the end of the run after going so well, but I still love the headbutt sandwich we finished her off with. Only two more hits left, damn.