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Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (Any %) (Single Segment) [New Game+]

Verifier Responses

Quote from presjpolk:
PresJPolk here.  This is a formality. But the run is so short...

0:30: Clean glitch
1:01: No encounter out of King's Tomb (0 total)
1:35: 1 encounter into Palace 2 (1 total)
2:49: 4 encounters out of Palace 2 (5 total)
5:35: 1 encounter out of Maze Island (6 total)

So in the first half of the run everything is executed correctly, and above average but not great luck is had. I'd say average luck is 7 or 8 encounters, not 6.  So we have a possibly very good run going  into the Great Palace. Again.

6:46 first critical room.  1 missed double break. The second half of the room is simply beautifully done though.
7:22: THE spicy chicken.  One whiffed stab due to the thing lunging back (which is kind of lucky, as it can easily lunge in and body you), but otherwise clean.  No damage.
7:39: Totally unnecessary hit Sad
7:45: No beam, so high road is probably faster here.  Very good double breaks.  Fokker is a little slow jumping over, but only a little.  Lucky beam spread, mostly good double breaks on a clean exit.
8:18: The easy spicy chicken lunges back too, weird.  But a good recovery.
8:42: Scary but good recovery from some troll bots.
9:26: 26 second dark link, which rates as pretty dang trolly.

Luck is a big part of how this run is being pushed down this far, but I can't see rejecting because DL wasn't lucky enough. Not a chance.  The first half of the run was  on the good side of luck.  The spicy chickens mostly cooperated. The fokkers cooperated.  Can you ask for more?  The fact that this run is the result of hundreds if not thousands of resets says 'probably not.'

Like I said, this Accept is a formality. Inzult's put in the time.  Routing.  Practice.  Attempts.  The execution is outstanding.  Right now Inzult's great palace is a good 5-10 seconds faster than mine because of better block breaking in the critical rooms.  That's a lot of time in this run.  That's how he beat the previous record of 9:48. He matched that run's great palace, and threw in better routing and luck.  The Zelda 2 community's been seeing it live, and while I missed seeing this run live by a measly 15 minutes, it was still on Twitch.

It's legitimate. The recording is clean. The encoding is fine.  The timing is accurate.

The only question is how will SDA do the categories?  The Zelda 2 community has ended up with a proliferation of categories.  In addition to the fastest possible runs of any%, 100%, and New Game+, we also keep more traditional runs that don't skip most of the game.

So I don't think Arctic's NG+ run should be obsoleted here. I think his run should be kept as a 'no out of bounds' run, and Inzult's run should be included as the straight NG+ time.  The community runs both categories concurrently, and they're different enough that they're both showcasing speedrun skill in different ways.

A/V good, no cheating detected, just a lot of glitching. Tongue For New Game +, this is very well done. Encounters were kept to a minimum and the rest was really well done. Dark Link himself was a little trolly, as PresJPolk mentioned, but overall the run is great. Accept!

Recording is fine. The time is correct. Inzult got the run live on Twitch, so no cheating. After 4666 attempts he finally got the run! I agree with the previous verifiers. Accept!

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Phil 'inzult' M!
thank you guys for verifying Smiley
Not a walrus
I assume this run is using the screen lock/fairy glitches, in which case it'll almost certainly be a different category than the existing NG+ runs on the site.