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Amped 2 (pal) (xbox) [100 %] [Segmented]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'ktwo'!
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Amped 2 (pal) (xbox) [100 %] [Segmented]

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A run by... ktwo? Smiley

Wow these comments. Who makes a PDF out of their run comments? Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy They look basically enough to count as one accept for this run of their own rights.

No but seriously though this is kinda fascinating. Reminds me heavily of Tony Hawk's Project 8. Sounds like building a house with all the parts and plumbing and things, first worked out in meticulous detail, then constructed one module at a time.

2:18:25 here you beat the sponsor challenge on "cool"... what was the point of getting "amped" ones earlier?
2:33:30 "Can't believe you landed that!" yeah me neither

Does a snowboarding game actually have to tell the players to go down the hill like it does if you shimmy back up the slope?

Is it really so you can't abuse the game not storing all variables exactly as they are (e.g. cursor shifting in menus) when coming from restoring a state? I thought that was something to abuse in segmented runs.

I don't think you mentioned this: I see the pros in pro challenges also have 3 kinds of starts - in case it affects how fast you can finish the challenge you could technically get more time saved from grinding fast starts for the pros.

So yeah prodigious documentation! Or rather that's how it should be done... you're gonna have to figure all of it out anyway so might as well do it where others can see it too. The snow-skating though... so much death would have happened on each and every snow-skate run you did.

umm... accept?
While doing the run, I thought about how to ensure the correct way to segment a run like this. The only sensible way I could see was that once the save screen of the last challenge of a segment pops up, you turn off the console. When you're ready to continue with the next segment, you turn the console back on and the segment starts as soon as you select "career". By following this logic, all the cursors should be on their default position (so at the very top).

I guess a different way would be to see it as one continuous flow. So a segment wouldn't end once the save screen appears, but instead include a trip back to the mountain selection screen, with the cursor placement on the last mountain saved. This would create two problems:
1) I think this creates a discontinuity on how saving/loading works in this game (the game saves your career stats, not your actual position in the game).
2) Leaving a mountain costs a bit of menu time plus a loading screen (the same one as when selecting a mountain). This means it will take longer than starting from start menu, even if you would save a bit of cursor time on the actual mountain itself.
I still find the save/load stuff too complex for me to figure out but I'm sure you've put in some thought.
You always need to get the sponsor "amped" to pass a sponsor challenge. However, if you reach the end right after completing a trick, the sponsor meter will not be filled up all the way and it will look like you ended the run below "amped".

I have never encountered any variation in the pro times, so it doesn't seem to matter if they start sitting or standing. You can also collide with the pros during the run, but again it doesn't seem to change how fast they complete the course.
What makes segment 10 'tough'? For someone who hasn't played this, it looks like a fairly innocuous 3 snowmen, 2 gaps and a couple of tricks. OK, the first gap looks like its easy to overshoot and the second looks tight with getting the trick in but it doesn't look like it'd have a supremely low completion%.

Then again, even if it could be easily combined with the next segment a saving of 5-10 seconds is background noise in a run that spans 10,500 of them. Accepted, also because c'mon he made graphs, several of them!
Thanks adey! ktwo was in trouble with this one. I think he should've just watched it himself as one of his side personae.
By far the hardest part of segment 10 is the first snowman. It's tricky to not over- or undershoot it, both of which are not possible to recover from. There are plenty of ways to end attempts after that as well, but not nearly as bad as that spot. Seen over the whole run, I would hardly classify it as one of the more difficult segments. However, based on my success rate of this and the other segments on Laax 1, it would have been very, very time-consuming for me to reduce the number of segments of that mountain.
Decision posted.
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Would have been somewhat awks if you'd have had to reject this Cheesy It's nice variety for the front page when that time comes.