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Anodyne (Any %) (Single Segment) [All Bosses]

Verifier Responses

Quote from Eternalspirit:
Another excellent installment in the series of Anodyne runs. Accept.

Quote from Lhexa:
The route is quite clever, using an out-of-bounds glitch to beat the game (skipping the final boss), then using the all-powerful postgame swap broom to break the remainder.  I noticed various time losses due to mistakes when using the swap broom, bumping into objects that cause messages, and one poor boss fight (the first phase of the hotel boss).  In all, I'd guess that amounts to ~30 seconds of lost time, but that's just a guess.

I can't comment much on the route itself.  Since the swap broom makes walls into mere suggestions, the quickest path between two points is usually just a straight line.  The player seems to go around the hub area in a clockwise direction, which makes sense.

More detailed notes:

Note to self: try to replicate the out-of-bounds trick at the start.  Later: I was able to do it myself, the trick is actually quite easy to do.

~2:20:  Does he veer to the right in order to activate the teleporter?

~7:10:  A slight mistake using the swap broom.  (Later on I stopped noting these.)

~9:10:  It might have been faster to use the swap broom to get past that wall.

~12:20:  A nice little trick, getting past a statue by jumping diagonally into a wall.

~13:20:  Young veers around the edge of the room -- does that skip a cutscene?

~14:30:  He bumps into a locked door, triggering a message.  That might have been avoidable.

~14:40:  The first phase of this boss fight doesn't go so well, unlike everything previous.

~16:10:  Is the swap broom really faster than the animation?

~17:30:  Young bumps into a statue, causing another message.

~19:50:  How does Young regain health?  Is it just the checkpoint?  Later: I tested this out, and it seems that some checkpoints restore health, and some don't.

~22:40:  Was the swapping necessary there?

A good Briar fight, getting hits on all the phases.  That's much better than I was able to do.

~34:00:  In-game timer says 24:16, but that might not count the first time we saw the credits.  I don't know whether that's an issue.

Opinion: Accept.  But there should probably be a glitchless category for this game, since the screen-transition trick lets one walk straight to the credits.

This is an improvement to a run I had already accepted, meaning I have no problem doing it again. Aside from the updated routes and strategies, I think there are overall slightly fewer errors in block swapping and fights/general movement than I remember... maybe? A few are noticeable but still minor. No issues with any of the other verification qualities either.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'TheBarrel'!
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It's weather time!
Thank you all! I'm very excited about this!

Verifier 2 brings up some good points. I'll address all of these in order.



-Yes, but I wiggle there to set up the Gasguy's AI. Swapping leaves you in a position to get hit by his gas (which reverses your controls, mind) and can get you killed very easily.

-Thank you, it's not as hard as it looks if you time it right.

-Yes. If you go down the center of the room, Sage will talk to you.


-Agree a million times.

-With the time it takes to go into the menu to equip the broom, attack the fisherman, then go into the menu again to un-equip it, then have Young jump in. Yes, it is faster to Swap, if minimal.

-stupid mistake, again.

-Only "new" checkpoints regenerate health. If it isn't the save point you are already saved on, you can regain health with it no matter what.

-Yes, by swapping into the Briar fight you skip a cutscene between Sage and Mitra that lasts about 40 seconds.

-The in-game timer is really buggy, especially in this build.
Thanks for the clarifications.  Another thing that I wondered: do the two other broom upgrades give you extra damage against bosses?  I don't see them giving enough extra time to outweigh the expense of finding them, but I did wonder.
It's weather time!
No, they just extend and widen your range respectively. The only boss that it would have a chance at speeding up would be Rouge, but it's not worth the time to pick it up.