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Chiming in here to let people know that I've been working on 100% No Up+A (and no deaths) for a while, like 4 or 5 months really. I never really questioned what the definition would be because there is plenty of precedence in other games.

Anyway, the important news is that I've gotten a 1:15:18 (approximately) today and am seriously considering on submitting it. Though it was done on the Wii VC, I can't see any differences in speed or anything else that would warrant it being a different category. Unless someone else can find info on that subject, that's something I think I'll have the verifiers check because I don't know how to encode to post it on the web for people to check. I did do a cursory search and didn't find anything about that matter. I also haven't done anything like a frame by frame analysis to get exact measurement. I just put my videos next to ones on the site and checked spots where they were similar (like the start area) to see if there were any noticeable differences.

Other than that, I'll probably work on the run for the rest of the week and maybe next, but I'm not expecting to get a better time.
Waiting hurts my soul...
Virtual Console is very faithful to the original experience, and I believe there's rarely any difference. Super Mario 64, and possibly the Zelda 64 games were done on VC next to original console runs.
Submit it! Grin

There are already other NES runs done on VC on here anyways!
Micromanager extraordinaire
Seriously looking forward to seeing this run as soon as it's made available.

I know what I will do today! Wink
I've figured out how to bypass the fight with Thunderbird. Unfortunately, I don't know how to encode anything, so instead I made an FCEUX 2.1.5 movie. It's attached. Let me know if it works. One thing to note, you need to cast fairy twice and jump once, this pretty much means that the TAS route I take in my 100% run won't be viable if you wish to do this, since you won't have enough magic to do this.

Also, the first time you cast fairy is pretty precise, about 2 tiles. Too far left and you end up falling down to the floor in the next room. Too far right and you end up going to the room to the right of the collapsing bridge.

The next time fairy is cast isn't all that precise, but you do need to move over to the right to get it to work.
Best find ever IMO!

And yes, it works! Wink
Looks like it's time to start figuring out the fastest fairy glitch route.
Nice! I can't wait to see the video (I'm not at home now)
Does it mean we can skip the spell magic now?
A-M, in my view, Spell is still useful on the way up to great palace and this changes nothing in that regard!

(Forget what I wrote earlier Darkwing Duck!^^)
My bad, I made a mistake about the magic name. I was meaning : can we skip the thunder magic now ?
Quote from A-M:
My bad, I made a mistake about the magic name. I was meaning : can we skip the thunder magic now ?

Yes, no more thunder A-M! And it will fuck up both arctic's and feasel's way of doing any%! Wink
Ok, it's really cool to see new strats and routes on this game
Willing to teach you the impossible
anyone willing to make an encode?
Willing to teach you the impossible
Very nice find solairflaire Smiley
Do you think we can use this glitch to skip the boss fight in the maze palace ? I watched the map of this castle and the room above the boss room has no ceiling. If it's doable the reflect magic would be no more necessary right?
I don't know how this fairy glitch really works so maybe I'm saying stupid things Roll Eyes
Unfortunately, there are 2 reasons this won't work.

1. You can't get up there to do the glitch. You're 1 tile short of being able to do something similar to glitching onto the roof to get upstab slightly early.
2. You can't place crystals while on the ceiling. When you do the fairy glitch, 99% of the time you end up on the ceiling. Link actually needs to be directly in front of the altar on the ground to place the crystals.

On a different note, I've successfully used the screen scroll locking glitch to finish the game like in the glitched TAS, plus the Thunderbird skip. I had to get to Darunia to enter Glitch Town because I can't get the Healer Glitch to work in real time. No left and right used and in all in real time. I'll explain some of that more later, I need sleep.
Ok, too bad.
I'm looking forward to seeing your run using glitched TAS strats Wink
Great find Solairflaire!!

Enough people seem to dislike up+a, but I'm thinking about perhaps doing a no up+a/warps, but with deaths and new great palace glitch run as it would be substantially faster than a run without deaths. This would mean we can skip new kasuto all together I presume (if I remember correctly you only need 8 magic containers to get the thunder spell, and it's not a requirement to open the great palace seal? Yeah, I should definitely know this, but I'm too lazy to check it up right now). Then rely on fairy in Death Valley, but this would most definitely require at least one death.
You can skip a lot more than you might expect. The big problem before was needing thunder, which required a whole lot of other stuff. I might as well post this here too, you know, spoil the surprise for everyone. The quality is not great and I messed up the sound. I'm not really a video guy. But it's a serviceable demo.

Wink Thanks a million inzult!

I got what I asked for! Wink