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Single Segment w/ Resets run

Verifier Responses

Seen this run twice now oh boy. I was extremely surprised by the gameplay quality of it when it appeared on youtube a while back. Parax implements every worthwhile timesaver known and is a master of getting every last drop out of the stamina gauge. There are mistakes here and there (Fire Sanctuary wasn't amazing), mostly minor things such as falling into a void or two but overall the amount of time wasted in this run is on par with what you'd expect in a 2-3 hour run, not a 5 1/2+ hour run. Much of the run feels segmented, it's that high-caliber.

Video quality: Parax has a very good recording setup so the video and sound are top-notch as always.

Sorry for keeping it so short, I don't have the patience to do a section by section review. It's Parax I mean come on.... Parax. Always does his homework with games and is very hard to beat. Definite accept.

just damn.....- - well thats it....accepted...¬¬ what? still not enough.....u_u fine

A/V: is good

i have to say i was really surprise when i watched all the run, and the size of it but it was to be expected, i have to say that i agree with the things that my partner here said, besides this little mistakes and an emo link, this will be hard to beat, and i have to say congrats and of course, ACCEPTED!!!

This run suprised me A LOT,the only Skyward Sword speedrun I had seen was the segemented run in 6:23 (By Parax,also) It's quite amazing
There are mistakes but most of them are so slight that only a couple of seconds were lost. (Except the entire Fire Sanctuary,like half of the time lost by mistakes was there Tongue

Video is amazing and audio is good and in sync.
No cheating

An utterly mindbending run. Yes, there were a couple mistakes, but I do really mean only a couple. With so many impressive tricks, and awesome boss fights (as well as completely ignoring Fi whenever possible! <3) the run easily makes up for them. A/V is lovely, and the only cheating I see is criminally good looks luck.

I vote accept. Accept a thousand times.

Also, as a side note, it might make sense to make different categories for the game, such as ones that use the start screen glitch and deaths versus ones that do not. Then again, runs that don't use them may just be too damn long.

- A/v: Excellent.

- Cheating: How does he walk around on the title screen omg hax glitch cheets! Just kidding.

- Overall gameplay: Excellent. This is pretty much just regurgitating what all the other verifiers and Parax himself said in the comments. The run has some small mistakes, but nothing huge. Fire Sanctuary was pretty gross, but a run this long is expected to have some mistakes.

- Overall time: 5:39:24

Decision: Easy accept. Well done Parax.

Audio and Visuals are fine.
No cheating.

This is a great first SS to put up on the site. The locomotion and combat are worthy, and this run will document many tricks and rout strategies for future runners.

It's also been kicking around the neighborhood for awhile, so lets get this run posted.

Accept & Grats

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Paraxade!'
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Thanks everyone! I actually didn't expect the reception to the run to be this good considering how badly Fire Sanctuary, Levias, and Sky Keep went heh. I probably would have tried to improve this further but I was really, really tired of doing 6-hour runs; plus the ending is so luck-based and in this run it went amazing, which would have been tough to reproduce in another run.

Anyway I appreciate all the accepts, thanks!
Good job Parax. I'm looking forward to watching this when it goes up on the site.
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Once again, we are so close to wrapping up the Zelda games.  All that is missing now is the DS games and Wind Waker.

Until we get to see those, congrats to Paraxade on a job well done; can't wait to see it.
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Give this a day or 2 and a new trick will be found. Then the runner will withdraw this run and we can do it all over again.
Quote from MAS8705:
Once again, we are so close to wrapping up the Zelda games.  All that is missing now is the DS games and Wind Waker.

Until we get to see those, congrats to Paraxade on a job well done; can't wait to see it.


Somebody please replace the 4 missing FSA ILs >_>
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Come on Flip, if you want it done, do it yourself. Tongue
Ganondorf = Donkey Kong LOOK IT UP!!
Wait someone already got down an acceptable SS of SS? o_O Dear lord man these Zelda games just aren't made like they used to be. ParGratz...Gratzrax....Okay that doesn't work Gratz Parax! Smiley

@Flip I believe more time is warranted with the great predecessor to FSA. Goof Troop Cheesy
Yeah, this was like three months ago.

Stand: Devil's Call in your Heart
as usual, Parax showing the crazy strats and runs done in a way that they look easy.

watching a run this long is annoying in YT so i'm waiting for the video.

(inb4 a new trick gets discovered the day before it goes live)
Yes, a cucco riding the ground.

Quote from Flip:

And Link's Crossbow Training.
And the CDI games.
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Quote from Paraxade:
And the CDI games.

We do not acknowledge the CD-i games.
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And Four Swords Anniversary Edition.
Great job! Unfortunatelly I only watched first 2 hours on YouTube, because I never finished the game. Now I am forced to complete it, because I wanna see this run so bad.
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I didn't know about this submission. I'll watch it (or at least a large part because it's hard to focus constantly in a long run, wich is too bad because IMHO it's the details who are the most interesting) sooooo soon. Congratulation anyway, I have an inifinite respect for SS in "long" games and guys who make it !
Yeah, congrats on the accept. Can't wait for this to go up so I can watch it sometime next summer. :O
Congrats on the accept! Already saw it on youtube, but I'll be looking forward to seeing it in better quality once it finally goes up thumbsup
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Kewl0210: 2012-07-29 03:09:23 pm
Great run. Congrats.
I hope you do a commentary or something. Most of the 3D Zelda runs have one, anyhow.

I know there are people who do runs/streams of Wind Waker, are there just none on SDA?
I guess they're waiting to get the time they think is they best they can do before submitting anything.
Claimh Happy
Which levels are missing in FSA?
Edit history:
MAS8705: 2012-07-29 03:19:28 pm
MAS8705: 2012-07-29 03:19:28 pm
MAS8705: 2012-07-29 03:19:28 pm
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hard to say which ones Mapler but you can look on the page and see what's missing.

@kewl: at one time we did have a run for wind waker, but it was taken down.
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oh...right. honestly didn't think of that.
Cosmo has some extremely good Wind Waker runs (with/without Tuner, ENG/JAP), but I have no idea if he's gonna submit any of them. Check out here.
Claimh Happy
I think he plans to submit the best run after he's done with the ones that were donated for? not positive on that one, though.
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one can only hope that he considers submitting it to the site.  Otherwise, we will still be without a run.