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Poll is over and Guitar Hero 3 won the popular vote with 49%. Warriors of Rock was next closest with 33%, followed by 11% for Guitar Hero 2, and 7% for "other"

In typical AGDQ tradition, we'll be hosting a guitar hero tournament. We held our first GH tournament back in 2016 which was GH3 and it was a bit of a mess since the planning was done last minute. However, 2017 we held a GH2 tournament and it went a lot smoother since everything was planned out more. The 2018 tournament was ran smooth as well but it just took forever because of the consoles to players ratio, we could have used at least one more console (it ended taking about six hours). This year we were thinking of returning back to GH2, mainly to keep switching back and forth every other year with the two most popular guitar hero entries, but this year I was thinking of holding a poll and seeing what everyone else thinks what game should be done.


Rules this year will be similar to last year and I will update if we decide to change a few rules. We're also planning to record and upload videos of top eight matches this year.

1. Double Elimination. Best 3 out of 5 songs per match. Semifinals and Finals will be best 4 out of 7 songs. (If we don't have more than three consoles, matches will be best of 3 with semifinals and finals being best of 5)
2. Higher seeded player chooses their song first, or if both players agree to just choose who picks first. In the case of choosing DLC, both players must agree to playing the song.
3. Every round each player will choose the songs they want to play, but only be able to pick the song ONCE and won't be able to pick it for the rest of the tournament. Pick your songs wisely and strategically to your advantage if possible.
4. In the event of a tie during a match where each player wins 2 songs each (3 songs each during finals), a random number will be generated between 1 and 70 to determine the song for the tiebreaker.
5. After the songs are finished, return to FingerQuick/Plumato/Bbforky to report the winner and what the song picks were so we can record both.

I'll print out copies of the rules and put them at each setup before the tournament starts as well as go over the rules before it begins.

We're currently figuring out if we'll have enough consoles and guitars, but if anyone wants to bring extra guitars that would be nice. Theres been issues over the past tournaments where some people weren't used to other peoples guitars and they would randomly use starpower, shut off, or not work properly. We should hopefully have enough guitars for everyone but it would probably help if people brought their own guitars if they don't feel comfortable trying to get used to other people's.

Here's how the setups for the last couple tournaments has been:

AGDQ 2018 - 2 consoles (4 guitars) ended up taking six hours since there were more people than 2017
AGDQ 2017 - 2 consoles (4 guitars) went alright from what I remember
AGDQ 2016 - 4 consoles (8 guitars)

Last year worked out fine with only 2 consoles the only issue was that it ended up taking six hours so to be safe 3+ would be nice. I'll update the thread later once enough consoles/guitars are confirmed.

If anyone has any questions about the tournament, feel free to post in the thread and I'll answer when I can.
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Update to confirm that Guitar Hero 3 will be the game this year
Im new to this website. How would I be able to sign up for this tournament? And where is it being held?
I hope you are trolling
Quote from HS Tesh:
Im new to this website. How would I be able to sign up for this tournament? And where is it being held?

You can sign up through the gamesdonequick website at They're holding their second wave of registration October 10th at 10AM PST for another 1200 slots. Just keep in mind that this is primarily a speedrunning marathon with some tournaments being held in the back rooms for fun. So the GH tournament would only happen on one day for a few hours. Signups for it take place at the event's hotel day of the tournament.

Also so far for consoles/guitars:

FingerQuick - 360 console + one 360 guitar (potentially a Wii console + 1 Wii guitar)
Plumato - 360 console + three 360 guitars (potentially a PS3 console + 1 PS3 guitar)

so far we have 2 setups confirmed and if anyone is willing to bring a 2nd PS3 guitar we could have a 3rd setup thanks to plumato and possibly a 4th setup if someone can bring a 2nd Wii guitar. Will update this again as further plans happen.
5th setup if someone has gh3 for ps2
Update on console setups and guitars so far:

FingerQuick: 360 console + one 360 guitar
Plumato: 360 console + three 360 guitars
itsthedark: two 360 consoles + two 360 guitars

We'll have four consoles and six 360 guitars which means we'll be short two guitars. If anyone is able to bring their own guitars for the tournament it would be appreciated. I'll update/edit later if further developments happen on setups
I can literally bring 2 more
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FingerQuick: 2018-11-21 06:40:47 pm
Another update, we should have 5 setups with enough guitars. If anyone is able to bring their own 360/PS3 guitars as extras/backups that would be cool.

FingerQuick: 360 console + one 360 guitar
Plumato: 360 console + five 360 guitars + PS3 console + one PS3 guitar
itsthedark: two 360 consoles + two 360 guitars
Bbforky: one PS3 guitar

also I made a challonge bracket that you can sign up to if you'll be attending AGDQ: