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Zool: Ninja of the Nth Dimension (pal) (sms) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Large-skip glitches]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Jordan 'Greenalink' Greener!
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Zool: Ninja of the Nth Dimension (pal) (sms) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Large-skip glitches]

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The Dork Knight himself.
Since the run information doesn't contain any notes about what's going on, I went to the community leaderboards ( ).

Well there's not much to really say about this run. The community has destroyed this game, and from the looks of it can only be improved by 1 frame. As for the run info, it needs to be changed to PAL since this game never got a NTSC release (plus the run was recorded with PAL settings).

Timing the run will be difficult. The community has agreed that timing starts on pressing A (I'm assuming button 1 on a real SMS controller) on the start screen, and ends after the screen fully fades to dark blue for the credits. However, due to the runner holding A from power on, the start screen is completely skipped. Going by community timing standards, this run should be timed at 9.880s (which currently has a 23 person tie).

A/V seems fine to me. A mod will have to chime in on how to time the run. Once that can be figured out, it's a pretty easy ACCEPT from me.
Region changed to PAL. Thanks for pointing it out.
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Greenalink: 2020-01-06 10:58:55 am
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DS Dictator
The community has gone for a different timing method which is very different compared to SDA's gain-lose control timing.
The gameplay has gone to the point that players should count the number of visible frames the ninja is on screen.
My run has Zool visible for 31 frames (out of 50 frames per second), making the run 0.62 seconds if using SDA timing.

Community timing can be improved if you execute the frame perfect pause and unpause to reduce the time after losing control by 0.04 seconds (2 frames).
SDA timing after the actual glitch effect cannot be improved because SDA timing ends when the glitched screen happens.

The game is Europe only and one of the few SMS games that is optimised for PAL 50hz because if you listen to the Game Gear footage of Zool online, the music tempo pacing is identical to the SMS version running at 50hz and not 60hz.
Hey, that's cool! Someone actually making use of the new Analogue console rule. Oh wait, it's you Greenalink XD

Timing won't be an issue.

Looks like there's not much to comment on here: the buffer option used and OS version are both displayed and the run itself has to be perfect given the ridiculous 23-person tie. Since the pause-unpause thing seems to happen after SDA timing is (presumably) over, it can't be viewed against the run it doesn't use it.

Aren't you going to write some notes about what actually happens in the run? Is it even understood?

We could call this "with uber-large skip glitches" just in case to leave room for an intermediate category. Meanwhile, how bad can the game be if there's just one time for the any%/glitchless?

At any rate,
DS Dictator
At the moment the currently published TAS run from TASVideos required an enemy hit Zool onto the drum in World 2-1.
If I do get information about why this even faster skip works exactly, I will post it to the comments.

Right now if I post comments it will be the quick history of the game and timing method for viewers unaware on the difference between SDA and's leaderboard timing.

I still call this a major skips run and not the uber-large skip glitch since the game's progression is more linear than say an open 3D world game.
It could change if there is a trick that can cut off sections of a level but not outright warp into the credits.
Feel free to link that TAS in the comments, for example. As you probably know, the comments can be edited in afterwards too.

Is it known that this can be done in BizHawk as well? It just wasn't found yet I presume.

I see your logic with large vs uber-large skips. It's not a big deal if it has to be retconned anyway.
Decision posted.
DS Dictator
Any confirmation on the final time, I usually put a Stat ID on these runs.
Israeli says he's been having trouble timing it for some reason. Something about his computer.
In case this didn't reach you, the time is 0:00:00.62.
DS Dictator
Done, sent the final encodes with the accurate stat id.