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back to single segment for now.
  • somehow knocked the first level down from 0:20 to 0:17 during attempts lol. no new strategy.
  • I went back and watched my PB and found that I have up to 40s to save on Champs, just from putting off routing for so long. I got another sub-26, despite dying at the very end of Bridge and having to drive the whole thing again. I don't think 25:30 would be an unrealistic goal.
  • had some weird stuff happen last night that I figured I'd just document:
    • oil tankers on Parliament broke away without exploding - video
    • I died while using a teleporter, despite it showing the entire teleportation animation - video. this one I found interesting because sometimes I get an unlucky teleport and end up in the middle of a minefield. if you use the teleporter while you're in a mine field, the explosions around you don't affect you. in this video (if you watch in slow motion), you can see a turret shot come in well after I activate and I think that's what manages to kill me.

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25:33 single segment. notes are on youtube. probably not done.

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25:11. sub-25 soon.

got a 9:08/9:09 on Assault during that run. unfortunately, since it was during single segment, I didn't wait around to see the in-game time, so I don't really know what to do with it. anyway, there it is.

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24:48 - no audio so I guess I have to keep going.
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03: Truck Stop - 0:36 (-2s)
06: DC Mall - 0:35 (-2s)

still working on single segment, but that 24:48 was actually pretty damn nice
Really impressive dedication and optimization for this game! Your going to have a new apprentice working to take your #1 spot :D. If I may ask, Why have you stuck with this game for so long?
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Hey, dude. Great to have another runner for this game and a new set of eyes for strats. As for why I've stuck with it - it was a favorite of mine growing up, it ended up being a much faster and more enjoyable run than I expected and it's kinda become my baby at this point. I don't want to leave it until I'm happy with the final product. Running other games on the side has kept me from getting bored.

For anyone else checking out this thread, DarkAcChess got a 25:29 earlier and introduced a bunch of new stuff. We'll be testing a lot of it out to see what sticks. Speaking of which:

Other differences I noticed:
  • Pretty sure you use Neutral Reset throughout the entire game. I turn it off for Texas Slave Fortress and go halfway on it for Parliament, Bistro, Champs Elysees, Brandenburg Gate and Assault of SF. Brandenburg and Assault definitely have nothing to gain from it, but the others might. I'm also curious about your button mappings - here are mine.
  • You can apparently just shoot through walls at Truck Stop. Somehow I never noticed it was that simple. Our routes are very different here - I'm still leaning towards mine just because the far Hornet should be the last enemy killed. Shooting through walls should make it easier to get to him quickly.
  • Using Neutral Reset on Texas Slave Fortress is manageable. Might be able to cut a second or two, but I doubt much more, since the train is a bottleneck in the beginning.
  • Very different routes for DC Mall. Yours gets an extra set of Lazers. Really no idea which is faster.
  • Very different routes for Parliament. I've even seen a few variations for your route in different attempts. A lot to play around with.
  • Reversed routes for the Hovertank. Might just come down to preference. I recommend you use the strafe buttons a lot more, though - keeps you from bumping into things and losing speed. See my IL for this, if you haven't already.
  • Different uses for the Edge power on Champs Elysees. I use mine earlier in the hopes of converting team members to help with the roaming hovertanx. It may be useful later to eliminate congested groups of enemies all at once. You also use the oil tank to destroy a building in one hit rather than two, which is probably useful.
  • You didn't get the quick finish at Eiffel Tower. IDK if that was just a fluke, that that trick can be gotten pretty consistently just by hitting your shots and shooting the Edge at the right time.
  • Small shortcuts in Drive In and Berlin War Zone. Slightly different route to start Tower Bridge, though I'm not sure there's much time difference there.
  • Those shields on Alcatraz are good insurance. Slightly more out-of-the-way than the health at the end, but more of a sure thing.

I'm excited.
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DarkAcChess: 2016-05-03 10:14:13 am
DarkAcChess: 2016-05-03 09:58:22 am
- I pretty much use default key bindings with exception to the rail movement, which i put to the camera buttons.

- Yes you guess it! I'm using neutral reset for the whole game! I tried without it but my fat fingers kept angling the control stick slightly off from straight down, so i just decided to use it on every level out of convenience.

- Wow gl implementing that risky strat in a SS! Thats insane!

- In the Texas Slave Fortress level, believe it or not i did the turret fortress part fast enough that i could of drove past the first train by going on a rightward angle to pass the train. Probably requires some insane movement to replicate it tho. it has only happened to be once out of probably 50 attempts.

- Yes DC mall is very tricky because of all the barricades in the middle! I have thought of another strat here where you ignore the closest disk to go jump off a ramp to get the swarmers to use on the disk by the pillar building. then you use 2 swarmers in a way that spreads out and takes down the 2 key buildings at the far end of the map in 2 hits. I then take the left ramp and use the straight road and fire off my last swarmer if i still have it at the last building and pick up the lasers to get the last CD. Going to try to get footage of this later tonight to show you what i mean.

- Yeah i get dizzy even thinking of the possibilities for Parliament! Going to be my most replayed level 100%!

- The route i used is almost certainly slower because your own tanks get in your way XD just did it for testing purposes

- The hovertanx in champs can and should be ignored since they just spawn again as soon as they are killed and don't really do enough damage to be a concern imo. Although, if you destroy the last hovertanx generator shortly after you convert your teammates, that strat might be really useful!

- I have have a theory on why it didn't work for me on Eiffel Tower. Since the Edge cancels out the nukes damage and replaces it with the edge power, i think that the game treats the explosion as a nuke (no surprise) and as such, if you use the edge to early, it won't effect the nuke. Too late and you will just die before using it. I think that the level ending trigger is tied to if the explosion of the nuke is activated and that's why using the edge to cancel out the explosion causes the level to end faster. (just tested it and the edge doesn't cancel out the explosion! Rip theory)

- Yeah i need all the milliseconds i can get Cheesy

- I always get shot to around half health when reaching the annihilator and cant get the best strat down with any kind of consistency. I believe this is the 2nd most efficient way to finish the level!

Again, your dedication to the game and the speed at which you already improved upon my proven strats is really incredible. It's going to be a fun rivalry Cheesy
I'm not going to lie, I'm really happy there's somebody else actually picking this game up, instead of me cheerleading jy every now and then (and constantly missing the times when he just edits his post instead of posting again Tongue ).
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Just did some teleporter tests on parliament to see if i could find any patterns and thought i would share them with you guys. (excuse the poor illustrations :P)

Link to the vod i did 200 teleports in:

- Teleporting has a roughly 13-14% chance of making it to the fenced off hostage from these spots.
- There's a clear limit to the max range of the teleporter. (about half the map in length)
- The area that you can teleport to appears to be rectangular rather then what i assumed would be circular. (needs more testing on a different map to verify)
- Not sure yet whether the direction you are facing effects the direction of the max range. (needs testing) (my guess is that it does) (Just did some offline testing and max range isn't effected by the direction your tanx is facing)
- The Goliath area is a no teleport zone.
- JYmotions spot is the best for full runs, since you have about a 30% chance of teleporting near the underground garage or in the fenced off hostage area.
- My spot is best for IL's because it has the same probability of reaching the hostage as yours and requires less distance.
DUDE YES. MINE JUMPING IS REAL. I actually played around with it two years ago but gave it up when I found you can't really clear that last row of mines. Always wished it could work itself into a run. Guess it was still faster than stopping & going. gg dude, and good work on the research.

ICYMI, other ILs that have dropped:
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DarkAcChess: 2016-05-18 09:19:38 pm
Haha glad to of made long lost dreams come true :D.
Yeah plotting all 200 points on the map was exhausting -_-! Definetely worth it tho.
Wow not even a week and you already beat my London Tower record! I think i've awoken the sleeping beast :O
I was curious as to the specs of the tanx's and decided to test the damage and RPM. Below are my findings.

Surprising things:
- All 3 Annihilators have different hp values
- The Rhino's front armor is immune to Moto and Rattler tanx bullets.
- The Rattler is literally 3 times as powerful as the mototanx.
- The DPM of the Rattler, Goliath and Flip-E are way closer then i expected.

If anyone asks, i have no idea why i felt the need to figure this stuff out...curiosity i guess.
Cool stuff.  More information is a good thing!