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One way speed running can become more accessible is if one player is not able to dominate everything. Every other sports league, including running, has separate brackets for age groups and genders. What if Speedrun.com had the same? One solution would be to make separate categories by region and ensure importers can only choose one time that counts for them. Another would be to divide it by age brackets so the 18-24 brackets don't dominate everything. Another is to have a separate leaderboard for women so they don't feel like they'll always be in the triple digit placements in the popular speed games and there you have it. Speedrunning will be inviting to more than just those with too much money and free time, and will shake off the stigma now that not everyone has to stream 12 hours off attempts to become a champion.
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Bruh-zilian speedboy
No. If someone wants top spots on leaderboards, they'll get good and earn it.
My grandmother deserves a WR though.
Bruh-zilian speedboy
Tell granny to suck it up and get to grinding buddy boyo
how about making species leaderboards? Naegleria's dog deserves a WR
Bruh-zilian speedboy
tell naegleria my fuckin based doggo would whoop his ass in f-zero GX on his first attempt
I want leaderboards for kirbymastah leagues. ALL THE FREE WORLD RECORDS
Menu Faster!
Yes because what we need is to further segment runners of games by an arbitrary value like age or sex, which has almost nothing to do with speed running at all.

As for region separate categories that is something that usually the games community discusses, but if they're really about speed they'll say screw that and just run on a faster version and spend money to optimize the game as much as possible.

Also nobody is forcing you to stream for 12 hours a day that is entirely up to the streamer if they want to do that.  Not only that but the people who do stream that much are doing it because they WANT to git gud at the video game.

Nobody is stopping you from playing the game how you want, but if you want to compete at a high level you should be expected to be as good as those around you.
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kirbymastah: 2016-08-27 02:07:52 pm
Quote from Princess Rescuer:
One way speed running can become more accessible is if one player is not able to dominate everything.

Dang I didn't know one person has the W O R L D R E C O R D for every game and category. why don't we make brackts for each person individually?!?!?1?!?!!?!?!?
Stay chill, be cool.
So I guess now I can be the Florida Man of speedrunning.  Wait....
You can never run enough games
Quote from Princess Rescuer:
What if Speedrun.com had the same?

What if you posted this discussion on the correct website then?
There are so many better ways to get women and people of different age groups involved

I'm reminded of Smash Sisters for the SSB community, which was friendlies and crew battles that were meant to encourage women to *enter the main events*. I was in the group that first created it and we specifically talked about whether we wanted to have prize money and entry fees for it, and the overwhelming consensus was that it would take away from the purpose.

Making separate leaderboards for speedruns would also defeat the purpose of getting women into the event, since in the context of video games there's no difference between a woman and a man competing. If you wanted to make a women's only marathon, to showcase the women of the event and encourage others to participate, that would be more useful (and i'd be happy to donate games for it Smiley )
Intruding N313 and F014
I will be 40 in October, so I will have an age bracket of my own!
World Records are the past. Moon Records are the future!!!
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GhostKingG1: 2016-08-27 04:34:14 pm
Why Hello it is Me
Ya know what makes Speedrunning accomplishments look good? Asterisks.
Speedrun.com is not the same as this website. Feel free to go make your suggestion over there. The rest of you, please stop engaging an obvious troll.